World Of War Ships – E25 Izumo The Ugly Duckling

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Now in live commentary! All world of war ships gameplay is recorded by me in 1080p 30fps.
Open beta is here! 😀


  1. Dayummmmm you managed to do well in a battleship that is absolutely
    terrible compared to usns battleship

  2. Christopeher Isaacks

    is the word scatterbrained?

  3. Sorry if you’ve answered this before, but why are you recording in 30fps?

  4. Pls use an air craft carrier. :)

  5. Pls use an air craft carrier. :)

  6. MegaAwesomeSauce99

    Anderz do you prefer jap battleships over us? i just started playing and im
    on the new mexico but i find them so slow compared to jap :c

  7. Cha boyy brought me here

  8. Mer cs go

  9. incorrectborn tomato

    6:07 there she blows baby

  10. 3:45 thought-spread? absent-minded or scatterbrained.

  11. Play ranbow six siege

  12. Hey Anderz what has happened to m&b warband Viking conquest

  13. aa is alright………… 20 planes later

  14. So, taking the moment while I can, I gotta ask if you have ever thought of
    making a tutorial-type video of this? Explaining the game, how to do
    certain stuff and similar. Kind of like a beginners tutorial?

    Trying to get into the game, but haven’t seen a tutorial in game yet, so
    why not learn from someone good at the game!

  15. The Izumo was actually a protpype, meaning it was never built. Thats wht it
    looks so “clean”.

  16. Love your excitement when you citadel’d that guy to Davy Jones locker! xD

  17. Dam i hope i don’t run into you in this game :S – GG :D

  18. The manchild plays with his boats again.

  19. Citadels for days men! :D

  20. good job. nice video

  21. can you play one of these air carrier ship thingys, that was a avesome game
    i really don’t understand much of this game but i really anjoy the series
    still thanks keep it up 🙂 (not gona edit my typos too much work doing it
    whit phone)

  22. the dd said torpedos in chat…..

  23. Ander my friend, how can you have trees? I played yesterday and don’t have
    single tree. and yes I update it

  24. 118k DMG? wtf XD

  25. jeghaterdegforfaen

    “Scatterbrain” can be used if I understand “tankspridd” correctly. Hva
    slags ord er det dere svensker finner på?

  26. That was bolsy move. 10 citadel shots were just awesome!!!

  27. In beta people really disliked Nagato, is it still that bad?

    ahah JK of course, but it will be great to see you in a hour, i have some
    cases for you!

  29. Anders: Absent Minded. I believe that is the closest translation for what
    you were trying to say into English.

  30. Anderzitadel baby!

  31. I love you anderz

  32. time to blow some shit up

  33. Anderz love me

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