World of Warship OPEN BETA is out! Slaughter on the High Seas!

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Thanks for watching!


  1. finally i can play this

  2. The Atago is such a sexy ship!!!

  3. TheGamingNinja NL-US


  4. Not for mac, damn :(

  5. Hey Baron! I hope we meet at the seas!

  6. is open beta?FUCK YEAH!

  7. Baron, love your shit.
    But, please normalize your sound or something, its either way too quiet or
    waaaaay too loud.

  8. The site is under maintenance

    The site won’t be available for a short period of time.
    You can still visit our Developers Blog and Forum for now.

    why i get this when i come to the official site??????


  10. Downloading as we speak, can’t wait to sink some battleships

  11. Baron if I run across you in game I’ll give you the Torpedus so damn hard.
    LOL awesome vid glad to hear it’s in Open Beta I haven’t played for a
    couple days

  12. its a little late….
    also i got the first japanese battleship…..
    ……aaand it sucked
    and now my hype is kinda gone, waiting for wt ships now or german tech tree
    in wows

  13. There is no Open Beta for the Mac D:

  14. id like to see a low tier battleship gameplay.

  15. phly baron and slick bee you guys are pretty funny! killin it always!

  16. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    And it’s free to play right?

  17. Do the devs still allow the use of aim assist programs?

  18. Yes baron, this is totally a fletcher gameplay (look at description)

  19. Sebastien Pierre

    How can you see the ships name and player nbame without having to hold alt?
    I can’t see it

  20. FINALLY! Time to give some people the torpedis!

  21. i just download it

  22. *good news for anyone with a working computer. ;-;

  23. Should I play US or Japanese Destroyers?

    • +Turtls Jap destroyers have better torpedos, US destroyers have better
      guns. I think US destroyers are little bit easier to play, because they can
      cause some damage with guns. Japanese destroyers are almost defenseless,
      when their torpedos are loading.

  24. Cool having fun with DiplexHeated

  25. this is how my first few games went. “Fire!” Too low. “Again!” Too high. “I
    am going to get that son of a b*tch!” Too far ahead. Rams an island. Gets a
    torpedus in the butt. Rage quit.

  26. I’m so happy this came out before I go to basic

  27. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls when Jim Carrey is climbing to rescue the
    raccoon and is arguing with the helicopter pilot in the beginning.

  28. i laughed so hard
    >open beta then the dog start barking

  29. World of Warplanes
    World of Tanks
    World of Warships
    Where dat World of Infantry at

  30. MrPyromaster247

    My very first game of wows I got torped by a Friendly DD…. and then the
    fool had the audacity to try and Blame me…. the rest of my team (was a
    co-op game) proceeded to rip him some new Portholes in his ship aswell as
    tell him off…
    (this was before the TK penalty’s)

  31. How do you see ship names, and that rangefinder when you zoom in?

  32. U sunk mah bottleship

  33. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Powder Monkey14

    It’s only for PC and I’m sad

  35. Its been three days and I already have a tier 4 cruiser

  36. Ádám Szilágyi

    u are so lovely <3

  37. Do not kid yourself Baron…
    Slick knows you are a poacher, he just does not mind is all.

    Good fun.
    Great looking fun game to play.

    I Play better for your guys (slick/Phly) vids.

    Good work m8.

  38. Found this game quite boring


    I think ganjinn will blow this game out of the water with there patch to
    war thunder. just saying I played this its kinda lame

  40. jackson seagraves

    I’m gonna give you some torpedous

  41. xxShadowStorm14

    Have they released a German line 

  42. But y u no use the Phoenix?

  43. I always get torped in the St. Louis I don’t know how to avoid that.. I got
    so frustrated that I went to play destroyers to torp any St. Louis I see xD

  44. Open Beta is nice, but Baron, actually play World of Warships, instead of
    fuckin War Thunder.


  46. i found out about OB when i got to work…….. now i have to wait 6 hours
    till i can get home and download it.

