World of Warship: Henri IV, Playing It Smart

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A random played by bino1980 in the Henri .


  1. Im first for the first time? Feelsgoodman…

  2. Wargaming also has their own official modpack that they release. It’s the one i tend to use, I mean if Wargaming is compiling it, I like to think the mods in it are legal lol

    • I am using modpack form Aslain. This modpack is totally legal. Correct me if not

    • +bino1980 AFAIK the stuff in Aslains is fine. but I’m not a WG employee or anything. There’s been some mods in the past that fell into Gray areas and some confusion. I used to use Aslains as well. miss the historical flag mod the most.

  3. guessing harugumo game / PC crashed?

    • guessing by hidden stats he performs like this quite often

    • +Edi J Yea just check peeps stats, if they are hidden there’s usually a reason, HOWEVER I’m not sure why anyone would go afk in a T10 ship though? No advantage that I see, unless the house is on fire or his significant other went into Labor? 🙂 At T10 something probably went wrong, whats the plus t you to do that?

  4. He called him a coward, because he wouldn’t let him kill him to win the game.. “REALLY” it’s not his job to engage a BB with more HP, to prove a point.. Its his job to win the game, sounds like you are a “SORE LOSER”???

  5. GG Cruiser demi god 🙂 Cruisers are the best ships in the game. I think that Mogami at the beginning must be a BB main, perhaps an alt of the Bismark and he was boxing? 🙂

  6. Aetam, I think he has an ultrawide monitor.

    • I never thought about that, no idea how that influences a replay to be honest. Since the replay is running on my client it uses my settings, resolution, quality,… But maybe the different fov in ultrawide does change things.

    • +Aetam yeah, I see too many replays have this “wierd viewing angle”, making me think it may be a hardware thing amd not software. Could still be mods though.

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