World of Warship – German monster – PLS DON’T NERF

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Here is the best game I got so far in Siegfried and my God, was it a game remember.

I’ve been playing a lot of Siegfried lately, and I promised you a very good result, so here it is.

I’ll tell you all about the ship after the match but now you have see this monster in action.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Hjalmar Wänstedt


    WG: “You know the rules and so do I”

    Flambass you aren’t supposed to tease them to nerf it

  2. Can you just. Please. Say. The ship is Mediocre and MAYBE WG won’t nerf it

  3. we have a Siegfried now we need a DD called Roy in a division

  4. CC Siegfried tactics:
    Have 2 of them say opposite traits, then WG won’t do anything

    • @Elder Lich still gets citadel farmed by Petropavlovsk

    • @Belgarath no your bullshit you bias as your national Soviet with your very noise uraaa uraaa in your ass then say it is balance.

    • “WG nerfed the ship in it’s confusion!”

    • @Nurmajaya Yanto My comment was a response to a comment saying that WGW will release a Soviet ship without citadel. I said that this still would be citadeled by Petropavlovsk because it’s a overpowered piece of shit. If you don’t take the effort to put my comment into context you shouldn’t waste your time with writing a comment for me 🙂

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Except it’s German, so WG will nerf it anyway :p

  5. last time i saw this kind of title that ship got nerf

  6. Why….you are just daring WG to nerf Siegfried into the next dimension

  7. When you first see Flamu’s video about Siegfried: Overpen Meme Machine.

    Then I see Flambass’s video about Siegfried: German monster

    Me: Visible confusion

    • Alex Zasokhashvili

      @Tearnofear in a nutshell we can say wows have very simple concept, you need to aim, you do more on broadsided targets, you do less on angling, ofc then comes overmatch and other mechanics but what im tryingto say is that this simple concept that i talked about hits and features more on battlecruisers, going in possition which does not offer any ability to manouver and force enemy to angle towards you and having no chance of crossfire – thats bad play by flamu, dont take my words like im im downgrading his skill level tho, he is pro player and N1 streamer in wows imo

    • Difference is flamu said he’s uploading an average game. He said he had some really good games. While flambass here is.obviously uploading that 1-20 solid game instead of the average match.

    • @ივანე მასხულია Konigsberg is the best cruiser at T5. Longest gun range, excellent shell arc and turrets spinning 360 degrees, 2 torp launchers per side. You don’t get great game every blue moon. You get win rate above 55% if you know what you are doing.

    • This is why I always take flamu’s opinions with a sea’s worth of salt.

    • @Bigs so you would rather take flambasses opinion? He posted a video of one good game which sure as hell doesn’t reflect the ships average performance. While flamu actually included a average game not a good one, while including statistics and graphs about the ship. Lolage.

  8. *patchnote increase sigfried dispersion eclipse and lower sigma to 1.7 . increase siegfried aa hp.

  9. Flamu calling it bad, Flambass calling it a monster.

    Me: *visible confusion*

  10. Community: “Pls don’t nerf”!
    WG: you asked for it! Being out the nerf bat!

  11. I want to see a live debate, Flamu vs Flambass: Siegfried good or meme?

    • @MegaFregel Yeah it has amazing guns, but it depends what it is facing. You will get shitloads of overpens with JB, like I said, against ships like Buffalo or Seattle. It is not a problem that is proper to German guns.

    • N W as i Said can’t relate. Don’t have the issue on the JB but I have recently started to regrind the German BB line and it’s truly awful to have a Seattle sailing full broadside at 10km and your secondaries do most of the damage.

    • @MegaFregel I just checked, Siegfried or German 380mm guns have the same fuse time as the French 380mm guns (0.033, and fuse armed threshold is 63mm for both). It shouldn’t be any different.

    • N W it is different. Dont know what you’re comparing now. Siegfried to JB? Cruiser to Battleship? And you’re telling me that’s fine?

    • @MegaFregel Lol, firstly we both know that Siegfried has similar guns as Tirpitz and Bismarck since it’s 380mm (and of course similar as JB). Secondly, you’re the one coming with the initial comparison with the German BB line. And yes, since Siegried is a cruiser with BB gunnery, it is perfectly fine to compare the gunnery between the two ships.

  12. This ship feels like Bismarck-Tirpitz love child with less gun but more accurate.

  13. Flambass : “Don’t nerf it”
    WG : “How about i do anyway ?”

  14. Flambass: PLS DON’T NERF
    WG: He said nerf! Get out the hammer boys!

  15. Perhaps_A_Certain_Cunning_Sociopath

    Community: You can’t just nerf a perfectly good ship!
    WG: hahaha nerf hammer goes bonggg

  16. Flamu: gets Agir nerfed.
    Flambass: gets Siegfried nerfed.
    Germans: ….

  17. Flamu: memeship
    Flambass: monster
    WG: so anyway, i started nerfing

    • Cat with a diphthong

      Bryan Jonsson they do that a lot.

    • @Bryan Jonsson Flamu has a tendency to trash ships that he doesn’t enjoy the gameplay of. He claimed the Kleber and Daring were going to be dumpster fires when they were first introduced.

    • @dexecuter18 Because he was right. Both of those ships were tuned further shortly after being released. He also made legitimate points about Siegfried’s guns being the worst of both worlds with getting overpens all the time on other cruisers and bouncing and shattering off most battleships. Siegfried’s guns and armor need serious working on otherwise the ship may as well be DOA.

    • not Flamu: memship, Flamu: meh ship. he did not recommend it. Only got overpens

    • Papaver Somniferum

      @onebigfatguy Still it looks better than Agir after she got nerfed. Im really tired of seeing only good tier IX on USN or IJS side. Or at least bring Kronsztad back…

  18. Next patch
    – Siegfried has lost two of its guns to put it in line with other cruisers of its tier

  19. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    WG reads the title: PLS NERF??
    WG: Will do, flambass!

  20. WG: We got the feedback that the Siegfried is decent – lets start planning the rel… WAIT! A german ship that is decent?! German ships can’t be decent and being fun to play! They have to be the worst ships to play in game and we definitly need more HE-spamming ships around. We need to nerf this ship in any imaginable way so think about any lunatic reasons!

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