World of Warships 0.10.0: Commander skills, Lunar New year, Clan Blitz.

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Get to know everything about WoWs skills or so called captain perks, Lunar New Year new clan blitz events. Stay with World channel in 2021 –

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    • @Olaf Messchendorp @Olaf Messchendorp You wrote: “@Vincent Ray I am complaining about everyone whining about bullshit”.
      Thank you for making my point for me. As I said, and you just agreed…”You’re complaining here too aren’t you? This just makes you a hypocritical a$$hole for all to see.
      Pity that”.

      So, if what you are complaining about is only “bullshit” (you wrote it, that’s why it’s in quotes), you are thus only ADDING TO THE BULLSHIT BY COMPLAINING ABOUT BULLSHIT. This again, makes you only a hypocritical a$$hole.
      May I give you some advice?
      Never shoot yourself in the foot while it’s still in your mouth.

    • it is not.

    • Its to costly

    • Add the USS carrier Enterprise and the Yorktown. Please

    • Your game is a joke

  1. Nobody asked for it but here it is.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Montana is screwed as much as other ships do. If secondary build is dead on Republique, which has much longer range and higher DPM on her secondary, it is as much dead on Montana if not more. Do keep in mind that Montana’s secondaries don’t have the same accuracy bonus as Massachusetts, Georgia and Ohio do, so increase in range doesn’t make it come even close to the efficiency of even those three premium American BBs

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA TBH I have no problem with the new skill system except for the nerf in the manual secondaries, that new skill worth at the very most 3 skill points. If WG wants to give snipers a better time by giving them dead eyes, that’s fine with me and I don’t really care that much. But just don’t take away my fun as a brawler

    • @Nick Li true, but the accuracy of Montana secs is better base than Republique, and the brawler skills cuts the reload down is enemy is in your firing range. So it’s kinda Artillery plotting room, and reload module taken together without actually taking reload mod.

    • @Nick Li so true about your second statement. Its not worth making that a four point skill. I’ll miss sec build Republique a lot, and I think WG said that Secondary Shikishima is no longer a thing and they won’t change that

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Same here, French BBs are really beautiful and I hate seeing their secondaries rendered useless

  2. let us be honest here – not tested commander skill system
    and I have 250+ ships in port – offered 22 commander retraining is less than 10% of what I need

    • @The Bradford this is what they are telling you … then there are things they don’t tell you and then are things they are not aware of …

    • @The Bradford i also tested and it´s still sh*t. They should remove things likes marksman. But the want to “buff” this playstyle because many players like it. So they don´t fix a problem the game has, no, they reward this stupid playstyle even more…

    • @Lc4Hunter yeah but if some players want to be snipers, then WG should give them skills like Brawler BBs get secondary skills. I like to play a sniper every now and again.

    • @The Bradford but they nerfed secondary ships. Which is they are already struggling because of HE spam.

    • @Scott Thompson There’s what two effective secondary ships fast American battleships and the Germans, Germans got an overall buff and the Americans have suffered a bit with accuracy however American secondaries were already like lasers, those things needed too be nerf to some degree.

  3. DJAnarkros DJ & Youtuber

    I have 155 ships (been playing 5+ years).. not looking forward to this skill reset..

    • ​@Squegillies Erm…they did. Each ship class has now its own perks and its not like the changes are super drastic. The current system is just old and you have basically the same builds always.

    • @CloneD Anon unique perks as in restricting the old perks for certain classes wow amazing. Now all we have is the same shit as before, but worse, and useless gimmicky bullshit

    • Calenelen Otso-Mau'

      200 ships and 5 years. Now all of it changes so they can charge more money to get everything back to usable state. How many time did the say spend Doubloons to get things fixed? Not going to happen. My premium runs out in a few days, not renewing it.🤦‍♂️WARGAMING!

    • It only costs dubs to retrain (move captain to a different ship) redistribution is free during the update

    • @Calenelen Otso-Mau’ Didnt they ALSO say other ways to retrain apart from spending Doubloons tho? its not like thats the only way to do it. Like no hate im deadass confused.

