World of Warships – 0.5.3 Skills + Map

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0.5.3 Skill exploration, discuss my thoughts on the changes and some hidden adjustments that concern me. There are some interesting skills that could be useful under the right meta, we’ll see the direction the game takes in the future. We also explore the brand new map Tears of the Desert. It is a map that reminds me of New Dawn, I can’t be more excited to see a high tier version of New Dawn. Hope you enjoy both the skills and the map preview and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Japanese Cruiser Aoba Replay


  1. I took another look at the present skills (especially ‘Expert Marksman’).
    You said the turrets would go slower on Japanese cruisers, but (if I’m not
    mistaken) they already have 200mm guns from Furutaka and 203mm later. So
    actually there wouldn’t be a lot of change for them (like the Mogami
    example you gave). It’s still going to be a big change for other cruisers
    though. :)

  2. So. I was getting horrible 10-15 fps on minimum details when the situation
    was crazy, using my work laptop to play WoW. I upgraded to Windows 10 and
    this new version runs on medium details 50-60 fps. Dont know how, dont know
    why, but this new version is amazing.

  3. Been playing the test server. The biggest loser is Mogami. I switched it to
    203 and it performed well, but not better than Myoko. I do agree that AFT
    needed a nerf but Expert Loader? Why? That one makes no sense.

    The biggest winner is M.Kutuzov. AFT does not work anymore so they buffed
    the base range. Not a good idea in my book. They did not buff Atlanta
    (which is a nerfed MK IMO and sorely needs some work).

    Tried the new Torpedo Acceleration in Mutsuki and found it ok, but not
    great. 5kt extra speed, and range reduced from 10km to 8km. It is workable.
    I do not know – as you mentioned – if it has any effect to the visibility
    of torpedoes; they did not say. The extra health might work well for DDs,
    esp Kiev, basically reverting the previous nerf in HP a bit, but at a cost
    of commander a skill slot.

    Putting Last Stand at Level 2 makes it too easy for low tier DDs to survive
    longer. Not sure this is a hood outcome. Maybe, but it competes with
    torpedo reload at Level 2. Tough decision for a DD, esp at high tiers were
    reload is slow.

    So far I like the changes in 0.5.3 except for Mogami and MK, which are

  4. Hey Notser! Great and very informative video as always! I would like to ask
    you for an advice – what captain skills should I use for my De Moin? Anyway
    I love your videos, keep up the awesome work and greetings from Bulgaria 😉

  5. My one big problem with all of this, is that they are buffing the stats on
    the MK so that they would be the same as with pre-nerf skills – their
    excuse being “people paid real money expecting to be able to use these
    skills with the MK”. Sims says hello WG – I paid good money for it, yet you
    nerfed the crap out of it without any consideration for your customers.

    There was no need at all to nerf Expert Marksman – now you’ll have light
    cruisers in the game with worse turret traverse times than my Warspite.
    Same with BFT, nerfing their rate of fire to little better than that of
    heavy cruisers.

    The ONLY nerf that made some sense was that to main battery guns under AFT,
    as some of the ranges being achieved were getting downright ridiculous –
    but then they go and buff the MK, and ONLY the MK, back up to it’s pre-nerf

    The Manual Secondary Battery skill is only going to buff high tier IJN BB’s
    – most specifically the Izumo and Yamato – as if the Yamato wasn’t
    overperforming enough already – with their 10 km secondary batterys. On
    everything else it will be a waste – especially since when you take that
    skill, you lose auto-fire on your secondary battery – they will ONLY fire
    when you manually designate a target. And only a 15% buff Tier 6 and below?
    That’s a joke. Thanks, but I’ll pass on that one, and keep auto-fire on my
    7.2 km secondary battery on my Warspite, with the ability to engage 3
    targets at once between my main battery and secondarys.

