World of Tanks – Tiger Day

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This weekend is Tiger Day at The Tank Museum in Bovington, one of only two days per year when you can see Tiger 131, the worlds’ only operational Tiger tank up and running. Unless you play World of Tanks, of course.

Tiger Day Online

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  1. Every time I see a Jingles upload I check to see how much I’m up past my bedtime.

  2. I actually have this tank in my WoT account, bought it waay back then. Shame that I don’t play that game anymore though.

  3. jingles have you heard about the australian armour and artillery museums tiger 1?
    currently on static display but is going to be a runner

    • the more, the merrier

    • You have my thanks my friend. I saw Australian and I perked up. I am grateful you have introduced me to a tank museum I can actually visit since it is only a state away. Cannot wait to go to Cairns to see this incredible museum, it will be a dream come true and one of the items on my bucket list ticked off: See actual combat vehicles used in WW2 in the flesh, err, steel.

    • Moritami Kamikara

      Didn’t Bruce get them a panther, too?

    • @Josh Creepa i saw the thing whilst it was being restored, its a good museum

    • @DaintyFoal1981 hey, any museum with war machines is a good museum.

  4. Use the Tier 7 Tech Tree Tiger as if you were driving a Panther 1 with engine trouble. Great gun, no armour and flat fronted turret. The Tiger 2 is much more fun to play these days as it can take a hit or two.

  5. What a great game! Nice indeed to watch coordination and players punching above their weight. Better balanced fights are so much more enjoyable to watch (and play!).

  6. I do remember the days when arty could one shot anything with AP. Those were truly glorious days, to see the salt in chat and feed on their frustrated tears! Also on the tears of bad arty players who never moved or thought about counterbattery. Shoot and scoot, when zoomed in you were watching for shell tracers as much as targets. If not? Well, you were going to have a bad day…

  7. For WoT I always felt that the Tiger I should have been T6 in its more historic configuration and the Tiger II at T7 wouldn’t be out of place.

  8. I played this game sooo long ago, I remember when it was quite common to indicate the direction you were killed from.
    Today, this is heralded as the highlight of collaboration. 🙄

  9. 4:47 the faint ‘ding’ of the Matilda’s gun before obliteration. My poor dude.

  10. Jingles: I remember a tank day at Bovington MANY MANY moons ago (possibly 25+ years) where they featured the Tiger being driven round the circular track, also on display was a Sherman, the Sherman was being driven by an old fella who faced Tigers in the Sherman during the war. At one point the Sherman stopped and his commentary went something like ‘we didnt really stand much chance as WE were firing ‘these’ at them and held up a Sherman round and THEY were firing ‘these’ back at us’ and held up an 88 round!

  11. 3:47 Jingles: “Tiger132 won’t have any problem penetration a Sherman from the front… or a Matilda.”
    *penetrates Matilda*
    Commander: “Ha, that one punched right through their armor.”

  12. I have all of the Tigers. I like to play all my tanks just for fun. Some games you win, some you lose. Thanks for the video, Jingles, and good luck, Mike in the USA

  13. I would love the option of selecting only same tier matchmaking (in the same way that you can opt to turn off some maps and game modes). I would totally accept the longer wait in exchange for being able to play a tank just against it’s piers. I hate logging in to find that I am just cannon fodder for tanks 2 tiers higher that I am not good enough (I freely admit) to get the better of. So I don’t often log in any more…

    • If that was an option then everyone would select it, and it would make the queue times astronomical. The only reason they have multi-tier matchmaking is to fill up higher tier battles with mid tier tanks, otherwise the queue times would be too long.

    • that would be far too sensible for WG to introduce, players being able to set the game up the way they like would benefit everyone and perhaps even bring players back to the game.

    • @Panzermeister36 not necessarily, not if players could login and see the queue for all tiers. If on that day more players were waiting on a T6 match and you had a T6 the wait would go faster. They could reduce the size of teams after a minute or two. Maybe they could allow you to be in multiple queues at once and you play the first that’s ready and drop out of the other. At least they can try it while leaving the current system in place.

    • modern games dont want you to have a fair chance, the matchmaking in modern games often works like a casino machine, you never know what you gonna get- same tier matchmaking(jackpot) or you loose and get eaten up by other players. the design is on purpose.

    • @Robert Jušić if WG is a casino owner then they allow a streamer to record video when playing the slots. If this streamer had many subscribers it would be smart for WG to allow this streamer to hit the jackpot often and if the marketing department could identify a correlation between this streamer’s video of hitting the jackpot and an increase in people going to the casino and playing slots then the payout is worth it, plus the free advertising. Allowing CC’s a successful playing experience that is totally different than everyone else. Or a CC that cherry picks from the player base.

  14. Thank you Jingles for featuring my replay. It’s an honor! It was a very satisfying battle. Rare these days.

    • Great game, nice job. As a mostly Arty player ( due to be old AF and Arthritic) it was also nice to see the Lefh played to its full potential and being a fine ally to help you secure the win.

    • @Ursa Major I played my leFH a lot and loved it. I had some amazing carries in that thing.

  15. I actually preferred the 2013-ish strong arty. Nowdays arty is more like an Ion cannon, can hit in very weird places previously arty-safe

    • I loved to play along, against and even as arty back then. The shots with high damage and slow reload actually made a difference and I could relocate before I got shot.

      Btw. Is WoT still a thing nowadays with hull down meta, and wheely cockroaches?

    • RadicalKattastrophe

      @Aron Feher The Hull down meta is Strong still, worse in most cases. The nerfs just made it worse, and worse.

  16. Me learning about WWII: “Wow, Tigers sound intimidating.”
    My dad when helping me choose a tech tree while first getting into WoT: “Pick the Germans, the Tiger is awesome.”
    Me finally unlocking and playing the Tiger: “Oh. Oh no. I should’ve gone Russian.”

    • Tigerman7warfighter

      Yeah but the tiger put to the max and used as a support heavy unless your top teir is a dpm monster.

    • the Tiger played to its strengths and not frontline is a good tank even if not the most mobile.

    • the panzer 4 when it had its massively accurate long barrel gun and rounded impenitrable turret was AMAZING, then they took those things away , i think it was panther gun on it, and was hyper accurate was so much fun

  17. Jingles, keep an eye on the Australian Tank museum in Cairns, their Tiger is almost ready to roll, keep the vids coming 👍

  18. I remember getting the tech tree Tiger, played two games with the long 88, thought it looked stupid and used the short 88 for the rest of the grind.

  19. Sanjuro Hanamizuki

    I remember facing tier 10’s with the Tiger 1 , back when there were only Russian and German tanks .. always refused to use gold anyway … managed to kill an E-100 once , and it was mostly because he decided to ignore me and left the rear turret hatch facing my way

  20. “sherman wouldn’t be able to able to defeat tiger 131 from the front”
    Tier 6 Tiger front hull armor: 100mm
    Tier 6 tiger turret armor: 82mm
    Tier 5 sherman pen with m1a1 gun: 128mm
    I hated playing my tiger as its mythology made it higher tier than it should be and hence felt like it was made of paper especially when anyone can press the “2” key and get 177mm pen or if they’re same tier (6) can get upto 243mm if they’re in an M6.
    You can side scrape but you can’t side scrape your turret.

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