World of Tanks – Triumph of the Will

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Definitely NOT to be confused with the other “Triumph of the Will”, the 1935 Nazi propaganda documentary directed by Leni Riefenstahl featuring a whole bunch of people that would get me sent to the YouTube Gulag if I were to mention them by name.

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  1. Jasper van Houdt

    The Heshurion is truly an amazing tank, it’s my most played tank on my account with over 1.5k battles. Truly amazing, never could go wrong with some good ol’ Bri’ish steel

  2. Not to be confused with the excellent track of the same name on Devo’s “Duty Now For the Future.” Actually, Jingles, there’s literally thousands of videos on youtube featuring (and mentioning) practically the entirety of that whole bunch of people by name, and those channels do fine.

  3. I was the M53… at 10:51 I didn’t have any kind of shot. I had to abandon my usual spot as the left side was left completely open and that T28 in the video was afk for most of the battle. The final shot I was just lucky to get off, there’s not really time for aiming at that point. GG

  4. Back in my army days several of the older sergeants and warrant officers were fond of the saying ‘ back when centurion was a rank not a tank’.

  5. Jingles, you will probably never even see this message, but thanks for being a consistent youtube creator with entertaining and informative content. <3

  6. Watching centurion matches reminds me of the old Army epithet: “He’s so old – when he joined up centurion was a rank not a tank”

  7. I love this tank, it’s my first tier 9. Also had a 5.4k damage game in it not to long ago, going hull down in lakeville valley

  8. To be fair to the enemy Char futur 4, he wasn’t at all able of “dealing 4 shots for 1 shot taken against a Centurion” as you said, Oh Mighty Gnome Overlord : the CF4 has a huge 4 second intraclip reload.

  9. I know this isn’t tank related but man, the map looks really pretty. Love the clouds and mist rolling down the hills.

  10. The exes parents used to live just up the road from Bovington, and our trips to visit from Poole took us past the tank training track, so we used to see quite a lot of Centurions bimbling about

  11. I saw the title and just knew we are in for some wacky word play. And I was not disappointed! Great job, sir!

  12. The only thing that surprises the sh*t out of me is a fellow “free to play” slugger made a profit… and was not rushed as the solo player in the south 😜😵‍💫

  13. Jingles: The Mark 7 Centurion is my absolute favourite tank.
    Tog II: Am I a joke to you?
    Jingles: Yes, but you’re supposed to be.

  14. Not an arty fan, but that M54 came first on the red team. Well done especially considering the HE nerf.

  15. Wow, this made my week having my replay shown by you Jingles! I really enjoy playing the Centurion 7/1 especially with the HESH rounds, they feel so rewarding.

  16. BEN THE TIGER131

    To answer that question jingles that’s a M 6 Yoh. Member of the Yoh series of Tanks which comes with the Emergency Traction, it’s basically a Track within a Track, including a having a auto loader and to me they look like Alien Potato Tanks 3:05

  17. I’ve stopped playing world of tanks and world of warships but I still enjoy these videos thanks for all the work jingles

  18. Watched this during a Genshin snack break and, as many may know, Genshin audio plays through even when alt-tabbed from the game so I had a bone flute backing track to this battle which added nicely to the atmosphere. A very enjoyable distraction from the Genshin grind & some much needed refueling for me. Double win 🙂

  19. During my time of playing, both Centurions are torture, the first one has sluggish acceleration and the other stuck at 40km/h max speed. When enemy players realized what are they up against and I’m on the opposite side on the map from the base, they usually go for cap and for most of the time I can’t make it back in time thanks to 40km/h of ‘fast’ medium tank. And when I got caught in the side, I’m even bigger than some heavy tank.

  20. Gonna say this as a WT player seeing this map makes me wanna try wot it just looks soooo beautiful compared to anything anything in WT like goddamn those bushes and mountains are stellar

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