World of Tanks – U Mad Bro?

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In which a Hellcat gets very, very upset and a BatChat finishes a without running out ammo. One of those two things is unusual.

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  1. New jingles video. Must click.

  2. Last time I was this early Jingles still played Warthunder

  3. absent-minded goldfish

    that intro video,
    seems like someone forgot to take their meds

  4. Chester Cheong Yu Xuan

    That Hellcat at the beginnin’ tho’… Whooo weeee, salty much? Or did he escape from the salt mines?

  5. That Hellcat gave us enough salt to mine for the rest of the day. xD

  6. OMG. I was so confused at the intro for a moment. I was like: “That’s a weirdest looking M4 Sherman I have ever seen.” 😀

  7. BTW Jingles, can we get a “you’re doing it wrong video,” like the one you made years ago?

  8. I KNEW IT!…I always suspected that the light tanks on my team were the cause of me getting spotted, now I have proof!

    • He reminds me of a friendly destroyer that was between me and the enemy when I was playing a cruiser, who got nuked by an enemy carrier, then blamed me because I “drew the enemy carrier planes to him.”

  9. That was an incredibly salty Hellcat.

    • always baffled when they throw insults together like that. sounds so stupid

    • @JVCCR always entertaining though

    • @Jediknight 129 It’s always best when they track you down after the game to continue their tirade. I love to keep that pot boiling.

    • @92Koondog92 I had a arsehole do that to me before… even went as far to say he will talk to his clan cmdr and have them harrass me …
      So I went to his Cmdr and shut him up for good.
      Funny thing as I think about it now . . . I’ve seen at least 2 chat bans since then for maybe one was my fault but the other . . . was on a day I didn’t play…

  10. Oh no, it’s that land boat game again.

  11. I remember the days when Jingles refused to give camera time to people like the guy in the intro.
    Why would you even show it? It is toxic, no fun.

  12. That Hellcat just doubled the yearly quota in the Salt Mines🤣🤣🤣

  13. The first 2 minutes felt longer than the whole rest of the video

  14. Man here I was thinking that first clip was all about the Chaffee’s hilariously bad driving but then those chat messages… wowee.

  15. Jingles, the “äu” in Mäuschen is pronounced like the “oy” an australian guy would say. It´s “M – oy – s – chen”. Learn german Gottverdammt.

  16. Why the hell is mines still a tier X map!!!!!

  17. And Jingles said “Let there be funk” ,and there was funk 😉

  18. Not gonna lie that intro just pissed me off and I have a high tolerance for that kind of BS.
    It just ruined the whole video.

  19. So, does anyone else get the feeling that the Hellcat at the beginning was just a tiny bit upset? Or, was that just me?……… I am facepalming right now, so hard I think my hand went through my head….. I love watching crappy players talking shit about players that are clearly doing better than they are….. wow lol.

  20. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    “rolling their face over the 2 key” lol have a cookie.

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