World of Warships – 0.5.7 Builds

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0.5.7 is very close and I want to get everyone thinking about brand new builds. I’m talking about faster turret traverse, acceleration, rate of fire, accuracy, etc. We have a chance to find out what will be the next best builds. Some ships are underperforming and new builds could bring them up to the same level as other ships. Hope you are excited for 0.5.7 and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Replay


  1. I thought that AA and secondary guns range on minimap is part of 0.5.7
    update but I can’t seem to find an option to turn it on. Is this an addon
    feature or I’m just missing something ?

  2. Did you guys notice the UFOs they put in the New York port for Independence
    Day 2? lol

  3. Here is what I’d like to see: An Iowa and/or NC and/or Montana secondary
    build. Think about it: The DP guns on these BBs are exactly the same as the
    main turrets of an Atlanta. Imagine having half an Atlanta pasted to each
    side of your ship for secondaries. The trick is to get their dispersion to
    a level that makes them worth it. I think you can, as long as you forgo
    other skills.

  4. great videos! Quick question what recording software do u use?

  5. Warspite obviously with a secondary build

  6. Roon with a secondary build

  7. I know how you feel the Mogami went from a versatile light cruiser that can
    burn a Battleship down or hound down any Destroyer, to an ambush cruiser
    then hope you don’t get citadel by a battleship till you stealth up again.

  8. Totally agree with you bout the Mogami. It’s “niche” was that you could
    play it as a CL or a CA.

    Side note: Do you own Sims? Can you review and or do a “should I buy”?

  9. neft everywhere….

  10. IZUMO!!!!! try secondary build on that please! =)

  11. I’d love to see IJN DD gunship build

  12. play a secondary build on the Tirpitz

  13. Tomorrow morning 3 am pdt

  14. Pensacola? reduce detectability
    Myoko, slightly better turret traverse
    Yorck, fix the AP wonky arc and put her turret traverse with german in-game
    standarts speed
    Colorado, more hitpoints
    Nagato, slightly better accuracy
    Hatsuharu and Mahan, better concealment

    I’ll be nice to see a vid of your thoughts about improvements for every
    ship (except CVs) Notser!

  15. Acceleration module is a hidden torp nerf.

  16. Secondary Kongo build would be cool:)

  17. However much the new modules might improve the Pensacola, I still don’t
    think I’ll have any trouble wiping one out in a single salvo. I’ve uploaded
    a nice clip of this.

  18. Akari “Furutaka” Akaza

    I want to see a playable hatsuharu

  19. Alessandro Filippi

    I built my 155s Mogami with basic firing training and faster turret
    traverse and is not too shabby. With the 155s considering the rate of fire,
    you don’t need the additional accuracy really. It all comes down to
    positioning yourself within the friendly team as to avoid being focused,
    close the distance and then spam HE like a monster while manoeuvring and
    changing speed. With the faster turret traverse you can actually manoeuvre
    and stay on target and you give up what? 1.5-2 sec reload time?.Worth it.
    Not sure I would give up rudder shift for acceleration tho, be able to
    change direction faster saved my ass from BBs doom broadsides and torps so
    many times…

  20. I like you Notser. iChase is a nigger but you are cool

  21. Notser try the Donskoi with expert concelment , get your detection down to
    12 kms and get your range up to an extra 20 km , you can stealth fire with
    a 3-4 km range open space , i think its the best support cruiser in the
    game , play it right and you will never take damage ! o7

  22. IJN dds NEED acceleration now. so many times they hide in smoke and try to
    accelerate away from incoming torps but fail because they speed up so

  23. I’m already using the turret traverse module (and EM captain skill) on
    Mogami and got them down to 38 seconds which is faster than what Myoko gets
    with EM and without the module. The reload now is 11 seconds which is not
    bad but after 5.7 it will be 10.5 seconds.

    However, Notser, turret traverse is not what’s bad about Mogami, it’s how
    fragile she is. I honestly think tier 8 BBs are too strong against cruiser
    and there’s a huge power gap between them and WG doesn’t want to fix that,
    they want people to buy their tier 8 prem cruisers. It doesn’t matter how
    angled your Mogami is, she still takes massive damage from any hit by a

  24. WG just doesn’t want you to play the mogami

  25. In ranked, it’s become apparent there are no strong tier 7 cruisers. With
    the exception of the Indianapolis, they all have weak armor or other major
    drawbacks. I’ll take the Indy’s high detection over any of the other glass
    hulled ships. However, now cruisers seem to be the least played class in
    ranked. Kind of disappointing this season.

