World of Tanks – The Little Tank That Could

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Today we present the little tank that could, even though technically it almost certainly shouldn’t.

“Trainwreck” by Martin Carlberg, used under license.
All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Me: hmmm 0 ammo…probably a replay bug
    a6zero1: hold my baguette

  2. I noticed he didnt had ammo before you said it and im like oh its a replay bug. Boi was i wrong

  3. What are WarGames?

    Holy shit I am in this battle. I told him to put it up

  4. Hey Jingles do you think you’ll ever do another Why you heff to be mad?

    • @jacob sharpe It contained music that was copyrighted. Even pieces (like the British national anthem) that you would think are public domain. He had to take pretty much all of them down in order to prevent getting three strikes. It sucks, I loved that series, but its better that he remains online so we get more Akizuki videos, because that is really why we are all here.

    • @jacob sharpe Copyright and stuff. Jingles removed most of those videos before an actual strike could happen as his sponsor network (or something like that dunno exactly anymore) told him that he might get taken down for that.

    • @Simon De Meester Those copyright laws, once again, demonstrate that corporate greed goes a long way in the way of entertainment and does not stop piracy, as episode 311 of Mingles with Jingles has amply demonstrated.
      Good content creators (well, all content creators, but the bad ones are not risking anything, here) need to be protected from piracy, but we may have gone a bit too far…
      I wonder what kind of damage is having your song receive an extra few hundreds of thousands of listens for free on a YT channel going to do to your pockets? How is this damaging to anybody? I remember once I had found a video I had been looking for for sometime, only to find it had been removed because the Bee Gees had complained about copyright infringement. The Bee Gees. In the 2010s. Complaining about copyright infringement 40 years after publishing the song.
      Stop and think for a moment how dumb this is.
      I reckon that whoever invented those copyright laws in their actual form should have their nails removed with a pair of pliers for being assholes to the other 7 billion people on the planet.

    • I know, are movie clips and song sound bites or reactions really causing a problem with competition for people who just want to listen or watch the actual song/movie? I don’t think so. This copystrike barrage on YouTubers needs to stop. Also the over sensitive content restrictions to people like rucka rucka ali

    • @Antonio Soffici “Good content creators need to be protected from piracy,” No offense, but what are you talking about? Pirates are for the people not against them, it’s corporate elites brainwash you are spouting. Pirates are Heroes, they are the embodiment of Gods Will, they fight The Power, for freedom. If I could afford the entertainment I wouldn’t be putting myself at risk pirating it. Furthermore, if I find the entertainment satisfying I am sure as hell going to want more of it, therefore I have to support the things I like. Pirates make entertainment available for the people that can’t afford to pay for it. If people don’t pay for products do to being able to get it for free, well that’s not the problem caused by pirates, but by the governments (corporate elites). Wake up…

  5. I was like
    Okay let’s see what type of ammo this guy loaded… Whait, what? Okay he has NO ammo loaded…
    This is going to be a fun battle lol

  6. To be fair to young Dave here… I think leaving your ammo behind when you’re driving your AMX 40 is probably the smarter move. It doesn’t create any unrealistic expectations about the gun that way

    • @Scott Drone-Silvers The same could be said about the G1 R, especially if WG nerfs HE…

    • @chaosengine “Less slow” maybe?

    • Quack! The sheer audacity of doing this…in this tank…with no ammo…and Jingles plays the perfect piece of music. And THAT’S why we come here!

    • I actually never had issues with the gun, I used the higher caliber version, mind you those were the old days of world of tanks but still, as long as the tanks you’re shooting at aren’t significantly stronger then you, she doesn’t have that much of a issue, especially is shes top tier

    • @T Iannone ‘cept I was always last to the party and every one was dead already 🙂

  7. *Dave gets shot in the face*
    >mmm I taste lead, there must be an enemy nearby

  8. Quick someone tell Pointyhairedjedi the greatest tank in WOT is so good it doesnt even need ammo.

  9. Aristotelis Soilemezidis

    Is this going to give rise to the WoT pacifist playthrough genre, I wonder…

  10. Playing music in a Jingles video – it’s a trainwreck waiting to happen

  11. Question: if a tank doesnt have any ammunition, can he still get ammo racked?

    Wouldnt make sense in real life, but this is a game after all

  12. Jingles, this is EXACTLY the kind of video that was the reason for me to sub to you many years ago: “Normal” players managing themselves in remarkable circumstances, along with funny commentary and good music.
    Well done to both a6zero1 and the Mighty One!

  13. Reminds me of the time I did the exact same thing.
    Installed the new gun on my AMX 40, forgot that this removed all ammunition from the tank, immediately hit the battle button.
    That game earned me my 3rd class mastery.

  14. Never give up! never surrender!


  15. Le Duck: “No ammo? Feh! You English and your ‘ammo’.” [Rolls forward, quacks in French]

  16. Look ma, I’m on tv!

    Subscringle to jingle

  17. *crunches the numbers* So, he bounced 4300 damage in a tank with 300 HP, so he tanked 14.333… times his own health.

    That’s like an IS-7 blocking 34,400 damage. Just let that sink in for a moment.

  18. Jingles: I am going to show you a WoT battles like you have never seen.

    Me: No one used gold?

    • not that myth obviously

    • Should see some of my kv5 replays
      ammo loaded
      50 ap and 10 he
      No prem consum
      Just ap even when the kv5 had only 167 of pen I still never loaded the gold (looking back at it I played 1100 games of kv5 without gold)

    • Lol. I looked down early on to see how much Gold Dave had loaded and instantly knew exactly how this video was gonna go.

  19. Available Username

    “Scouting with his face…”

    I died….??

  20. I still think it a good idea for a “Jingles Called Me Dave ” Shirt to be added to Jinglemerch.

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