  47. Slaughter indeed, CV players are going to butcher every new player, rip in
    pieces new recruits. 

  48. Jacob Beaurivage

    Don’t remind me first time I play I fought against you baron. First second
    I look at next second dead

  49. hi man i go in the game and i play it go black how do i fix it help me
    pizz thx u

  50. Elliot Stenberg

    how does one download the game?

  51. the garbage men lol

  52. Apathy rounds; they’ll get there when they feel like it.

  53. Hey Baron, now that the open beta has come out, can you make a kind of a
    beginners guide?? 

  54. xx_Blokkaaja_xx 12

    YEYYYY:) its open finally!!!!!!!

  55. Nicholas Mattox

    My computer is such a dinosaur that I can run the game at 5 FPS at the
    lowest settings…

  56. Ex Supertester here baron. Glad the game has opened up new players are
    great addition!.

  57. +BaronVonGamez BARON!!!! im downloading the open beta as i am watching this
    video. CANT WAIT!!!!

  58. is it on the xbox one or the ps4?

  59. Hope this comes on ps4/xbox 1 

  60. The Drunken Gamer

    Been playing since last night and fucking love it. Very polished for a
    “beta” release. Thanks for the vids, Baron, they’ve been immensely helpful!

    Does anyone know if the game has clan support yet? It doesn’t seem to or
    maybe I’m over looking something in my noobness.

  61. Can anyone let me know why when I install the game I get a “critical” error

  62. Fml the when i go on vaction far from home…..

  63. Didn’t they reset all the stats? Do you have a press account on that one as

  64. Muhahahahaaaa
    Fog_Cruiser_Chikuma heading out!


  65. wait.. so does that mean all of the progress i made into the tech tree got
    wiped again? or are we good for now?

  66. not trying to be a hater but war thunder battleships will better :P


  68. lol, 50+ battles since OBT began and Im at tier 4 already. Not a noob
    Also that I picked it up easily and Im getting a 63.5% win rate.

  69. Иосиф Steelin

    Btw this is not Open Beta, this is Closed Beta with free acces, they are
    testing servers, but this is not Open Beta.

  70. i love the St. Louis what a beast at Tier 3, damn

  71. Baron thank you so much for telling me and I hope I will see you soon on
    the high sea!!

  72. Everybody say hell ye hell ya 

  73. BARON your mah idol in war thunder and I really wanna say that you should
    keep up what your doing for me and everyone who watches you :D

  74. Baron if your on NA you should friend me my name is I_Sea_Turtles

  75. tried it, got almost instantly bored. Pushed through a few levels and now i
    have again 4,5gb of extra free space on my hdd.

  76. Yeahh want to play and i have holidays yeah but my pc broke

  77. how can you see the healthbars or do you hold alt the full game

    • Thanks for the Tip

    • +jrussel2456 if you go into the settings, under Controls, on the bottom
      center is an option for Alternative Battle Interface. Check it, and during
      the entire battle you will see the same info/HUD you see when you press ALT

    • +jrussel2456 There’s an option to show health and names all the time.

    • +jrussel2456 pros hold alt the entire game.

      although some of us press alt enter to keep the health bars up.

  78. Somebody can tell me how can I download War Thunder in PS4?

  79. Andrew Herrboldt

    cant finish the download

  80. talking about answering noobies questions…how do you fix your guns to a
    certain position? like if you want to turn your guns from starboard to port
    without having to keep your camera towards port for 40 secs…what’s the
    controls or what is the name of that in the controls settings? sorry if i
    am not very clear, but i don’t know how to explain any better 🙁 i know i
    can use RMB to lock my guns, but of course if i have them locked, they
    won’t turn

  81. Baron, you should make a noob tutorial video. I know i need help!!

    • +Sandro Alonso If you want something like that, check out +iChaseGaming’s
      “Captain’s Academy” series. It really helped for me!

