World of Warships – 0.5.7 Preview

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We preview some of the changes coming in 0.5.7 and discuss how I feel about the changes. The map is Warrior’s Path and we’re in the Fletcher just sailing around. A couple new UI changes will help destroyers and cruisers that use both torpedoes and main battery. I talk about the module changes, they’re extensive but I tried to summarize the juicy bits. Hope you enjoy the preview and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Destroyer Fletcher Replay


  1. I’d also like to see them include battle results screens in the replay
    files. If all the main WoWS YouTube content folks would keep asking for it
    we might see it sometime soon.

  2. Finandi Amartyadeva

    My tactics… Never go to A or B if you’re a BB..

  3. Just wondering, did anyone else notice that the cruiser tops have a farther
    distance in test server than the live game?? This bc its just the test
    server or are they bringing back the old torps??

  4. Notser were you using the acceleration modification on your fletcher? When
    those torps came your ship literally ejected forward

  5. RIP Secondary Build

  6. Has a proud Warspite captain, I have only one thing to say…. FUCK YOU
    WAR-GAMING!!!!! Ò.Ó
    You just destroyed her best feature!

  7. I really don’t care if they add anything new at all as long as they fix the
    code that’s causing sudden disconnects while in game. It’s not my computer
    because I have two and the dc’s happen on both. And it’s not my ISP or
    ping either because everything else works fine when the dc’s happen
    including TeamSpeak. The worst part is when you’re closing in on a win and
    get locked up… then load back in only to find your ship sinking and the
    battle lost. These dc’s and the obvious memory leaks that require exits
    and restarts because of laggy performance are all they have to do to make
    me happy. New stuff is nice, but only when the broken bits are fixed

  8. Great info.

  9. I would have liked to have heard about the new mod for the Japanese 140 mm.
    I want to hear how it affects the Yubari.

  10. Nerfing the secondaries, CLEARLY the dominant point on the current meta heh
    … v.v byebye Nagato …

  11. Yeesh, with how many US Specific buffs the Iowa’ can take advantage of and
    is acquiring, the Izumo’s quickly becoming more and more pointless for a
    tier 9, really should just give the Izu its 18″ to at-least balance it out
    some, right now with all the upcoming changes, the poor thing really is a
    T7 stuck at T9.

  12. did you pull a Notser?
    No! …

  13. Another patch !!!???? oy vay

  14. What do you think about rudder shift vs. acceleration? Because it is now 50
    % faster acceleration.

  15. so with the secondary nerfs is it worth it now to do a secondary build?

  16. The new magazine mod will be needed for the USS Arizona and HMS Hood when
    they come out

  17. Thanks for the video Notser. Great explanation of new content! Greatly
    appreciated :)

  18. Any buff to the germans? No? Ok….

  19. the magazine module seems worthless. also im really interest in the 140mm
    gun skill or whatever you talked about cause i have one of those 3 cruiers
    you mentioned.

  20. Yes of course we saw iChase, I also played the test server too! But I still
    enjoyed the overview – it made me think…

    OMFG!!! I just thought about it: Arkansas Beta has all SIX upgrade slots!
    So, extra range AND accuracy versus my current build – along with many
    other enhancements – Arkansas might become the BEAST of tier 4! I mean she
    already is quite strong for the tier, but everyone knows Imperator Nikolai
    is easily the best of the best at tier 4, but now – with ALL the extra
    stuff EVERY modules will add, AND the new High Tier US Battlship modules? I
    would LOVE to be able to try her on the test server, but I suppose only
    time will tell!

    Because those modules are only “High Tier” because only tier 9 and 10 ships
    GET all 6 upgrade module slots – those and the ARKANSAS!!

    Oooh, and I wonder if this “special” module could possibly rekindle my
    fondness for Yubari…

    UGH!!! I Hate how WOWS Test server is unlike WOT’s – because in WOT test
    servers you have access to every tank you have on you live account,
    including EVERY premium, and then you are even able to buy OTHER premiums
    that you have never tried before!

    But in WOWS, we get no premiums on test server at all, except for those
    deemed worthy of “SuperTester” status, I suppose… Meanwhile grimy
    peasants such as myself have built up the mighty castle that is WOWS since
    the days of the Original Closed Beta Testers by buying all that maketh me
    drool and think “Shiny, me want! Take my monies nao!!” – which is most of
    the things (it would be quicker to list the premiums I DON’T own!) – and
    shall CONTINUE to build said castle for our master!

    Lol, I just watched Game of Thrones and am in a ranting and jovial mood…
    Seriously though, I am happy to have WOWS, and I don’t mind knowing that I
    COULD have bought probably about 6 to 12 “Triple A” games (depending on
    Steam and GOG sales) for what I have spent on WOWS, because very few of
    those games even interest me, let alone keep me interested for long times
    the way WOT and now more so WOWS by a long shot – have and probably will
    continue to do.