  26. I would love to see builds for the Farragut and the Hipper for the 5.7
    patch please Notser.

  27. Destroyer Inazuma

    I don’t wanna sound cynical but after WG “spared” the Kutuzov the 155 nerf
    (made it work as if the changes to better RoF and range for up to 130mm
    never happened) I have a feeling the Mogami nerf was mainly for the sake of
    Kutuzov sales.

  28. Oh yes I would love a build that makes the Crapsacola and New Turdleans
    playable. I just “upgraded” to the NO and I have so much fun being fat and
    slow with massive citadels and a 14 km range in 10 games. 


    mogami 155 or 203

  30. I sold the ship and I loved that ship. Keep them coming.

  31. i cant wait to boost my Myoko’s turret traverse speed

  32. 00:32 – …meanwhile, the Russian cruisers (Budyonny, etc.) can whip their
    small caliber mian guns around in almost a blink of an eye.

    No Russobias here, nope…

  33. Id like to see the Mogami at the very least get a buff to turret traverse
    and range. Maybe its just me but it seems very odd they nerf magami to dust
    then add Russian cruiser line (im up to the Schors so far) and last two
    they seem pretty much a mogami to me only worse detection. If Schors had
    any more guns it be better than the old mogami imo.

  34. Eventually I’d like to see fleet battles where you have just one countries
    navy per team, or even historical battles. It would be interesting to see
    Germany vs US.

  35. There sure was a lot of drama in chat in this game.

  36. Brian Lock (神通)

    Problem of Secondary build is the range.

  37. I reached rank 16 tonight and received the 24hr premier account prize.
    So I played my Mogami.
    Did 10 games, 80% win and made more than 3 million credits.
    I think Mogami is still strong, you just have to play it differently than
    before ^_^

    If they do buff the turret traverse, I welcome it :D

  38. Back in open beta… The upgrade for secondaries also impacted aa. Then
    they seperated them. It seems like 0.5.7 is reversing this change back
    somewhat to the way it was.

  39. **Waves back to TheHalveric**

  40. lee christmasgaming

    Nagato or Amagi

  41. I would love to see a Pensacola build, I almost stopped advancing up that
    line because of it

  42. The only difference between science and just messing around is writing down
    the numbers.

  43. Just started a Cpt Longer account….

  44. I want to see if there is any viable secondary builds!! PLZ PLZ :)

  45. a mogami video! haven’t seen this in a while!

  46. What are your thoughts on 2 Tier 4 captain skills (manual AA and AFT) for
    BBs? Demo Expert and AFT for cruisers and gunboat DDs (Russian)?

  47. The Nick Holland

    Could you do a series on reccomended builds in your opinion? Name it say
    WoWS Building Blocks w/ Notser. lol. Like so one episode on IJN BBs,
    another on US CAs, and so on. Please consider :)

  48. i want to see u giving me some prem ships or carrying me to rank 1 in
    ranked battles :)

  49. Id like to see you do something with the New Orleans :)

  50. No matter what you say Notser, I’m gonna build my secondary Yamato again. *pew

  51. I wanted them to buff the Tirpitz, the gun is just so bad…

  52. Notser**

  53. I dont see these changes making that large of difference if they are
    available to every ship, you talk about making Iowa and Montana better but
    these upgrades can also be used on IJN ships? What is the gain then?

  54. Hey not see upgraded my system with your acer predator and graphics card
    you use you possibly when you can send me the setting you use for the
    monitor and 980 graphics like refresh rate and what not I’m kinda lost lol

  55. I think the speed boost module is the most interesting change that could be
    utilized. I wouldnt use it on cruisers because they really need to maneuver
    but on BBs and DDs it could completely change the the targeting meta. Think
    chain fire as a standard rather than the full salvo. The faster turrets
    could also be viable now and could really help active pilots maximize dmg

  56. Dick butt Nick butt

    I wish my mom swallowed me

  57. blyskawica plz play

  58. Hey notser,

    I think you should check out the Izumo and the yamato with secondary build.
    You can get the secundary range over 11 kms and with the accuracy captain
    skill it will be very powerfull on japanese battleships, the Izumo for
    example has HE and AP secundaries.

    Also Im curious what I can do with my Iowa, should I go with full
    concealment? Secondary build doesnt make sense because they are just
    terrible and I feel that survivability is a little meh..

