World of Warships – 0.5.10 Patch Preview

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We preview the 0.5.10 patch on the Public Test Server on the map Two Brothers. Two Brothers received a face lift and some tweaks to the gameplay around islands. The patch also introduced colorblind solution, Tier 1 changes, and some UI tweaks. Hope the discussion is interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Replay


  1. Notser, I was very concerned, after reading the patch notes, that they
    would implement spotting damage as a statistic, but not actually reward it.
    I am sad to see that your PTR experience appears to justify that suspicion.
    Why would Wargaming do this? Do you think there is any hope spotting being
    rewarded in the future? Will it lead to a resurgence in CV gameplay? I hope
    that they do implement it, and that it leads to an overall increase in
    beneficial team play.

  2. 無聊得討論內容

  3. So first, WG ruined WoT tier 1’s, now they’ve ruined WoWS tier 1’s. They’re
    just making their games uninviting to everyone picks them up.

  4. Kyllein MacKellerann

    You don’t have to be color-blind to use the settings, you just have to
    smoke the right stuff…then it looks…Groovy!

  5. I seal club in an Umikaze so an AP nerf doesn’t bother me. I don’t shoot it
    at them, they don’t shoot it at me.

  6. This was really helpful! Thanks!

  7. This was really helpful! Thanks!

  8. You don’t have to click “Apply” and “OK”. Just “OK” is enough.

  9. Midnight Shamalan

    i’m trying to understand why they made the decision at tier 1 and this is
    what i’ve come up with:
    i think they want tier 1 to be where new players learn to shoot. and when
    they get to tier 2, that’s where they want them to learn everything else
    (broadside danger, AP effectiveness, etc). i think they wanted to ease new
    players in, instead of throwing it all at them at once.

  10. Very good review as always. Thank you!

  11. Well, no reason to hang on to the Hermelin anymore, not that I take it out
    much, but tier I play is sometimes very fun. No CV’s, just a surface

  12. if you limit the tier 1 to HE you need to limit the ships in the match to
    just tier 1 as well,
    i think that limiting the ships to HE only is going to make the eire
    completely overpowered as its HE can still cit the russian and german ship,
    and the eire cant get cited any more.
    i think a better option would have been to remove cits from the tier 1s
    like they removed cits from the DDs

  13. Great info. Keep them coming.

  14. ty for this timely update : )

  15. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    Hey Notser! 😀
    is the Assault Mode coming in this patch?

  16. I like the idea of adding an angle, speed, etc. indication or indicators,
    but I think it could be made a perk for the captain and it takes 15 (or
    more) seconds of being locked on for the stats to appear.

  17. Mr. Notser. I don’t think the colorblind see the neon colors as brightly as
    we do or for that matter anything like what we do. But like you, no one in
    my family is colorblind. So it’s an educated guess at best.
    Your previous episode about improving the AA ability of the video card. My
    system is similar to yours. But I have 2 GTX 980ti’s. And I tried my x8
    multi-sampling and even with SLI FPS went up and down a little bit. From 55
    to 76. Also notice 76 FPS is Max in the game. Is that game limited?
    So I sent it back to x4 multisampling. I really couldn’t tell the
    difference anyway.
    Also can you do the same thing for AA in world of tanks?
    Or is there an link you can give me or us.
    Anyway sir,keep up the good work, love your videos.

  18. IJN DDs maybe even harder to play if the islands on the other maps are
    lowered too

  19. so why is not Dasha Perova in the video thumbnail?

  20. great review mate.we are all looking forward to patch 5.10 here on SEA.
    The best thing they can do is reward for spotting.Its an area the has been
    underrated for to long.

  21. wows should add the USS Alabama as a tier 8 American bb n other American
    bb`s that aren’t slow

  22. I do not play tier 1 but I think they should have left AP alone.

  23. seems like every since the last patch i get more and more overpens in my
    BB. It also seems like the Tirpitz is broken.

  24. So will the HE damaged be reduced on all tiers?

  25. yes finaly color blind… i have that problem..D:

  26. Oh no, now I’ll see my terrible stats in-game too.

  27. The new version of that map looks great.

  28. The new kill message above the map is just a Warthunder copy :P

  29. Spottings are only for statistics right now. But after they gathered enough
    data they will try to implement it

  30. I think I know what might happen soon. “Oh, there is a ship called
    battleship. And I have some AP shells now. It means I have to shoot AP on
    heavy ships like that one… No DMG!!!!111 Its broken!!!”.