    And then the plane loadout nerf to high tier USN carriers as well. I
    believe one commenter on the forums pretty well called it – this game is
    devolving into a joke, WG’s only concern being to squeeze more money out of

  6. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    on the Africa map, For the team that spawns in the SE corner….if they
    wanted to send a DD to A. They can hide one at the far Western cover facing
    north so they can use torpedoes to Ambush the DD’s coming from the NW
    corner of the map. Thats the only safe hiding point at A. hes going to have
    to get really close to the land mass. other than that, its a slug fest for
    it. Another bad thing about the new skills for IJN DD’s, You gotta pick 2
    skills for tier II. Which leaves no points for tier V. its going to be a
    good debate on faster torp reload or last stand. My best bet is to get last
    stand over the faster reload on the torps. I rather survive and stay out of
    detect range than to try to reduce time for the torps. Ill go SA, Last
    Stand, Superintendant, Survivability Expert and Concealment expert. Then
    the exta points will go towards Torpedo reload reduction. now if the mogami
    is nerfed (love that ship), Then Ill have to debate on whether to use the
    203mm since the turret rotation is going to suck anyhow or just stay with
    the 155mm and see how bad it is when it comes to turret rotation. I still
    cannot wait for Mogami to have permanent camo. Just my input from watching
    this video. see you on the high seas.

  7. It looks like they want everyone to only play DDs and carriers now. Might
    be time to go back to WoT or AW for a while.

  8. I think the nerfs are in order. The loss of Turret Traverse must be
    compensated. It is sad but true a 155mm Mogami should not singlehanded
    destroy heavier Cruisers of the same Tier with smaller calibers and much
    more Firepower. The Problem is the way HE works with that. it is really sad
    for the Cleveland and especially sad for Nuernberg. While Nurnberg can
    afford to get hit like that the Cleveland can not, i don’t know if you
    noticed but they cut AA down to so that Carriers now have it easier.

  9. I’d like to see them expand the crew. Have a Engineering officer,
    Navigation, Gunnery….Chief Engineer could skill up in things rudder shift
    or speed…etc. Navigation could skill up in spotting and detectability.
    Gunnery officer could skill in the obvious.

  10. I’ve read through most of the comments and most people seem to think the
    new nerfs will not be good ~ And if that is the case Everyone should go to
    the WG youtube channel and complain.
    You could even start a Petition.

  11. the changes they need to make should be to encourage team play, not have
    dd’s sitting back stealth firing (and doing hard dmg) they need to be up
    front scouting and using torps for area denial, with BB’s following and
    CA’s providing support to them. a complete rework of xp and monetary
    rewards for contributing to a win is the way to go IMO.

  12. i agree 100% with you Notser, i could not find anything difernet or coment
    something that you did say, i am very dissapointed tbh.

  13. I often wonder where from WG gets these “ideas” that things need to be
    downgraded? Could it be from the unskilled special players who every time
    they get sunk they blame everyone and everything but themselves?

  14. Here’s my gripe/rant for the game…imagine this game as an fps…i would
    say the ships are the equivalent of the character class (assault, engineer,
    etc) and the commander skills are the equivalent of an equipment
    loadout…can you imagine having to pay money each time you wanted to
    change your loadout or at least let us try out the differences for a round
    to see if it fits our play style…it forces us to pay money if we make a
    mistake or dont like the benefit of a commander skill we chose due to not
    having all the proper information (like dispersion values for secondaries)
    people that want to support the game will still pay money and the people
    that dont want to pay will still play as normal and maybe stick around
    longer…i just want a little more diversity and hell, maybe i want to see
    what an AA platform on a dd is like

  15. stay classy whoregayming

  16. That map reminds me of Lake Powell…

  17. i think WG had to much vodka with the changes on the commander skills

  18. I dont Like the Fxxx nurf of my Cleveland, Nurberg and Mogami.. ADV fire is
    Usles on all 155 mm Guns.. ITS To big Change.. I may Uninstal this Game..
    Its a big F.. joke.. Wargaming Is to big CHANGE !!! of 100 players at lest
    75 % players play CA..
    You NURFES ALL Cruiser LOL !!!

