World of Tanks – The King is Dead

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There are changes afoot for HE shells on the Sandbox server which could mean that the King of Derp is dead if they go through as they currently stand. Of course that’s probably not going to happen, but it might…

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  1. WG: how can we make our game even worse?
    Serb: I have idea…

  2. Lehtokurppa Von Fön

    There’s literally nothing wrong with HE but everything wrong with premium ammo, and of course we can trust the good o’le Russian company to do what nobody expected or wanted…

    • ainumahtar Who uses HE aside from when you are against a tank with 1-2% HP and you want a sneaky kill? Yeah, derp guns.

      I’m really confused by this. KV-2s are only dominant when people YOLO on them and that happens a lot in lower tiers.

    • Lehtokurppa Von Fön

      @Revener666 Oh sorry, Belarussian, which basically is like a province of Russia.

    • Lehtokurppa Von Fön

      @plasma gun WH 40k And there he is, the “muh America, can’t ignore, Russia and China perfuct”. Nobody is claiming USA is perfect but compared to those two authoritian/dictator shitholes it certainly is.

    • Yea cause being oneshotted by an equal tier tank is completely fine :/

    • @plasma gun WH 40k same shit, different flag.

  3. ” They’re all equipped with a teamwork consumable, they’re talking to eachother.”
    OMG lol.

  4. if they do this to the KV2; they have got their last dollar out of me. I was saving for the Christmas binge… but if they take this, they might as well shut up shop as far as I’m concerned. The KV2 was one of the main fun things in the game. They can kiss goodbye to my Christmas spend if they do this.

    • You do realize that the way they hope to continue derp is to give the kv2 HEAT or HESH (finally) shells, and then make you suffer from derp with-drawl so badly that you pay for the heat round just to get your dose of derp

    • @Jzolt , fear not, I’m sure they will add a new premium (gold) round to do what the current premium rounds are doing.

    • @Firebird Gaming yes, I do realize the scams intent & that is why I am saying this will be the last scam they pull on me for one. & that as penance for their scamminess I will then forth play for free only… until it bores me. If they do not do this, I’ll buy in for another year (buy some xmas loot boxes to pay for another year of premium). They keep moving the goal posts, if they hadn’t noticed by now: people don’t like that.

    • They’ll wait until after xmas

    • @Ray Engle yes that’s my point, the KV2 & it’s HE was very much one of the last joyful things to do in WOT… there are of course many tanks to play, & they all have “fun” merit… but the KV2 was special, now it wont be. When I play it, I play for that ONE shot of fun… nothing more satisfying than blasting a wheeled vehicle as it rounds a corner or crosses a field… & the long distance hail Mary’s… awesome moments of bliss… that they now mean to monetize beyond what we all already pay for premium accounts & what have you… it’s a scummy move. Something you see games do as they die, scratching out every last drop… but what too many of them miss is that in doing so they speed their demise, whereas if they did not jab at our pockets so much, moving goalposts… we might stay for the long run, giving them an ongoing business concern. It’s an illness of modern businesses across the board, no long game.

  5. Meatballs for life

    My god, this guy is like the notser of world of tanks, he just can’t help but drive into everything on the map that’s solid

  6. If I want predictability, I’ll paint my wall and watch it dry.

  7. Kv2 is only reason why i’m occasionally playing wot if they implement this then i am 100% done with the game.

    • same here man

    • @Daniel Gyllenbreider Thats why the want to nerf it. Just follow the money and you get your answer.

    • for me its the O-I i love because its got derp AND armor……….although a arty magnet is an understatement of how everyone else sees it it rly does seem like catnip for arty they just love shooting it

    • @kingblane Ya it is why I got so frustrated with that line and abandoned it.

    • @David Coltman it may be frustrating but ehh its the price of armor + derp in one package they have to have at least 1 down side but superheavy spall more or less negates arty because you already have thick armor

      inless its uptier arty such as the GWs they all hurt but i have had m44s point blank me for only 30 damage and end up killing them self’s instead of me so i guess its a win some lose some derp biggest advantage though is its heat round unlike the kv2 with 110 pen the the jap heat shells have 150 pen so we can kinda just hug other heavys and point blank a heat shell into anywhere it will pen for 700 or more

  8. Love Mighty Jingles, but my God man I am so glad I stopped playing this game some thirty patches ago. What a bunch of gold digging fucktards over at wargaming.

    • Glory days were 2011 to maybe 2014, I remember as I worked my way through the low tiers hearing of the legend of the kv1s, hellcat, kv etc … nothing like getting that 122 mm kv1s a clapping your first tier 4 with it. Those were the goof times and haven’t played since

    • How are the high explosive changes making them gold diggers?

    • @Sam Dont Know how long you have been playing? But if they do this, it will force derp playing tanks such as the kv-2 to use AP bullets but all derp tanks have terrible aim and pen. So therefore players will dap that two-key ergo using more credits which in turn will force you to need more credits for upgrades, new tanks, etc. So people buy more of wg’s premium-tanks… See why now?! ?

