World of Warships – 0.6.0 Preview Commander Skills

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I check out 0.6.0 on the Public Test Server, we try out some of the new commander skills. has changed a great deal of the commander skill tree, each change is discussed. The game works out alright but I’m more interested in the changes presented by the skills. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Replay


  1. there is buzzing sound in you voice audio, nothing breaking just a bit
    disturbing :3

  2. i feel like this commander skill rework spoonfeeds A LOT of information
    that you previously had to “work” for and to be honest i dont realy like
    it, also it seemed like a huge BB buff fiesta and nerf on everything else.
    Im a bit sceptical about it, but since its not final i wont start

  3. not really too satisfied with the reworked skillsystem , good video though

  4. Can u show the detection range of a ship after firing in ur videos from now
    on. I’d think it’s a very important stat.

  5. This was actually quite interesting. You sort of built something of a
    “information build”. With the incoming fire, the radar thing, and the skill
    that allows you to see how many ships are targeting you. I feel that kind
    of build is going to have a high skill cap, which is nice. Better players
    can use that to better effect.

  6. Really? This is the second time in less than a year WG has reworked the
    skill tree. Unless they’re going to do a free respec AGAIN when this goes
    live, going to be some very PO’d players – especially those with standard
    accounts that can’t afford the gold to respec every captain they have. It
    bloody near took a riot by the playerbase last time they did this, to get
    them to give everyone a free respec.

    It strikes me they’ve taken most of the useful skills and kicked them up to
    Level 3 and 4 – and taken the skills that most players have panned as
    near-useless and crammed them into Level 1 and 2. To me, that just means
    it’s going to be that much longer of a grind – and more incentive for
    players to spend money on a premium account. If you’re going to have to
    grind out a 15 point captain, to have basically the same skills as you
    would now with 10 points….

    The RDF skill, that shows direction to the nearest enemy ship, could very
    well be game -breaking. Late game, when there’s only 1 or 2 ships left per
    side – it negates a good part of the cyclone weather effects – and this
    could very well drive DD’s to the same near-extinction as CV’s, not just
    the stealth torp boats like the IJN, but those that depend on close range
    ambush from behind terrain as well. To me, it seems the main point of this
    skill is to get matches over that much sooner – the shorter the matches
    are, the more played in a given amount of time, and more potential income
    for WG – and to try and attract more of the fast paced twitch-based FPS

  7. Blatheroon Funktoply

    From the stats it looks like “Evasive Maneuver” does NOT nerf the attack
    speed, only the RETURN speed.

  8. another anti destroyer thing named radio, on the other hand adrenaline
    rush skill would be awesome for khaba lowers the rof to 3,8 sec for half
    hp like those glorious rof back in day time, so gunboats in, torpedoboats

  9. i will need a week off work to wrap my head around this and respec my
    captains….. im counting on community contributors to help out with

  10. I reckon I only learned one thing from WoWS: Never get involved in a Beta
    test and never spend money on games like WoWS because they’ll change what
    you bought all the time.

    I have wasted too much money on the game I liked and now I have an
    expensive game I don’t like anymore.

  11. Not sure about this

  12. Will you be able to redistribute your points for free because of the new
    skill tree?

  13. Well that radio thing looks pretty dumb…

  14. Mogami with 155mm & the HEAP Skill is really strong. You usually do 7-8k
    Salvos on Battleships & still do some fires since you still have at least
    6% fire chance with 15 rounds every 10s.

  15. The radio skill should not point out unspotted targets. It will make
    ambushing very difficult. Just another win for Battleships.

  16. RPF sounds like another huge nerf to DD’s to me…

  17. what was that 432K commander XP from? that gave +2 points!

  18. can u do a amagi review plz I just got the ship and there aren’t any
    reviews of it on YT

  19. I’m a cruiser main and the skills you choose is very useful in my opinion

  20. A word of advice for future videos. The commander skills affect US,
    Russian, Japanese, German, and every other nation EXCEPT British equally.
    Maybe in the future you should stick to a neutral point or from one of the
    other nations rather than reminding us that British ships are weird niche
    boats. I think a number of people started rolling their eyes each time when
    you reminded us that you were sitting in a Leander. I mean the video was
    supposed to cover the skills, not the skills from a Leander for gods sake.

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