World of Warships 0.10.4: German Destroyers: Part 2

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The “Battle of the Beasts” event, a new collection, Ranked and Clan battles, and other new features in Update 0.10.4.


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  1. I feel so bad for this woman for having to be the face of this crapshow company.

  2. Dasha, the smile that lauched 100s of games.

  3. wow, another ship to buy. Nice to see that all they care about is bring in more ships into the game. They know someone will buy them. Love to see improvement to the game too not just ships.

  4. So either the speaker had a seizure at 4:11 or the cutter had to reuse an earlier sample…

  5. Its about time they got rank battle tiers right. Man sometimes WG moves at the spead of an ice flow.

  6. Battle of the Beast. Alright let’s go already!

  7. Looks like Scharnhorst is to get an extended runout!!
    And I always get lost in Dasha’s eyes!!

  8. Hell yeah. I’ve wanted the ISE-Class for so long. I’ll remember i even posted a forum post on how the ship would work in the game and a lot of other things years back! And i never post on forums. Happy to see this ship coming!

  9. Oh Agincourt, a must-have historical meme ship

  10. They hate Germany.. but they know Germany brings the most cash in >.>

  11. my whole ancestry cringed at that butchering of the german language at 0:30 xDDDDDD

  12. What about the Dutch Cruisers, Dasha?😢

  13. Tier 6 and 7 in bronze? Now that’s going to be fun~

    • Not when tier 8 CV appears

    • @abdullah hoqel We’ll see, but I’m looking forward to this.

    • @JG Phoenix looking forward? Fun? For those who have Atlanta, Flint, Belfast, they sure hell will have fun. But the rest of the ships? No. Tier 7 is the Peak of Weird and Unbalanced Ships, along with players that can’t play at all. You wanna have fun? Tier 5. That’s where fun is. All ships are balanced and is more competitive than T7

    • @abdullah hoqel Thats not how that works, not that iv ever played ranked. Id imagine its 6-7 only, so tier 6 carriers.

  14. I’m still waiting for a t7 italian prem BB

  15. Vostroyan Admiral

    4:11 lol I guess that’s a TTS bot speaking, then.

  16. Swift in Silence skill is basically : “Captain we have been spotted by an enemy destroyer that out blind as fuck spotters cant see so our engines have magically become shittier”

  17. Make priority target one point and Adrenaline rush 2 points again.

    They are usseles rigth now

  19. Two real British Navy ships ! Thank you Wargaming

  20. Cao Sơn Nguyễn

    I don’t get excited and hyped over new updates as I had befor, but Dasha is always dashing

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