  9. “It’s the Kentucky Fried Chicken of derp, everything else pales in comparison”
    -Jingles, 2019

  10. We need a pre 1.0 server and fast. I’m finding myself logging in to play less and less patch by patch.
    Infact I’ve probably only played a dozen or so games in the last month!

  11. We all know the reason they are changing HE, so that now even derp tanks have no option other than loading the gold to be effective because they dont have the pen

    • Changing the HE to the proposal means games will become _so_ predictable. It’ll get too boring

    • I just started playing what is golden ammo? Some kind of p2w bullshit?

    • The weird thing is, that’s not entirely the case. While the “King of Derp” is dead, funnily enough the AP changes mean that the 107mm gun with a primarily standard AP load is the go-to.

      In fact, it’s to the point where the best loadout for a Sherman is the 76mm as opposed to the howitzer.

    • Kevin Gallineau II

      @jimerick1 special ammo used to be only purchasable via gold. Given that the only way to get gold was by tournaments, clan wars or buying it, it was (and still is) VERY P2W.

    • @Joe Curr sounds great and I get it all…. but what the fuk are you doing replying to a fukin game you hate ??? … and trying to tell us your off ur Pc???? quit fukin lyin….. and get the fuk off NOW Bro!!!!!!!

  12. “This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.” ― T.S. Eliot

  13. “If these changes go through”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in months! Thanks Jingles.

    • They still have to convince the Russian players. WG gives a shit about their paying EU and western players but they bend over for their Russian freeloaders.

  14. Game balance aside, seriously WG are you telling me a 6″ shell heavy enough you need a 2 person lift, packed full of TNT, will not utterly obliterate all but the most heavily armoured vehicles?

    • I mean, we can always jump ship to War Thunder *sees VT 1-2* On second thought… maybe it was safer with Wargaming…

    • They are, and they also tell you the t-54 loader can operate the radio. The radio is on the other side of the turret with the commander.

    • the funny thing is that the KV-2’s rounds, even the premium ones, are designed not to fight tanks but to obliterate bunkers in one or two shots. now what wg is saying is that one high-explosive shell, with perhaps over 30 pounds of TNT equivalent explosive force is not enough to kill an M4 Sherman in one shot, but the armor piercing version of it, which is basically the same round but meant to destroy steel reinforced bunkers, is. dumb as shit.

    • WOT is a game and not a representation of reality. Are there hit points and aiming circles IRL? No.

    • I have a friend that served in Chechnya – tank commander of modern T-80 tank. A direct hit from 122mm artillery (friendly!) hit the turret and buckled it so hard (did not cracked it open) but fragments from such insane deformation had killed 2 crew members and injured him seriously. Tank was totally inoperable after this hit – just 122 (5 inch) artillery – single hit.

  15. Russian company: “WoT Is not simulation! Russian is not bias!”

    Also Russian Company: “HE not IRL enough.”

    Glad I stopped the eternal grind of WoT.

    • I also don’t play it anymore, the game is broken… Although I hope to one day find a replacement game as some of the matches I had were amazing!
      They need an AI to play against so new players can get into it and the vet’s can battle it out. Also the pricing of premium tanks is ridiculous, I can buy a whole game on steam for less than a premium tank.

    • Zhou Xi but Jesus is not!

    • Dexter Lohler war thunder

    • @UnnecessaryAmmoRackYou ever seen what a 155mm HE shell can do to what was the UK’s MBT (Cheiftain)…. knocks dirty great chunks off it at ranges of 300m . I know cos 2 weeks ago I was at an anti tank range where 2 AS90s were doing just that.

    • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

      @DieyoungDiefast you should be telling the OP that not me. Ik how devastating HE can be, especially high caliber HE. That original poster was claiming that WG was trying to be realistic or “IRL” with the HE update which isn’t true

  16. Wargaming’s new motto: “We Fix what is not broken.”

  17. I’m uninstalling WOT if these HE changes are implemented.

  18. Wargaming: “so we heard that KV2 is doing the damage that artillery should be doing, and we heard that many players would like to make things fair and bring back the old artillery damage. So, to make things fair, were just going to screw over everyone who loves using HE shells. Also here is another Russian Premium tank that needs premium ammunition”

  19. WG: What if we….. ruined the game?
    Everyone: pls no
    WG: well since no one is opposed

    • They did this shit with the Research Bureau

    • Please everyone who is still playing WoT and buying things from Wargaming: React to this! They clearly show they do not give a flying fuck about the community. All they care about is money and everyone knows it now. So stop buying anything, boycott the premium shop. This is the only way to reach their attention nowadays. As long as people are buying stuff from them they don’t care at all

  20. KV2: “Brother…”
    Wargaming: *”Long live the KING.”*
    KV2: Falls off cliff.

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