World of Tanks – Run, Forrest, Run!

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In which our hero carries a team by the scruffs of their necks while burdened with the kind of teammates who have to consult checklists in the morning to avoid putting their shoes on before their pants.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 7:55 working as intended?

    • I’ve been seeing weird physics bugs like that a lot lately, I just recently had a half of a destructible house stick to the front of my IS-7, making IMPOSSIBLE to aim in sniper view. You wanna know the best part? It was actually blocking shots for me, so I just had to keep driving forward and I was basically a mobile bunker. xD

    • “Physics and realism”

    • @Tim Gibson what? Broken obstacles absorb shots?? Damn didn’t know that…

    • @yo waddup It’s weird, but when anything is gltiched into your tank like that, it seems to remain a solid entity…

  2. Allow me to diagnose the 432 driver’s issue Admiral, I have some experience with his issue: Drunk WoT.

    • At first, I wondered if he was just a very young kid. But, given that he knew which part of the mapo to go to, that seems unlikely. My guess is drunk, bad internet connection or just an old computer without a graphics card.

      Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, I was playing on a SHIT computer with no graphics card, and I am convinced that everyone thought I was drunk or retarded.

    • The driver of the LT-423 is part of a clan called (WE3D) that man right there was high m8 (he has 2 marks on his LT so I don’t think he is bad just high)

    • Some ppl play better when high. Maybe his clan is full of posers? We’ll never know

    • nah, drunk gameplay involves erratic driving, YOLO runs and wild shots. Not freezing for several seconds at important moments.
      Unless he was passing out XD

    • @stiimuli or taking deep breaths

  3. Lt 432 looked like he was lagging.

    • @Sean Inness you know lag spiking and just lagging in general are different things?

    • @Jussi Raitoniemi Yes. The lt-432 was sitting motionless at one point which seems more like he is AFK, distracted (tabbed out as mentioned above) and at another seemingly oblivious to the tank in front of him. He was having issues one way or the other, spiking or fairly mild to severe packet loss.

    • Lag? Is this some kind of peasant joke I’m too rich to understand?

    • You can see that the AMX’s gun twitches a fair bit during the game. So I would guess everyone in the game was having ‘issues’ with WG’s servers. Some more than others though, it seems.

    • I see everyone complains about the same. Good to know the problem isn’t on my end LOL

  4. LT-432 has 2 marks on his gun. So, he’s not that bad… He’s most likely having some connection trouble, is trolling or is maybe drunk or smth…

    • @social3ngin33rin to get a single mark you need to consistently do well. To get 2 you need to consistently do very well. However, to my knowledge they aren’t lost if your average drops below the threshold, so a bought account is possible.

      However, I am inclined to agree with the others here, it’s probably more likely that he either was having serious problems with his internet or there was something constantly distracting him such as a pet, child, friend, whatever, or a combination of the two.

    • So, if you look at his account, he is playing on NA and most probably is of latino heritage. So there is a probability that he is from Latin America and indeed has a shit connection to the NA server. Further, the account does not look bought. In fact he has very good recent stats – that would be countering my first argument. In the end he might have a a download interfering, his wife yelling at him, the pizza delivered or kids running around with leaking diapers. Or he was drunk or whatever. We will never know.

    • @Bernard Rubin Two gunmarks on the barrel… That is why.

    • or maybe having sex with his girlfriend

    • @Bernard Rubin Because life happens even when we’re playing games

  5. The name bgump is actually a Forrest Gump reference. It stands for Bubba Gump as in Bubba Gump Shrimp.

  6. “perhaps from a country with a terrible internet connection” – So he’s german, is he?

  7. It’s absolutely a possibility that he’s a bit shit, but a choice between that you Jingles being wrong, adds are on Jingles being wrong.

  8. Almost certainly lag if there is strange delay like that.

  9. Jingles unlocked a new achievement. He did manage to insult the mormons and jehove witnesses in 2 following sentences ?? Nice ?

  10. Jingles your Videos have really helped me through some tough times just wanted to thank you ?

  11. In defense of the British light tanks: There must be time for tea and cookies, even between reloads. And in order to keep the crew within “hatch size limits”, they get less Ammo.

  12. Ty Mason

  13. darren bennett np

  14. And on Seventh Kills, he rested.

  15. 4:10 *in the background* ” WHOOOO!”

  16. “Run, forest, run!” is what i shout at the ents when they storm Isengard in Lord of the rings…

  17. Jingles it’s obvious that guy was lagging, this time, you’re wrong

  18. Gump carried his whole platoon out of that quagmire of a loss, including Lt. Dan kicking and screaming!

  19. The LT driver’s actions could be a result of game lag. They were consistent enough for that to be possible.

  20. But it might not be the account owner but a kid or a friend who wanted to run a game

  21. “LT did nothing wrong”
    Heck, he did everything wrong lol.

  22. “Maybe the mormons knocked on the door and he had to get rid of them”

    As a non-mormon Utahn, I can confirm this happens on a regular basis.

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