    I just wish WG had a BIT more in the way of customer appreciation – as it
    would cost them nothing to throw around some gold and/or premium time, and
    in the end it really wouldn’t make any meaningful loss of revenue, whilst
    endearing the customer and buying THAT much more positive image and good

    The Signal Flags are great and all, but having to “Sink 10 destroyers in a
    German Cruiser on the Test Server, before today” just to get ONE day of
    premium? That almost feels like an insult, and I even tried, I cannot stand
    the guns on the Konigsberg or Nurnberg for whatever reason, I use AP
    against a broadside Fuso at just 8 km, try all over his broadside hull and
    superstructure – and never do more than 1500 every 9 shells hit, switch to
    HE, get 0 damage mostly, a few 200 to 500 rolls, and fire… Try using said
    AP against an enemy cruiser who again, was braodside (this time in a fully
    upgraded Nurnberg as well) – and at about 14.5 km the shell travel is so
    long and floaty that his small shifts in rudder make the majority of my
    shells bounce and miss – then I get 4 citadels right as he kills me…
    Great guns…. Played my Kutuzov on live server later that day, and was
    dealing 4k to 10k against broadside Fusos, Nagatos, Amagis, North Carolinas
    and Colorados – mostly in the upper belt and superstructure of course! And
    ended up having my best match ever later that day, which I do believe I
    detailed in an earlier comment on a different video.

  21. Noob question Notser… How do you even watch replays of battles??

  22. Brian Lock (神通)

    Why Nosty explode like magically?

  23. 0:30 — I have to agree, the spectator “free cam” is perhaps the most
    technically impressive part of this update (speaking as a non-player).

  24. Im really sad for the loss of range on the secondary module.

  25. at least uve apologised

  26. Any whisperings on release date? Tomorrow perhaps?

  27. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғι_vocαloιd

    Jesus, I was playing the test server everyday hoping id see you but i gave
    up yesterday, i was kind of mad that you just show up the next day i gave

  28. I was fiddling around a bit in the test client, and the new module upgrades
    are awesome. But I am not sure that we are going to have some refund for
    readjusting them.

  29. I don’t like the free cam, first of all there has always been a free cam in
    the game but now with the changes to the cam, you can no longer go under
    the map with the used to view the map from under the water and
    watch ships sink from underwater it was fun.

  30. Seria bueno que saquen unos submarinos con torpedos

  31. Adriaan Balkenende

    Heya Notser,

    Thanks for vids! Long time watcher, recent subscriber.
    With the secondary nerf how do you feel where the warspite secondary build
    stands now ?
    I bought her just before the whole “armor is bugged” shitstorm happened,
    that was a let down and atleast i had my secondary fun. Now this >.< should i bother still ? And what about Tirpitz Brawlerbuild ? The range is short as it is. Thanks (:

  32. Great video, thanks Notser!!
    One item to note is that you can Free cam on the aircraft as well. Same
    method: just point to an airplane and press the space bar.
    It’s pretty cool to watch the planes do their thing up close.

  33. Freelook camera has existed in game AND replays for a long time, has it
    not? :/
    What’s changed? Besides being more obvious that the feature exists?

    And to not seem like a total douche, love your vids. :)

  34. Still no free scale ui or 4k ui i guess?

  35. I am in the video!

  36. Hey Notser, do they update UI scaling yet? I still don’t know why they
    don’t add this feature for so much long time!

  37. Notser, your videos are excellent!

  38. It was awesome playing a game with you Notser. I was in the Yamato on the
    enemy team. Great video as always sir :)

  39. boristhebarbarian

    if I heared you correctly 5.7 means a return to knocked out turrets as
    before 5.5.

  40. Hmm, I just began to enjoy my Nagato secondaries fun build. Reducing 2nd
    range module by 15% would de-fun it.

  41. Yo Notser! I should have done this 7 videos of yours ago, but then again,
    thanks for the tutorial on how to aim and how to use the repair team
    efficiently. Really helpful since my shift from carriers to battleships.
    Keep it up and more power to you.

  42. Hey Notser. Love the vids, first thing I do when I get back from work is
    check Youtube for your latest upload. Keep up the good work!

  43. @Notser The Ironic thing is the reason you had trouble torping me was
    because of tips you’ve taught me.

  44. I’m CelticLion, (in the montanna on the opposing team) feel so honored! :P

  45. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Great Job WG the plooting room only for USA …. How im supossed to play
    when i get the zao with low range or even the izumo which is even worse
    cause is a battleship of IJN which should be longer range than others??
    Tell me what we have now for IJN. We need some love u know? We have worst
    AA crappy turning of turrets and shit armor on ALL CAs for instance !
    Meanwhile the russians seems to not have any citadel and get range Big than
    battleships with upgrades. I did a versus with a friend me Furrytako him
    Kirov and what happened?? I got 3 citadels in 1 salvo and he got 1 in 2!
    Cmon now the worst CAs are the japanese and u keep nerfing them; see the
    zao or even the poor old mogami

    Buff IJN CAs now!

  46. Wonder how they are going to handled upgrades when it goes live. As in we
    may not want the ones we already have due to changes, so wonder if they
    will just sell all of them for us and let us rebuy them.

  47. Did you forget to mention the most important new feature? The lens flares!

  48. I tried a secondary build on the yamaton on the test server, with all
    flags, upgrades and a 15points cpt i got 11.4 km range o.O so i guess the
    range nerf isn’t that bad

  49. George Washington

    Hey notser great work!!Would it be possible to make a review of iowa and/or
    montana with their exclusive modification(-16% dispersion of main artillery

  50. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Played the Khabarovsk for the first time, like it quite a lot.

  51. “A Ship that blows up all the time” HMS Hood confimed!

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