World of Warship OPEN BETA is out! Slaughter on the High Seas!

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  1. Mfw computer literally doesn’t work ;-; I used to rock war thunder on ultra

  2. +Trent Sullivan WoWS runs well even on bad computers. Just put graphics on

  3. +Turtls Jap destroyers have better torpedos, US destroyers have better
    guns. I think US destroyers are little bit easier to play, because they can
    cause some damage with guns. Japanese destroyers are almost defenseless,
    when their torpedos are loading.

  4. +YepIts Renzy lol yup it takes a while to get used to

  5. +Elliot Stenberg i need help too

  6. Nicholas Mattox

    +Jacob DiPonio PC

  7. additionally: for now it’s fine though

  8. Thanks for the Tip

  9. +jrussel2456 if you go into the settings, under Controls, on the bottom
    center is an option for Alternative Battle Interface. Check it, and during
    the entire battle you will see the same info/HUD you see when you press ALT

  10. +jrussel2456 There’s an option to show health and names all the time.

  11. +jrussel2456 pros hold alt the entire game.

    although some of us press alt enter to keep the health bars up.

  12. ok, thanks

  13. Bryson McClease

    You got to the playstation storm and search war thunder on the search tab

  14. Try it again it’ll work otherwise there’s something wrong

  15. Samuel Piątkowski

    +Tenky Tenks ctrl+x looks guns on position that you point at.

  16. +Mr. Helix right mouse butto only locks guns as far as i know, it doesn’t
    make them turn from starboard to port…or does it?

  17. Hold right mouse button

  18. +Sandro Alonso If you want something like that, check out +iChaseGaming’s
    “Captain’s Academy” series. It really helped for me!

  19. +ShipIsLove ShipIsLife could not of said it better

  20. ShipIsLove ShipIsLife

    +Sean Boulter
    Oh no! Someone doesn’t like what he does in his videos, even if he already
    has 205k subscribers, and he even has a strategy that you don’t like!

    Oh boy, whatever shall he fucking do?

    Don’t watch. He doesn’t need you, and we won’t miss you.

  21. DarkArcAngel2129

    So he should stop using what works for him? Logic fail.

  22. Captain Levi (srx10)

    BabyRage ?

  23. Nope Nopede Nope

    +Marco Oliva Shiet ;-; im damned.I think its 64 too ;/

  24. +Nope Nopede Nope i think its 64, but i might be wrong

  25. St louis tier 3 CA USA

  26. Connor Branscombe

    +Pepe The game is 11 gigs dude.

  27. If launcher actually downloaded from steam servers… i would be looking at
    around 4-6mb/s

  28. Me 3.4 mb/s

  29. Lol boats

  30. +.::FriKKinGWiZarD::. man, that dude is trolling you..welcome in interwebz
    anyways WarBoats have something about 4GB I believe.

  31. Nope Nopede Nope

    +Ekel Farras I hope you say true m8! Thank you very much i hope it will
    work on mine just download it on 87kb/s ._.

  32. +Nope Nopede Nope i use 32bit and it works

  33. Nope Nopede Nope

    +Fred Macabuhay Ok thanks, don’t mind me ._. just going to throw myself out
    of the bridge until i die somehow

  34. +Nope Nopede Nope Looking at the download page, it says 64 bit.

  35. Nope Nopede Nope

    +ExpoSuperPen how much bits it is 32 or 64?

  36. PancakePredator

    Hey you this here Is Italiamerican2
    Battleship king
    Big gun thing
    Make my arty sing
    Crown of the seas, back off please, or get get kicked in the knees
    The only guy who guy who sunk me straight was carrying your ass on a
    Tearing up steel, telling all these cruiser and carrier bitches how to make
    it real
    Cause im gonna make pain what you feel!
    16 inch guns
    No bad puns
    Just straights up badass with my ship hon!

  37. Mr_Pokemon is mah name battleships,crusiers is mah game whenever they get
    killed by me they will never be the same.But hey the ocean filled with
    torpedos will be pretty cool last man standing torpedo game oh yea. OO
    < -- *__*--

  38. +Kaepernicks Vari Jr. how long can a ship go to you and your looks like a
    fangirl if you follow him XD

  39. +Kaepernicks Vari Jr. What. The hell. Did I just read. O.O

  40. +Kevin Blake TMI! 🙂

  41. +Kevin Blake everyone did! Even the women!

  42. +Kevin Blake haha me too xD

  43. +Roy Shein well Baron is Baron, beat that.

  44. +thead Ships are not shared across servers. Going of what Daniel said, you
    need to have multiple accounts for multiple servers, and multiple launchers.

  45. No are ships shared across severs

  46. +thead Do you mean you only have 1 account per server? If so then yes you
    need a new WG account linked to another server and a new launcher to use
    the account (Tip: A single premium account are linked to all of WG’s games
    now Except for WoT Generals i think) Hope this helps, and if you have more
    questions don’t hesitate to ask me or Wargaming 🙂

  47. Note:
    Definition of noob

    1. A noob is a person who really sucks at a game but refuses to
    learn/listen to people who are skilled. Many of them may have been playing
    the game for a while, but still suck at it. They usually have no hope.

    2. Noobs generally get extremely upset over being beaten and can not admit
    that they are bad at the game. Often they will accuse the skilled people of

    3. This word is an insult in general so people often wrongly use it and
    just call somebody that they do not like a noob, regardless of skill.

    4. This term is often confused with the term “newb,” and people who confuse
    these terms are usually either noobs themselves, or somebody who is good
    but is just mean (and has a lot of pride for being skilled).

    Definition of Newb
    1. Newb comes from “newbie.” Somebody new to a game and they will generally
    suck at it. However, the reason that they suck is because of their
    unfamiliarity to the game. They have the potential to become good. This is
    not a derogatory term.

    2. Also, newbs are not always bad at the game, as they may have played
    similar games in the past, but when it comes to knowing where things are,
    or information- they don’t know.

    Source: UrbanDictionary

  48. +Marco Caputo you aren’t noob, you are newbie. don’t become noob 😉

  49. +DEXCON xdxd

  50. we all were a noob when starting playing XD

  51. +Kevin Blake Nobody really talked about the open beta test until now. And
    it went live like 3 days ago. I didn’t realize for a while either. (I was
    in CBT though, so I wasn’t looking.)

  52. +Rasmus Buhl Lauge Pedersen umm…. it was free 2-3 days ago

  53. +Rasmus Buhl Lauge Pedersen Should have kept up with news. ;P

  54. +Rasmus Buhl Lauge Pedersen It had to happen to some one…

  55. +Rasmus Buhl Lauge Pedersen At-least you got 1 or more premium ships if you
    bought a ship or bundle

  56. +Edward Matthews So you torped someone in real life. 0.o

  57. +MrKarmacanic In CBT when you get to the minikaze you will torp the shit
    out of everyone.

  58. Edward Matthews

    +MrKarmacanic lol. sounds like me but I don’t have a computer:(

  59. +Tyler Rathjen baron first 🙁

  60. +BaronVonGamez Everything was going great, lots of kills, until the moment
    i finally got the destroyer with the torpedos… maybe i’m over excited
    because with the destroyer i’m lasting 10 minutes top! I still didn’t get
    those torpedos right. I still have a few hours of play before my wife
    divorces me.

  61. +Timothy Goodwin

  62. Patrick Lenigan

    +Timothy Goodwin maybe the world of warships website?

  63. Timothy Goodwin

    +BaronVonGamez where can we download the game?

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