  82. nice video I got the game is really good :)

  83. Mitchel Mclaughlin

    Thank you for looking out for the oncoming noobs

  84. Patrick Chapman

    Great video Baron! Really enjoying my first few hours of WoWs so far. It’s
    all pretty overwhelming but it’s good fun so far. Ever think about doing a
    short video with some tips and tricks for beginners?

  85. *sees title*

    Throws away whatever was playing previously 

  86. I downloaded it yesterday not even knowing this game just got to open beta

  87. I’m sad I was not able to get back to my Mogami before open beta. Oh well.
    The Myoko will have to do

  88. Hell Yeah! Torpedus for everyone!

  89. Hey Baron!!
    Look me up TheCrazyMan even tho i live in Israel i would love to play with
    you man and keep up the good videos you entertain me a lot and thank you
    for that!!

  90. USSEnterpriseA1701

    I have an odd hankering to see you take Chester the Molester out for a spin
    sometime. That has to be the second best name you have come up with after

  91. I’m not watching another video unless you start using AP with plunging
    fire. I’m tired of all these videos of HE spams.

  92. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo finally!!!!!

  93. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    You know what they say, Man Your Battle Stations!

  94. Nope Nopede Nope

    Is WOWS 32 or 64 bit? Im 32 :X

  95. NikolaiSlapabitch

    This will hold me over till war thunder ships come out 

  96. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep….. finally it’s bout damn time they released it
    into open beta

  97. I am that kind of player who likes to pop people with KV-2 and doesnt care
    about the armour.
    Which nation and which ship class should i pick to enjoy some op guns on a


  99. .::FriKKinGWiZarD::.

    If war thunder download took me 2,5 hours how long will this take me to

  100. YYYYEEEEEEEEEES FINALLY :3 i waited for this moment a long time xD

  101. I said that Baron wouldn’t put out a video saying Open Beta until the day
    after it comes out

  102. Christopher brintrup

    Baron, can we one day platoon up? And maybe give me some tips?

  103. I was in the toilet and when I hear u say that I get out and run to the

  104. it was out like 2-3 day ago…? 

  105. I’ll be only running Japanese destroyers and always ready for you with my
    sniper torpedus, Baron. Always. Ready. Fear the name Sylveon_ and all it
    lives for. I’ll be following you wherever you go. I’ll always be watching
    you from 15 meters, my finger always on the ‘3’ key. I’ll make you fear
    smoke screens so much whenever your shower gets steamy you’ll cry for
    mercy. Mark my words, Baron. My torps have your name engraved in the side.
    They lust to penetrate the hull of your ships. I cannot hold them back any
    longer; you will be flooded countlessly, and you will learn to hate every
    BB you drive. Shimakaze and Fubuki will constantly watch team lists,
    picking out any player related to your team. Baron, my torps alone have
    done 140k damage in tier 4. Be wary of the islands, Baron. DDs love
    islands. And this DD, will be waiting for you. 

    • PancakePredator

      Hey you this here Is Italiamerican2
      Battleship king
      Big gun thing
      Make my arty sing
      Crown of the seas, back off please, or get get kicked in the knees
      The only guy who guy who sunk me straight was carrying your ass on a
      Tearing up steel, telling all these cruiser and carrier bitches how to make
      it real
      Cause im gonna make pain what you feel!
      16 inch guns
      No bad puns
      Just straights up badass with my ship hon!

    • Mr_Pokemon is mah name battleships,crusiers is mah game whenever they get
      killed by me they will never be the same.But hey the ocean filled with
      torpedos will be pretty cool last man standing torpedo game oh yea. OO
      < -- *__*--

    • +Kaepernicks Vari Jr. how long can a ship go to you and your looks like a
      fangirl if you follow him XD

    • +Kaepernicks Vari Jr. What. The hell. Did I just read. O.O

  106. I lose world of war ships but none of my friends play it so I can’t kill as
    many people lol

  107. Woohoo. Great news! Downloading now. Can’t wait

  108. Um… I sort of got a boner when I saw it was open beta…

  109. Downloading now!

  110. lol I got an IOWA full upgraded and im not afraid to use it!