  19. i think i’m gonna use the torpedo acceleration skill on the mahan 9.2km
    torpedoes the range will be reduce to 7.4km but the speed will go up to
    60knots that’s not bad
    what do you think Notser

  20. I am a player who plays mostly ign cruisers and I find this to be a very
    scary patch. My mogami is about to be heavily nerfed without compensation.
    I have both the atago and mogami and at the moment the mogami at least has
    the dpm advantage over the atago. After the nerf the mogami will simply be
    worse. Premium ships should not be significantly better than normal ships
    of the same tier, they should follow the wot route (for the most part).
    Also they need to stop nerfing cvs, I don’t play cvs but as a player I
    think they are a vital part of the game, it adds another dimension and
    layer of skill. Maybe cvs need to be redone to make them effective but also
    not boring. They are not arty like so many people complain.

  21. Hey Notser, Appreciate all your videos! picked up this game last week after
    watching most of your videos. Wish I could say i am as successful as you as
    this game lol. Will continue to watch so keep them coming! :)

  22. How do u get to the public test servers?

  23. If this patch hits live servers unchanged, I want to to make a video of
    you’re best moments in pre-nerf Mogami. Make it in gray scale with sad
    music as well. So we can remember the old days when we played our favorite
    ships without a fear of nerfs.

  24. Manual control AA is not that great, except for certain BBs with alot of
    +85mm AA guns
    On cruiser you don’t have that many +85mm so it kinda sucks, Advanced
    firing training is still a better AA skill for cruisers imho.

  25. RIP World of Warships from this day on you shall be World of Destroyers.
    DDs are OP.

  26. Treffen sich zwei Durchsichtige, sagt der eine zum andren:”Ich hab dich

  27. All I play is cruisers and with these changes I am going to transition into
    destroyers. WG listening to the wrong people and it shows.

  28. Why would they put a limit on caliber below 139mm? what bs is this? if they
    want to nerf it that bad why cant they just leave it at 140mm

  29. Gg Notser!! Those islands never saw it coming!! But update looks good I’m
    kinda glad of some of the buffs/nerfs. Thx for the info and what to

  30. This is a terrible patch, the changes to the two fire control perks makes
    it painful to play low tier cruisers.

  31. Their buff most of the time are just pathetic.. very bad patch for
    cruisers… they keep nerfing strong and more enjoyable ships to play
    instead of fixing the weaks points of their counterpart… thats not the
    way WG should keep their not numerous players happy…

  32. When I look close at the changes and ask why and what I find the answer to
    be three fold. One the nerfing of a great many boats at mid tier will
    encourage people to move up to higher tiers which cost more real and credit
    money. Two, some of the nerfs, mogami in particular will push people to the
    viability of pay prems across all tiers that have them. This is
    extortionesque in practice. Third, the IJN will suffer the most in terms of
    AA issues which pushes the viability of USN CCs into the mix.
    Overall I would grade this patch as a C-. Leveling changes were needed
    especially at mid tiers. The nerfing and why with regard to the upper tiers
    is blatantly disingenuous.

  33. Thanks for info about captain skills, appreciated.
    Fortunately new map without Islands clusters.

  34. Hi Notser, ty for the review. A quick question as well if I may. Do i need
    to download a separate ” game” to play on lets say the NA server?

  35. so basically they want to force us to use the 203’s with the mogami, but it
    seems they went on doing it in a negative way.

  36. Thank you for vid and info.Hugely disappointed with skill changes. there is
    no good news for cruisers really, I just bought the mogami and found the
    gun traverse just okay with the skill now……..

