World of Warships: 0.5.1 is a Disaster for the Gearing

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The more I keep playing this patch the more I realize what a god damn mess it is. Why would anyone play the Gearing over the Shimakaze right now, when the guns on the Gearing literally don’t work?


  1. Flamu, add to the Gearings problems atm (not just due to patch though):

    I cant take it out of port now without that shitty flag or I am certain to
    get detonated. Ive also detonated enemy Gearings and asked them in chat and
    they are also getting a lot more detonations then on Fletcher.

    1 salvo and I’ve lost 1-2 turrets…makes fighting enemy DDs a lottery…I
    don’t know if I will have any turrets to shoot with after exchanging the
    first few salvos…

    I am genuinely regretting retraining my captain for Gearing, with the rof
    buff I believe Fletcher is a better all round ship atm.

    Similar rof (20 rounds per min vs 22 on my Gearing with captain level one
    Quicker torp reload (Modules etc can get it down to 82secs vs 102secs on
    More agile (quicker rudder, smaller turning circle)
    Turrets (Fletcher has them knocked out regularly as well but you only lose
    one gun at a time vs 1/3 of your firepower per turret on Gearing)
    Gun Range (Fletcher once upgraded sits at 12.9km vs Gearing 11.1…of
    course you can upgrade the Gearings to 12.9 but you have to give up on the
    quicker torp reload whereas with Fletcher you can have both. I should
    mention I have chosen Last Stand over AFT)

    Longer Range Torps (16.5km vs Fletcher 10.5km…Others may be different but
    I rarely fire my torps beyond 9kms as I get much better hit rate at 6-8km)
    More Health (I think its like 1,000 or 2,000 more hit points on Gearing)
    Better AA
    1 sec longer smoke then Fletcher

    Currently I prefer Fletcher…

  2. This explains why I cannot kill ships as quickly as you were doing in your
    previous vids. I have watched them over and over to get a flavour of what
    to do.I have been trying out your tactics and have had little to no
    success!! I was reigning shells and could not understand why the ship would
    not go down. So frustrating after watching you kill the same type of ship
    with just a couple of volleys. Now I know why . thanks for the videos by
    the way Excellent narration, probably the best demonstrator of how to play
    in my opinion.

  3. It’s not just a disaster for the gearing but to a huge range of ships.

    I refuse to play any longer until they fix it.

    I used to main North Carolina and Amagi in order to move upwards the Yamato
    and the Montana but after the patch it’s impossible to play.

    Fingers crossed the fix will be incoming soon!

  4. The development of this game is so damn screwed,I still like this game of
    course but comparing to Amrored Warfare this is a big disappointment,AW has
    a much more complicated ammo & armor system than this game but they did
    quite well,guess I just need a break right now and get myself a free T-62
    Veteran today

  5. Think of this as a taste of balance for you. destroyers should do zero
    damage vs heavier ships.

  6. This is nuts…I have noticed alot less Cit hits with patch, but not
    anything like this where there is no damage.. Today in Aoba i had Clev full
    side to my 4 front guns at 4km, i hit him 42 times with AP and did nothing
    too him.. he killed me using his heat. I should have easily destroyed him
    before this patch. I really hope they fix this crap…no fun playing if
    shot and cant do any damage.

  7. This makes me happy simply because of how fucking skill’less they made HE
    and fires in this game. You don’t have to aim, and I think you video stands
    as proof that you clearly didnt, and yet until this patch HE did more than
    enough damage on contact, and the number of fires started in addition to
    how much fire damage does was out of control.

  8. I play BB and i have to run even when faced with one cruiser because fires
    are killing me always. It is so easy to start fires and they are melting
    BBs health.

  9. the thing is that irl, small caliber he shells would do nothing against
    anything with armor. the American 5″ shell is only 50lbs

  10. From both this video and my own experience, HE still does damage. Good
    damage even, but it’s way more difficult to make happen.

    Previously no matter where you hit the enemy ship at, HE always did damage.
    Now it seems that only hits at the actual superstructure deal damage,
    whereas hitting the ship pretty much anywhere else (of the first 30 hits,
    only one hit the superstructure, whereas you hit the Yamato there several
    times over) either gets counted as a bounce or gets negated by the
    deck/belt armor or modules like AA.

    On the base level this could increase the required skill cap even for HE
    spam, and I quite like the idea as such, but the current numbers are way
    off for this to be fun or balanced for most of the affected ships.

    Meanwhile, everyone using HE, try aiming a bit higher. More misses without
    doubt, but also more hits on the superstructure.
    (DISCLAIMER: I am not 100 % sure if this actually helps at all, but it’s
    gotta be better than what people are getting at the moment)

  11. untested patching? typical from my WoT experience. I’m
    playing Armored Warfare until this is a better game.

  12. sux :(

  13. Could you put link to your mod please?

  14. Completely broken game atm. Not playing until fixed or rollback…. Shame.
    Was a nice game till last patch.

  15. WG got this patch so wrong
    Cheers, I’ll keep an eye on that now
    I’ve noticed an increase in the citadel hits for lower tiers which was
    pleasing but I might be just aiming better
    the Cleveland is a struggle now
    Have to aim out of view from distance to hit stuff

  16. Well there was a public test, not sure if those issues were raised in that

  17. I actually didn’t realize it – I’ve been playing my Yamato and I’ve gotten
    maybe 2 citadels in roughly 10 games not to mention I don’t seem to do the
    same amount of AP damage per salvo. My average damage per game is going to
    shit thanks to this and not to mention you can’t tell if a ship is moving
    or how fast it’s moving since the smoke is barely visible or not even
    visible at all. You’d imagine they wouldn’t fuck this game this hard

  18. Now you really have to shoot the big bridge tower thing on ships in your
    gearing to do some dmg, at long ranges this is really hard. it’s like deck
    armor does nothing.

  19. 10) Incoming shells sometimes disappear mid-air.

    I played on the PTS before the patch and none of these issues were present
    there. It doesn’t make any sense. And who the fuck patches on a Friday?

  20. So if I decided to grind out some ships this weekend which types would be a
    waste of my time because of this patch?

  21. This game is still basically beta. Basic game mechanics are broken. I will
    not be spending any money on this game until they start fixing issues.

  22. yeah the dispersion is terrible for BBs atm :s even at 10km I had ALL my
    shells perfectly splash around the target in a cirkle -_-

  23. 1) BB citadel hits have practically gone MIA with the new damage model and
    AP damage is all over the place

    2) Can’t see the smoke plume from the funnels, it randomly pops up and

    3) Shells are doing damage before even landing

    4) The Dogfighting perk is hilariously broken

    5) Port is all sorts of bugged, with modules and skills not displaying
    changes or ships just disappearing

    6) Some CVs can’t even land their planes at times

    7) Might be just me but I feel the dispersion is all over the place

    8) Chat server is somehow even worse than before, which is impressive
    considering it was already terrible before

    9) Now this bug with HE doing absolutely no damage

    What a stellar patch, I can see a lot of time was spent testing it.

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