  111. baron or anyone, are ships locked to server???

    • +thead Ships are not shared across servers. Going of what Daniel said, you
      need to have multiple accounts for multiple servers, and multiple launchers.

    • No are ships shared across severs

    • +thead Do you mean you only have 1 account per server? If so then yes you
      need a new WG account linked to another server and a new launcher to use
      the account (Tip: A single premium account are linked to all of WG’s games
      now Except for WoT Generals i think) Hope this helps, and if you have more
      questions don’t hesitate to ask me or Wargaming 🙂

  112. fuck yeah! im coming for you bra!

  113. literally every game in my Wyoming right now there’s someone spamming
    torpedoes and screaming in chat “TORPEDUS TORPEDUS TORPEDUS!!!!!!!!”…..


  114. Finaly

  115. Finally!

  116. focke wulf (vurger)

    already sank a friendly with 4 torp’s, my fault for not paying attention,
    but i have been hit by friendly fire at the start of the round

  117. Thanks for welcoming me as a n00b! 🙂
    In since yesterday, this game looks really FUN! :)

    • +Ауратик lol

    • Note:
      Definition of noob

      1. A noob is a person who really sucks at a game but refuses to
      learn/listen to people who are skilled. Many of them may have been playing
      the game for a while, but still suck at it. They usually have no hope.

      2. Noobs generally get extremely upset over being beaten and can not admit
      that they are bad at the game. Often they will accuse the skilled people of

      3. This word is an insult in general so people often wrongly use it and
      just call somebody that they do not like a noob, regardless of skill.

      4. This term is often confused with the term “newb,” and people who confuse
      these terms are usually either noobs themselves, or somebody who is good
      but is just mean (and has a lot of pride for being skilled).

      Definition of Newb
      1. Newb comes from “newbie.” Somebody new to a game and they will generally
      suck at it. However, the reason that they suck is because of their
      unfamiliarity to the game. They have the potential to become good. This is
      not a derogatory term.

      2. Also, newbs are not always bad at the game, as they may have played
      similar games in the past, but when it comes to knowing where things are,
      or information- they don’t know.

      Source: UrbanDictionary

    • +Marco Caputo you aren’t noob, you are newbie. don’t become noob 😉

    • +DEXCON xdxd

    • we all were a noob when starting playing XD

  118. Free33 Gaming&Vlog

    When is world of warships on moble

  119. WHOAAAAA!

  120. PaulBodyBuilder

    Baron u r hilarious!

  121. Rasmus Buhl Lauge Pedersen

    omfg, just bought the game yesterday…. and now its free -_-

  122. got into beta yesterday, got me a jap destroyer,thought , ive watched The
    Baron, i got this Son!…and promptly torped my team-mate..true story

  123. Greeting from Formosa…..
    enjoy watching your plays… learn a lot from your strategy….
    Thank you.

  124. it´s been open for 2 days already!

  125. first

  126. Awwww yea @worldofwarships has entered open beta! Give the gift of Torpedus
    to the newbies and welcome them :D

    • +BaronVonGamez Everything was going great, lots of kills, until the moment
      i finally got the destroyer with the torpedos… maybe i’m over excited
      because with the destroyer i’m lasting 10 minutes top! I still didn’t get
      those torpedos right. I still have a few hours of play before my wife
      divorces me.

    • +Timothy Goodwin

    • Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

      even tho i´d love to play this…generaly Wargaming games give me fatal
      error -.-

    • Patrick Lenigan

      +Timothy Goodwin maybe the world of warships website?

    • Timothy Goodwin

      +BaronVonGamez where can we download the game?

  127. First

  128. Baron, what you really meant to say was more players, more torpedo kills
    for you ;)

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