  37. The new faster Torps skill is only good for JPN DD. An American or USSR
    cant efort minus 20% torp range to have ´plus 5 Torp Speed

  38. Thanks for the info mate.

  39. I have to say I’m a bit bothered by this WG logic of nerfing light cruisers
    for their supposed OPness instead of, you know, doing something with heavy
    cruisers which are really really lacking (hello Pensacola, NoLa, Yorck…)
    Buff them up a little, make them more viable, it makes for a much more
    interesting and diverse gameplay instead of nerf nerf nerf…

  40. R.I.P CVs =)) . and R.i.P my Mogami ToT

  41. hi, do you know if we can distribute the skills new?

  42. I don’t see how “Survivability Expert” will be good on ANYTHING other than
    tier 5 and higher DDs.

    Think about it, how often is 4000 HP – at tier TEN – going to save you??
    Not very often and even then – not for very long in MOST cases!

    That was yet another skill I though was INCREDIBLY meh on anything but a

  43. Ivan “Maverick” Kircanski

    +Notser wonder, will they give us free skill re-map per captain?

  44. Preventive Maintenace ? The guns on DDs gets often damaged, and will this
    skill reduce that ? If so it’s a must have skill

  45. Torpedo acceleration is too weak… a FIXED 5 knots is not that great….
    one of the “MEH” skills IMHO. Sure it will be DECENT – but not great, on
    some Japanese DDs – but I would have preferred a skill to buff torpedo
    reload more.

  46. Notser – it seems that they basically nerfed ALL of the relevant Cruisers
    in game until higher tier via the Commander Skills, with exception of the
    manual AA (IF Carriers become relevant again somehow). My tears are for the
    removal of “Last Stand” – it was simply the most valuable DD *(and often
    other class) commodity until Concealment Expert at level 5. Having more HP
    in my higher Tier DD won’t matter much if I am dead in the water AND
    visible to enemy ships, so a LOT of risk mitigation will occur in the DDs
    based upon visibility in my opinion and it will dumb down the gameplay a

    As for the new map, it looks like a morph of New Dawn and Trap to me —- I
    don’t know if the kind of maps they’ve pumped out signifies that there is a
    very small parameter of balanced, playable maps given all of their previous
    test bed information, or if they just don’t have a very creative think-tank
    (I am, of course, NOT referring to the beauty of the maps – simply the

    All in all, kind of a meh, wait and see patch to me with a few “Oh NO”
    moments mixed in.

  47. Yeah if you go to WOWS stats and numbers – Light Cruisers were NOT

  48. I KNOW! I was playing the test server yesterday after I watched your video,
    and I am QUITE WORRIED about a few things!

    And a rather HUGE part of that is the Viability of the MK, as well as ALL
    other “light” cruisers, at least without some buff to firing range, reload
    speed, turret traverse, damage, or a combination of all of the above.

    The skills, they are all just MEH… And with the new “139mm” BS – it just
    seems that Gunboats are going to be even more DOMINATING!

    Also, have you noticed a difference in regards to the USN 127mm L38 HE
    damage? I sure did! I was playing the Farragut and instead of 0 to 600 per
    shell, I was often getting 500 to 800 per shell, freqently landing over
    2.5k per 5 shells!

    So, yeah… Nerfs to skills for CURISERS mostly, and buffs for gunboat DDs,
    as well as torpedo boat DDs.

  49. RIP Mogami, glad I have the Ibuki now.

  50. African map looks like they flooded Utah!

  51. what are your thoughts on the current state and the proposed changes to

  52. Torpedo Acceleration can be fun on Fletcher/Gearing(71 knot Torps 0_o), but
    on the same line as superintendent? Definitely requires some playing around

    Would need to play extra cautious as you would only have 2 smokes instead
    of 3. Not sure if the trade off would be worth it in the long run of the

    On a side note, Survivability expert for High Tier DD’s?! That’s at least a
    20% increase in ship HP……..

  53. The two of my favorite Cruisers, Cleveland and Nurnberg, are now
    disadvantaged by the nerf captain skills – Fire Training, Turret Traverse
    …I hate it!! Probably Mogami players are gonna cry, the gun traverse is
    terrible!!… Why do I feel they would undo these nerf….