  31. Notser, appreciate this video. When I get someone who knows to angle, I
    hold back one turret’s ammo… they turn to re-position and I fire that
    turret. Works well with an Amagi. 🙂 Did you try using the CTRL and
    mousing over the chat window to see if you can close it? It was present in
    a prior PT but didn’t make it live yet. If you get the chance, take a peek.
    And yes, it is so good of them to include the CB adjustments. I’m not
    affected by CB but it is a great step forward for those who are.

  32. You should play the tier 8 Russian cruiser with a stealth build its so
    rewarding. It would fit perfect with your play style and I’d love to see
    you play it!

  33. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    I never played those tier 1 ships again, but I tested my Tachibana with
    that puny guns in training room before enter the battle. It is much more
    easier to get cit on tier 1 ship with HE than AP. I only use AP against
    tier 2 ship broadside. It actually help me won a battle when I was low HP
    and cit the last tier 2 ship before launch torps. The removal of AP won’t
    affect tier 1 much.
    Furthermore, even not start good, a new player will complete tier 1 in just
    few battles or even can’t play in Random battle mode. It is not easy for
    player to understand why themselves died so fast in an hour.

  34. so werent the arpeggio ships originally intended for colorblind people?

  35. FINALLY colorblind mode!!! Wrote Wargaming in Closed Beta to help people
    like me out….Played World of Tanks for many years and would never have
    been able to play if there wasn’t a colorblind mode or an XVM that had it
    built in. Great vid Notser, keep doing your thing brother, hope to see you
    out there some time!

  36. Is it just me, or is Two Brothers much smaller now?

    I also tried T1 a bit, and it seems you will only ever see other T1 ships.
    So; T1 is now a tutorial, T2 is the new T1.

    TBH, I wish they had added a new tier with the monitors, and let T1 be
    1890’s armored ships. There are lots of interesting ships from that period
    that a history buff like me would love to see in the game.

  37. They are slowly incorporating all the UI elements of some of the popular
    mod-packs, and that’s a trend I like seeing.

  38. I think the Atlanta is going to like these new shorter islands on this map.
    They look really good. It’s great that they’re remembering to go back and
    update older material, like armor models and maps.

    I recall the notes said that the new spotting stats don’t have any affect
    on the in-game economy yet. Nice to see things like that being worked into
    the game after the players have asked for it for so long. The Warships team
    has been putting out really good patches lately.

  39. Honestly, instead of changing the UI with what you said in co-op battles,
    why not have a training room that a player can make to learn what shells
    work be on specific ships, and what angle works best on that ship. The
    training room was already done by the Aslain modpack however it was taken
    out of some reason. It would be nice to have that ability back.

  40. You should only be T1 for a few games and move on to T2 without issue. I
    feel the HE change is good. Less baby seal clubbing for the newbies…

  41. Did they fix the thing where you will get Two Brothers back to back to back
    for hours yet? Cause if not I will still hate Two Brothers… Which is sad
    cause it once was one of my favorites…

  42. Co-Op not having RNG ?

  43. I’m really loving how WoWS Wargaming has been adding so many quality of
    life changes to the game over the last few patches. Just a whole bunch of
    small things that makes everyone happy even if it doesn’t directly affect
    gameplay or game balance … just a bunch of UI changes to provide more
    information and make us more aware of what’s going on. Definitely helps to
    learn the game.

    Now what I don’t know is how exactly spotting info is calculated. Does it
    just show stats if you’re spotting something that is then being fired upon
    by a teammate who wasn’t yet spotted themselves before firing their guns?
    And who would not have spotted the enemy if it weren’t for you?

  44. notser if some1 doesn’t watch youtube vids of wow then he is never going to
    be as good as some1 who does because i didn’t know about how to angel and
    you have learned it to me so i think even co op doesn’t leaen anything. and
    nice vid btw

  45. how about wargaming do what EA did with need for Speed. give new players a
    choice of any tier 10 ship and then they have to do a play through tutorial
    against bots. personally I think that would be the best way

  46. Rewards/ XP gain for team play would be a great feature for them to add,
    some games your team just doesn’t care and that would entice most people to
    go back to playing as a team to win the game!

  47. how to get fun in wows

  48. Notser, since other NA youtubers aren’t abiding by their NDAs regarding the
    German bbs, thank you for keeping your integrity. I’ll be sure to watch
    your video when it comes out and give it a like.

  49. Are there any new ships coming out other than the German battleships and
    the Dunkerque?

  50. I knew there was something different about two brothers when i was playing
    the test server. I thought I was just really tired and seeing things lol!