  59. Watching you is why I switched the BB stealth build. The difference was far
    bigger than I was expecting. There are few things more fun than popping up
    like 12-13km from a enemy cruiser in your BB, when he had no clue you was
    there and then watching them panic. :)

  60. Mashiro Munetani

    those guys at the chat box..
    they are talking about captain philipps

  61. It would be ideal if you could maintain an alternate build of a ship in
    your port. For example, a main gunnery build for your favorite BB and in a
    grayed out drop down, a secondary or AA variant. I’m sure they could do it
    and still maintain a level of profit vs having players unmount with
    doubloons, sell modules, re-buy etc. Maybe a limit of one ship per class
    type, that a player can maintain a variant of. Some nights you wanna poke
    someone in the from across the map…other nights you just want to hug them
    with your secondaries…wishful thinking.

  62. I wish I could try the old mogami since I’m getting there soon T.T

  63. Plz could you play the Des moines

  64. Two ship come to mind for me Warspite and Atlanta two very diffrent ships

  65. Tirpitz secondary and AA build could be nice, with manual AA and advanced
    firing training plus new modules. Pure secondary build might not be as
    good, due to aircraft fulnerabilty. (Concealment is powerful as well, but
    new patch is not bringing much new in this regard.) Would be nice if you
    would try Notser. :)

  66. It will be good if the upgrade can do +20% (or more) turrets traverse. And
    the Mogami, I think +5% reload time is not neccesary, since 11 seconds
    reload time (with the 0.5.6 upgrade) is still good.

  67. 8:57 Yeah, that’s why I REALLY wanna see what I can do with my Arkansas
    Beta! All 6 module slots – and 21 secondary guns that currently only have
    3.5 km range without going secondary build, or just having advanced firing,
    which I do, but 4.2 km is not that much better…

    But with these new modules buffing secondary range and accuracy? As well as
    the new “proprietary” “high tier” USN BB modules – I think Arkansas COULD
    very well get close to equaling, possilby surpass even Imperator Nikolai as
    the tier 4 BB monster!

  68. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    they should give 203s on mogami at least a bit longer ranges. otherwise
    there is not much improvement than 155. mogami now feels more like a tier
    7.5 ship

  69. George Washington

    i would love to see how iowa and montana plays now with those new exclusive
    to high tier us bbs upgrades…

  70. 3:10 Kutuzov + Acceleration module FTW!

    I mean even IF the module was not as good as it is currently, buffing the
    rudder shift of Kutuzov is basically pointless! She already has a better
    rudder shift than the Atlanta WITH the rudder shift module – STOCK!

    Atlanta with rudder shift module = 6.7 second rudder shift

    Kutuzov as stock = 6.1 second rudder shift! That is 3.05 second to shift
    from neutral to full port or starboard – and the rudder shift module does
    NOT lower turning circles! If it did, well then it would be OP!

  71. They nerfed the Mogami because of how much HE it shells out for a Tier 8
    cruiser compared to its 203mm guns.
    I thought the nerf was stupid.

  72. Anyone have ANY idea when exactly 0.5.7 might hit the NA server?

  73. and your concealment builds is nice, i had it on my tirpitz and it is epic
    :). Sadly on my NC it isn’t working, because i am using the AFT and
    manually air skill.

  74. Just curious, and I know you use it a lot on BBs, but doesn’t it seem
    redundant to use concealment on a massive target like a BB?

  75. i guess turret traverse can make the 155s mogami viable again + captain
    skill but it will never be the glorious AFT mini zao it once was :/

  76. dear notser,

    check the last nagato replay i sent you. there u see 3 CLOSE QUARTERS
    medals! nagato is EPIC with secondaries (7.6 km) with the 5th secondary

  77. Autit Rahman Khan

    YAMATO…..since full secondary build replaces faster salvos.

  78. Funny, I have a small discussion with Business6 in the comment section of
    his last video about the Mogami and whether or not the 155s or the 203s are
    the better choice at the moment. :D

  79. Chapayev!!

  80. another great video thx man

  81. Gimmie that Arkansas Beta Secondaries and stealth build LOL. Silent
    lumbering assassin. (since you get all 6 module slots). In all seriousness
    though, how about a Khabarovsk torpedo build?

  82. Well, I’m not going to bother playing my Mogami in this iteration anymore.
    It is excruciating to even try. Will patiently (well, not patiently, but…
    it’s up to WG) wait for the next patch/video with your builds.

  83. i hate the range of mogami that 15.7km its so bad!!!!!

  84. What do I want to see in 0.5.7? The Royal Navy :/

  85. there is the possibility to buff the mogami ?

  86. I wish I can get the refund so I can buy Ibuki….. I unlocked her last
    December but I always have not enough credits :(

  87. That_Unknown_Guy

    I know a great idea for this update, you should be able to change your
    commanders clothes and gender (and take of clothes ;)

  88. sup notser!! 1st lol!!!

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