World of Warship Legends!

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  1. My Xbox broke so getting a pc. 3 years of playing this game worth it

  2. Random comment for the algorithm

  3. I started playing way back when it was in beta I believe, in 2014, though I don’t play anymore. I always had fun with the game but I never put a million hours into it like some people so ymmv.

  4. Awesome video much enjoyed thank you.

  5. I’m glad to see another PC player come over to Legends.

  6. Also devs fix the cheating A.I. just got one shot’d with full health.. fix this shit or refund our money

  7. Question for players of this version. It was mentioned that you could play against AI. Can you play against bots off-line or do you still always need an Internet connection?

  8. comment for the algorithm

  9. Is it going mobile if it is tell me when it will go global

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