World of Warships – 0.6.0 New Captain Skills Preview – RDF is Fine

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Previewing the , talk about some and is honestly fine. Find out the details in the video.


  1. most of the useful skills are level 3 , which now most of my captains will
    need more points to have same skills they have now. really not a fan of
    this as it stands now.

  2. so it is not broken because ppl will not go for it … what a silly
    argument … that stupid skill kills all ambush type of play kills stealth
    based play kills tactical positioning and transforms the game into a stupid
    boom boom boom game … obv you are bb player.

  3. So basically, your statement that RDF is fine is based only one the fact
    that it costs 4 points? Nothing else?
    How can a skill be fine which screws up any tactical and concealed

    I remember your video regarding the detection system, where most of the
    players said it´s bugged, you made a long video and said it´s not. We know
    how this story ended.

    Tora Tora Tora and OMNI, all EU supertesters who speak about this issue and
    currently 84% of the participants of a poll are speaking clearly AGAINST
    this skill. The same goes for Reddit.

    There are several threads where players posted video, screenshots, their
    experience with this new skill. And those posts have much more information
    and analysis in them than your video.

  4. RPF is basically when WoT added the more accurate damage markers, everyone
    was like oh that’s going to kill TDs and other snipers…. Nope not at all.

  5. what skills should i pick for a british cruiser? eg Neptune, Minotaur ?

  6. RDF isn’t the main problem with this, the main problem is all current
    builds getting significantly more expensive skill points wise!

    A current full secondary Bismarck with BFT and BoS is 16 points (BFT, BoS,
    EM, SI, AFT, MS). The same build with the awesome (/s) addition of an
    obligatory meh first-tier skill is now a full 19 points! Even the basic 15
    point build without either BoS or BFT will be 16-17 points in future.

    The same goes for the optimal (currently) 15 point US DD build (BFT, LS,
    SI, SE, CE), which also goes up to 17 points.

    And I’m sure that isn’t all of it.

  7. RDF could come in really handy for gunboats and British cruisers, but if
    you pick this on any other ship type you’re putting yourself at a

    Sure, you’ll be able to hunt destroyers more effectively, but how often do
    you need to do that in a BB? If you do decide to go chasing DDs in a
    battleship, that could very turn into a bad situation for you if the
    destroyer captain ends up luring you towards capital ships and cutting you
    off without support from your team.

    As a “potato player” myself, all this does is force DDs to change tactics
    and coordinate with their team instead of solo-warrioring ahead into the
    cap and around islands.

  8. Why would planes fly slower when returning to the carrier? The base idea of
    that perk seems to be good, yet benefits and costs are overcomplicated.
    Just give planes a 10% speed boost when returning to the carrier.

  9. I completely disagree, what about false smokes, when you lay a smoke to
    deceive someone, so as to waste their time, this skill makes that
    completely irrelevant,what about those moments in a DD division when there
    are no radars on the enemy team, and you barge into the enemy cap circle
    with the BBs just 7-8km away, and obviously you pop smoke in a nice long
    line, and launch torps and shoot, BBs don’t know where you are, but now
    they do, and they can have guns pointed in your direction, and come
    charging in.
    Also most of the times DDs are the ones that are closest to their enemy,
    what about contesting caps, you now know exactly where the enemy is coming
    from and send torps.

    And what happens if you take this skill in an atago, it goes 37.3 knots,
    you can now cut of DDs without them being able to do much.

    Also, Cyclones, you can just point your guns in the direction of the enemy,
    and also ambushes, you might as well not ambush.

    And no more solo warriors in DDs.

    And also no more flanking maneuvers in DDs

    And Cruiser builds, IJN cruisers in particular, you don’t need
    survivability expert or AFT,
    So i would pick Catapult, expert marksman, demo expert, concealment expert,
    superintendent (on ibuki, zao and therefore atago), take RDF for 17 points,
    and i personally find expert loader and incoming fire alert to be quite
    useful, so i’d take those.

    Though in this case you have to give up basics of surivabilty.

  10. One thing I realized when looking at all the skills is CV players will now
    have to choose what kind of CV they are planning to play because the new
    captain skill pool is either focus on fighters or bombers. This will
    discourage CV players from switch loadout in between battles.

  11. Now it will be both the DDs and BBs camping in the back of the map

  12. I’m glad iChase is showing that most people aren’t going to bother with
    RDF. Though with the cooldown time of the catapult launched fighters I
    don’t see them as that game breaking. If I remember right that’s a 3 minute
    cool down with most matches taking about 12ish minutes, and about 3 minutes
    or more to make contact you are gonna use it maybe 2-3 times per battle.
    Sure it could be useful to spot really long range torpedo drops but like
    with smoke screens a DD wait it out. Plus what a lot of people tend to
    forget is that a 19 point captain is still going to take a while to get.

  13. So am I getting this right? They give everyone Situational Awareness, only
    to take it away? Or is that first skill in combination with?

  14. I play a T7 Hiryu CV a ton. I will absolutely be taking dogfighting expert.

  15. To be honest, I dont like the changes, now there are new and more things
    you have to learn. Things gonna be different

  16. Sorry but this argument is just unbelievable. I expected better from you.
    Anyone with half a mind can sense that this is another one of Wargaming’s
    wrecking ball attempts to fix a slightly out of place screw in the wall. It
    both doesn’t fix what it is targeted to fix, and causes massive damage in
    the process. The situational awareness thing being default I think was a
    good move, but this? Are we just gonna turn off the concealment mechanics
    next major patch? When a screw is slightly out of place, you don’t bring
    the building down to build it back up again, because that takes time that
    not a lot of people are willing to wait through to fix. You also don’t just
    try to build around it because you’re too lazy or scared to move it. You
    just take it out and place it where you want. The high cost doesn’t matter;
    if it works like it does now, people are gonna run it as much as Zao
    captains run CE. This isn’t even like a situational awareness thing where
    it should be given to everyone instead of being a skill. This shouldn’t be
    here at all

    You can make the argument that someone with it who isn’t very good will not
    be able to make a lot of use of it, but that doesn’t qualify as
    justification. The simple fact that it can, and in most situations it can,
    be a blatantly unfair advantage, means it shouldn’t be introduced, no
    exceptions. The argument that you have to be good to use it properly is
    like saying the Zao is fair because you have to competent to use it

  17. I resolved to not make any resolutions.

  18. we know you are smart iChase, this really sounds like a paycheck getting in
    the way of impartiality though – after all, you are the guy that showed a
    legitimate way to use those silly 20km Shima torps.

  19. RDF is going to be Hell for DD’s. It will stop people from playing DD’s.
    The main reason people play DD’s is stealth and to be able launch torps
    from stealth. All BB’s are going to use it and a lot of cruisers.

  20. Chase your argument for why people won’t take the ridiculously overpowered
    radio skill because there are other decent but not ridiculously overpowered
    skills they could take instead is just desperate. Is Wargaming paying you
    to sell this new skill tree or something?

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