World of Warships – 0.6.0 Preview Secondary Build Skills

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We check out a secondary build in the 0.6.0 Public Test Server, I test it on the . The build is fairly similar to current but I discuss what skills I’d take and why some are overlooked. The game itself is pretty fun, we push forward and try to overwhelm the enemy. Secondaries do a significant amount of damage against the enemy. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Bismarck Replay


  1. lel watched this within 16 seconds

  2. yes, the manual secondaries indicator has always been there, i always saw

  3. I am nervous about these new skills, I think this will increase the amount
    of BBs in a game. The sound is distorted for me notser.

  4. Two Fighters iwhich can detect you and torps, only one fire possible on the
    superstructure? Thats too much of a buff for BBs. I play all classes,
    imagine a Missouri with this. That ship is unstoppable with this. As a DDs
    life becomes harder every patch.

  5. notser can you try secondary build with demolition expert? basically give
    up superintendent for demo

  6. I pisses me off a lot of great skills sits at tier 3.

  7. I rather find the new skills quite the punishment for my German bbs. I will
    have to stack more points on top now for it to become like before again and
    I am not happy with that.

  8. Please WG and Notser please listen. Having made this beautiful game you are
    now making the same stupid mistakes as WOT. *The new Captain skill tree is
    an ANTI SKILL TREE!* Unrealistic and punishing to all of us who TRAINED to
    use our BRAINS and instincts! Also throwing away months of work building
    the perfect ships in the toilet! This is such a bad decision it ruins the
    ENTIRE game and makes me want to quit in utter disgust as I will not enjoy
    playing this game anymore! SAVE THIS GAME!

  9. There are other BBs that can work with Secondaries build. The problem is,
    like in Nagato, they fire a lot of AP instead of HE like the German BBs.

  10. That one comment at the very end about soviet destroyers, I have to admit
    I’m curious about them too. Maybe now they can take AFT, DE, and CE.

  11. What about adrenaline rush?

  12. Nice!!! This set-up is down right scary with you in it Notser. It totally
    fits your style. It’s 32kts fast, it’s a tank and does serious dpm with
    everything unleashed. Yikes!

    Happy New Year dude! :)

  13. Nuuuuu! But… but what about Kurfurst?! Notser I am disappoint! :(

  14. secondaries did 50k of damage including the 24k fire damage….

  15. Well i was wrong, with 14 points you can use a secundary built and have
    another 5 points, to my i could take the preven fire.
    If you think, some skills are useless, you know how many people are
    targering you, where is a DD or the nearest enemy… so let’s see, another
    thing, is as german DDs this could be complete diferent when comes out…

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    Akizuki is not DD

  17. I don’t know why they’ve made it 19 skill points available. It needs to be
    20, then you could get a really awesome build by getting Basics of

  18. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    the yamato and izumo have pretty capable secondaries with a max of 10.6
    certainly, the germans are better built for closer quarters combat, but
    i’ve had decent performance from my Izumo secondary build

  19. This might be weird, recently my geman BB ap became laser guided, hitting
    at least 6 citadels per battle

  20. Noster, so how does the catapult skill work, Does it plus 1 plane? That
    would seems to help for yamatos shitting AA.

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