  54. Excellent Vid!!

  55. Have to remember this is going test first so this may not be the end all be
    all there may be change while tests are being made.

  56. IMHO it is too much change in one update. Taking away US torpedo planes is
    ridiculous. US torpedo planes from the middle of WW2 to the end were
    powerful and far above the Japanese planes. Instead they say US bombers are
    the mainstay of the US carriers. That’s a load of bovine excrement. I
    believe this massive change is going to cost them players and income in the


  58. Kutuzov will not suffer from the nerfs because it will be compensated for
    the AFT buff. It also gets higher ROF and better turret traverse speed.

  59. Maybe Jack of all trades stacks with the other skill so it’s minus 35% or
    w.e to cool downs

  60. Thanks for this preview Notser. You sound pretty burnt for the captain’s
    skills portion. Way to stick it out–very informative.

  61. I think before 0.5.3, secondary didnt have the stat for dispersion than a
    random number from 0% to 100% lol now it have a skill to reduce it not
    reach 60% and above for example the dispersion just random from 0% to 40%.
    Just my opinion.

  62. Expert loader should just make switching ammo type while reloading not
    reset the cooldown completely in addition to it’s current effect

  63. the hp skill is hilariously broken. i mean 4000 hp is a huuuge amount For a
    dd thats like a yamato with 120k hp

  64. 20rickross mr swankypants

    can’t wait for the 60% reduction to secondary dispersion on my yamato,
    10.3km range I will actually hit bbs and scare dds

  65. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this stuff. I signed up a few days ago to join and test.
    I could not on 2/2. I tried today and the download took forever and after
    it Blue Screened me twice the server is not available. So 5 an 1/2 hours
    2 day to test yet you have to grind up the lines is just stupid. I have
    been testing software since 1978 and I would have been fired for the way
    WOWS runs this crap. This is the second time they have done this.
    Personally I think it is for self gratification for the software guys and
    not a real test. Sorry, just a bunch a poo!
    Unfortunate because I like thiss game and want to see it better. Please
    tell them to get their head out of their asses!
    It is rare for me to get upset over anything but this one takes the cake!

  66. Good and informative. Didn’t know that about the marksman skill. We talked
    about it yesterday and Antha ment, “If I need to live with the lesser
    range, I can come around with slower traverse too and take Last Stand.”
    Hell, we don’t even have the choice! Except for the Atlanta and she needs
    all three skills. :D

  67. If preventative maintenance affected turrets that would be a great perk for
    gunboat DDs. I don’t know if it does.

  68. wtf wargaming – lets just take mid tier cruisers out of the game with
    advanced firing training nerf.

  69. Expert loader is not useless. High concealment cruisers use it to the
    correct ammo before giving their position away. If you unload a salvo of HE
    on a full broadside cruiser from stealth, that target will angle before you
    can reload AP. With expert loader you swap before you fire and still get
    that broadside with AP.

  70. AFT is actually still viable on yamato to defend from air strikes, 12km is
    a nice distance because cruisers dont have the range to torp a yamato
    however i agree that MFC is somewhat superior if secondary weapon effects
    are ignored
    4000 for a yamato is pointless

  71. Could you please do a vid showing the effect on carriers!

  72. let’s all remember the mogami and how good she was

  73. Interesting patch. I think we should wait and see how it works in live.
    It’s a nerf but it gives less but a option to do more.

  74. Thanks for this video mate. Nice one. Cheers

  75. Wow, these changes to the captains skills are really going to screw over
    the Mogami. Yikes.

  76. time to download WOWS back

  77. Great video! I’m really sad about the caliber nerfs :(

  78. This game is still in alpha. Great idea but poor execution.

  79. I like the sad atmosphere of the whole video… rip old WoWforever
    remembered never forsaken, CVs still suck…

  80. WG: Let’s nerf some things to balance the game

    Players: But there’s nothing left to nerf!

    WG: F you there is

    I hate that the turret traverse got nerfed :'(

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