  51. The new team play stuff is not rewarded yet, but will be in the future. I
    really hope it enables them to rebalance DDs in a way so that spotting and
    objective play is a primary role that’s rewarded well, in the hopes that
    high tier torp spam isn’t so pronounced. I don’t think many people find the
    games with 10 or 12 destroyers as fun because you just know there’s nonstop
    long range torp spam and trying to be aggressive is likely to just get you
    obliterated. That along with lolpen machines is why t10 is so stand off-ish
    and passive in general I think.

  52. This game gets more and more beautiful. Keep up the great work Chief!

  53. Ken Amundsen (Mordicon)

    Good informational video. Have seen a few of them, and liked the way you
    report the game. +1 Sub m8. Keep up the good work :)

  54. The good news for me is that they are moving towards awarding team play.
    Slowly they are getting there.

  55. As it stands, the new spot tracking and whatnot doesn’t effect your credits
    and XP, but in the post announcing 5.10, WG mentioned that they will be
    looking towards integrating spotting for your team into the economy.

  56. Two Brothers now with bigger mid bottom iron sound

  57. so when are German bbs Coming?

  58. Hitting citadels from my Hermelin was a nice refresher after having rough
    rounds in higher tiers. Very disappointed to hear it wont have AP anymore.

  59. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!! Finally they listened… I being Red Green colour
    blind this is a great thing. Just to give you a sense — try playing the
    game where the mini map only shows your teams position clearly — i.e. the
    “green friendly appears as a white ship — easily seen .. the red shows as
    a slightly darker grey than the sea — it’s grey as well — and when the
    ship gets close to an island completely disappears .. I can’t count the
    number of times I have been stealth shot from a ship against an island even
    though they are detected .. I don’t run mods (think that’s cheating) so I
    never got locate notifications other than in game.


  60. Tier One.
    When i unlock a new ship, i transfer the captain from my Tier One ship into
    the new ship.
    Then the new Captain with no skills goes into the tier one.
    I only run those tier one’s in “Co-op” battle against the NPC’s . I try and
    run one or 2 battles with it each day for training that captain, Then i
    will run the new ship in “Co-op” until i have unlocked modules and setup
    the way i want it. This also allows me to become more familiar with the way
    the ship handles before i join a real battle.
    I have never liked the idea of being labelled as a “seal clubber” which is
    why i only play the NPC’s…although i will admit some of the Friendly fire
    stuff gets my back up from time to time LOL

  61. I think WG should add a stat that tell everyone how many times you run
    aground (AKA pull a Notser) lol

  62. What is the stream schedule ? :(

  63. Sir Orrin Productions

    I really like the aesthetics of the New Islands, reminds of the coast of

  64. Notser u and many keep saying u dont show a broadside to BB but that doesnt
    apply to CA cuz a BB will pen a CA from almost any angle and u will have at
    some point make a turn to avoid island or go back defend a cap and the
    enemy will be just waitin to fire at u not to mention RNG has a big effect
    on the outcome of a salvo .

  65. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Can u now do the german BBs

  66. Thanks to the new islands, flat is justice.

  67. I have over 4200 battles and I don’t play low-tier games, sometimes I play
    tier 4-5 with a division mate, but that occurs rarely. I just wanted to say
    that I don’t care about first few tiers, my interests are around tiers 6-10

  68. But speaking about the Tier 1 changes. Very bad decision. The Hermelin was
    the only right skill ship on tier one, because it forces you to learn when
    to shot at an early stage. Nut people who are new to this game will
    automatically just spam HE because they don’t even have the option to try
    it. Of course they will get to tier 2 fast, but some stay longer on Tier 1
    and they will get used to spam HE then.
    The Hermelin was the only real different ship on that tier. Now they all
    are basically the same…with the others having bigger guns, of cours
    ehaving the advantage now.
    I will miss my Hermelin. x.X

  69. I think the Tier1 change would be good, why? because if you are totaly new
    to the game, actualy hitting the target itself is hard enough. You forget
    that New players (i see this in friends that are new at the game) in the
    first rounds cant hit a barn at point blank range. Hence even a basic
    understanding of how to aim, dodge and ammo will be a huge advantage.

  70. Wow it seems that with every patch the devs are listening and making these
    mods part of the official game. It’s great to see a dev team actually
    responding to the player base like this. Maybe in another year or so I
    won’t need mods at all!

  71. tier 1 makes sense because the ships can get citadeled by HE.

  72. There are some interesting changes coming. I’ve always thought that there
    should be spotting damage for DDs.

  73. I guess they changed the island in favor of the german battleships as well,
    because their shell arc is flatter. Good change, WG! Preparaing the maps
    for changing game mechanics. Very nice.