  4. Couldn’t you have made the xp grind from 19 to 21 points a little bit more reasonable?

    • It’s even worse when you consider the impact it has on retraining. It’s something like 400k elite commander XP to retrain a 21 point commander. They’re making it virtually impossible to play without spending doubloons

    • You will notice that you get the same build for 21 Pts that you previously got for 19. If you are lucky. Some builds will be effectively worse. Reasonable would have meant to turn 19 into 21 for the same required EXP but that wouldn’t earn them any money so…..

    • @MrRedRye well, better say they are changing the game from free2play to pay2win.

  5. Without glasses: “Commander Rework”
    With glasses: “Resource grab/increased grind”

    • @DinJoe no it isnt. Tried it on the PTS and no… CV s will NOT come out much stronger then before. But map border sniping will come to it´s all time high…

    • @Lc4Hunter PTS testing doesn’t mean much, it’s just bots and people trying out wonky builds, even if CVs don’t increase in power by much, they are still the biggest problem in the game to me and quite a few people. Long range sniping is a mere inconvinience compared to sky cancer.

    • and more selling of stuff

    • @DinJoe is already the most nerfed class. whatever …….

    • @Rotceh E.C Sure, you can keep thinking that while they shit on everything in the meanwhile.

  6. artificial time pressure wows best friend.

  7. The retrain shouldn’t be grindable

  8. hey guys, how about stop growing and actually trying to balance the game ffs

  9. God there goes my 120 commanders

    • Cooking on the Cheap Cheap

      I only started playing again at Christmas time. I stopped before because of balancing issues and looks like its over again already.

  10. Even with 50 ships is still a pain in the ass retrain all the commander

    • Try almost 250 ships, been playing since beta. That’s going to a big sort!

    • @adam wicks you got a long month awaiting you lol, at least the premium and collab ships/captains benefit greatly from this since you can switch collab captain to other ships in the same collaboration event, I just found out recently that I can slap Theo (a German Highschool Fleet captain), who I have specialized for Hindenberg, onto Harekaze, a Imperial Japanese destroyer and vise versa. Tbh I am sad that the old skills are gone and are a bit afraid of the new system but with the new system means that you can train any captain with any premium ships of the same nation, since now you can have one captain with all 4 class of skills and with the premium ship’s system regarding captain, mean that the captain could be switched around, so you can train your BB captain on a premium destroyer of the same nation or a CV captain on a premium cruiser of the same nation, and vise versa. So now you can train all your captain of the same nation with just one single premium ship of one nation, pretty cool but I have to say that I am not 100% sure if what I have said is true, so the only way to find out is when the patch goes lives.

    • Riccardo Locatelli

      @adam wicks I don’t even want to compare what you’ll have to do this month for the all commanders, I’m playing this game for 5+ year too when in the game there were only japan and american tech tree

    • @Riccardo Locatelli yeah same when there was only about 5 premiums in the game!

  11. We have two options, invest a lot of time and work modifying dozens of captains or just leave it to automatically change and change it in the future by paying doubloons. Always overcomplicating things. Thanks WG!

  12. So instead of corecting a few issues like HE spam you came up with a skill tree that butchers all ships even the ones that were more or less balanced before? Say bye to customers WG- this time you just shot yourself in your feet.

  13. you HAVE to spend real money on the event ohh ok then il just forget about the scam event

  14. we need a “No Commander” option for coop and random battles. time for some fair play..

  15. Commander Rework that promises more commander build diversity, but ends up doing the opposite and limiting the number of viable builds through nerfing of skills or straight out removing them from certain classes…

  16. Take a shot every time she says dubloons.

  17. The rework is going to leave a bitter taste for the rest of the year

  18. Why no CV’s in clan battles? They are so balanced and everyone loves them!

  19. How many times do we have to tell to FIX DAMN CARRIERS so you will actually do something about it??

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