  74. I hate watching 720p but updating the PTS server is important anything to
    not miss a video

  75. when are you aloud to put up videos on the German bbs?

  76. Hi Notser! Did you scratch yourself so much while recording? Couldn’t help
    it because I heard that many times in my headphones XD

  77. Personally i find the tier 1 changes kinda unnecessary but then again WG
    wanted to remove islands because it was too confusing for new player. The
    reason i find the change unnecessary is because well, removed AP(probably
    to reduce the ability to get citadels, except hashidate and orlan can both
    be citadeled by HE at close range even when angled), reduced damage means
    ships can survive longer(except they also reduced HP as well), and to go
    along with these it really doesn’t prepare you for the rest of the game
    where in the very next tier all of a sudden everything does far more damage

  78. Notser something I think that would benefit new players is a built in
    training room. In Warframe we have what is called a simulacrum where we can
    pick the number and level of enemies and try out different builds, it also
    gives us the ability to change our build right in the simulacrum so you can
    test out different builds. I think this would be great for both new and
    veteran players.

  79. I read that you are not rewarded for spotting just yet. But i will be in
    the game someday in the future

  80. Again there’s a crazy amount of overpenning shots, felt like 50% of your
    total shots. Have there been changes to the armor that turned all ships
    into empty tin cans?! It’s so embarassing for battleships in particular, as
    the heavy AP hitters that they are.

  81. Yes the Fuso thx Notser Keep going :D

  82. Omg he’s one of those people that press Apply and then OK when changing

  83. Notser, yesterday I ran into a Gneisenau in the game (the tier 7 bb). how
    is it possible? 🙂 (and it wasn’t on the public test server)

  84. Have to give this dev team credit. They’re making the mob who do WoT look
    by comparison exactly what I’ve long thought them to be, namely arrogant,
    unimaginative and contemptuous of the majority of their players.
    I imagine they’ve put the ‘team’ stuff in both to make it evident to the
    player and potentially help their data gathering for a ‘spotting exp/cr’
    system. It’s sure they’ll get a ton of data with it there, and they might
    not have been capturing it before (although they might have been).
    Just on that, I posted something on another channel about the whole
    spotting thing. Be interested to hear what you think.
    The issue of “spotting damage” as per WoT was raised in Alpha (I have an
    Iwaki). Given it was in the forum, and the Asia one at that, I doubt it
    went anywhere useful.
    The arguments against it, I imagine, would go something like:
    If a DD lays smoke and thus prevents anyone behind it seeing the enemy
    which they otherwise would, AND they earn 50% from the spotting, the DD is
    “robbing” that exp/cr from people who would otherwise have earned it but
    for the smoke screen.
    The solution seems obvious to me.
    Use the same mechanism from WoT (possibly less than 50%, however, so that’s
    up for discussion) BUT make it WITHOUT the person behind the smoke screen
    doing the damage (i.e. BBs and CAs most likely) LOSING that amount. In
    other words, the total exp/cr earned would be 100% for whomever did the
    damage, but the DD would get some ON TOP of that.
    That would, in effect, mean the total exp/cr earned would be 100% (for the
    person doing damage) PLUS ‘x’ %, where ‘x’ = whatever multiplier is applied
    to the damage done to determine the reward for the person spotting (most
    likely the DD who set the smoke).
    There’s also the complicating factor of what happens if someone is spotting
    by means of their spotting plane, and the same for planes from a CV.
    Regardless, those would seem to be additional factors that could be worked
    I suspect WG isn’t doing it because they don’t like the scenario of the
    total team getting “too much” exp/cr for doing damage, as that’s what might
    be seen to happen by awarding a total of (100 + x)% exp and cr.
    Regardless, IF they want to see people laying smoke screens as was shown in
    the videos, with those laying them being rewarded for doing so where they
    become the eyes for their team members hidden behind the smoke while ALSO
    making sure those people aren’t being “robbed” of exp and cr for a smoke
    screen they didn’t ask for nor had any say in, that’s what they need to do.

  85. can I tell us why wargaming is always fucking the common joe

  86. What crosshairs are you using notser?

  87. “Notser in a Fuso destroyed Poimane with a Torpedo”
    Did they change the Fuso? :D

  88. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Yeah.. A training room like the mod will definitely helped new players and
    for testing your new ship..

  89. been waiting for this :)

  90. Keep up the good work!

  91. Looks like Wargaming is really listening (kind of) to players or what mods
    are out there. It seems they are adding more and more mods content. Crew
    voices, how people are getting killed, what ship, minimap updates. I like

  92. Great video Notser as always…

  93. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Why can’t we get the tier 9 and 10?

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