World of Warships – 0.6.3 Housekeeping

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0.6.3 is out in NA and will be out in the other regions, I talk about what you could do to improve your experience of the patch. I hope this can be helpful and hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. fun fact: as of right now, EU doesn’t get the tier 5 mission with 30k elite commander XP, at least it’s not stated anywhere with the other missions so there is still a little hope till tomorrow ¬_¬

  2. All 6.3 is going to make me do is never fire my gun. EVER! There is no point. I’ll use torps and that’s it, also going to sell my IJN “gunboats”.

  3. The Zao will still annihilate everything. Stelth firing is rather annoying, but it was never what made the Zao so lethal.

  4. Step1. Sell all DD’s.Step2. Sell all CV’s.Step3. Sell any remaining ships that are not Russian.Step4. Enjoy playing BB’s against nothing but BB’s.

  5. BB’s got what they wanted, again.

  6. Wouldn’t it be funny if this removing of stealth firing was a huge Aprils fool joke? Lol I know it’s not, but if only it was

  7. Notser – do you think it’s worth it to keep AFT on the Atlanta?

  8. Discount only for elite commander XP = some of us dont have 19 point captains with elite commander XP.
    Missions to gain commander XP = only enough for 9 total 19 point captains
    Only 9 captains = some of us have several more captains than that that will need re-training! (43 captains for myself last time i counted)

    0.6.3 is a MASSIVE “fuck you” to the player base, in every aspect of the patch. There is not a single good point about the patch.

  9. Noster I was in my Mahan yesterday on one of the new maps and did over 65k with my guns, and sunk 4 ships, 3 of them being DDs all without stealth firing.

    You know how I did it, I stuck with my team moved in and out of islands and only popped up when the enemies where occupied by someone else.

    Removal of stealth fire only makes dd games slower if you continue to try to fight alone.
    This change will make dds say with the team and encourages faster close range gameplay.

    You are overblowing this just like you did with RPF

  10. This video in one sentence:
    Watch out for submarines.

  11. WG retards made me seel all my stock modules, now i have to buy half of my ships worth of stock gun fire systems because it’s the new “concealment” upgrade.

  12. yep I only have an 18 point captain and the only tier X ship I have is the Yamato 🙁

  13. On a serious note, I plan on taking the extra range on the Japanese destroyers and putting it to good use. My gunnery is usually good enough to reliably hit targets at range and my evasive maneuvers are top notch and I rely on them more than stealth firing anyways. As for the Akizuki, she should be used as an escort ship for battleships anyways helping with AA, discouraging enemy destroyers, smoking up allies, and putting some extra damage in to whatever you are escorting is shooting at, the extra range is welcome to my playstyle with her. Well that’s provided the team isn’t a bunch of n00blet potatoe and all the battleships decide to snipe 20km away from a cap the entire game or lemming train over to the far side of a cap behind islands with nothing to shoot at…people need to l2p. I’m not super awesome, but really coward sheep teams be cowardly sheep. Akizuki is like a cruiser, never go anywhere alone you’re too slow to disengage from anything. Same with Japanese cruisers at high tiers. I usually harass battleships at long range and only get close to destroyers because 155 Mogami noms them and Atago punishes them. And if I really want, Atago can still stealth torp with almost the same window as a Minekaze without concealment expert. As for US destroyers, I use them for ambushes and knife fighting other destroyers so concealment after my first shot is rather pointless as I’d be spotted regardless of how good my stealth is, and even a spotted US destroyer at long range is a bitch to hit if it’s taking adequate evasive maneuvers so I’ll take the range and damn the enemy fire. Finally stop perpetuating the smoke meta, it’s already cancerous enough and nothing would make me happier than WG removing smoke from the game entirely. It just turns into torp smoke from smoke and pretty much do nothing until the smoke clears. It’s just insanely boring as fuck and makes the game unplayable at times.

  14. RIP Akizuki. it’s was fun commanding you.

  15. Can they even nerf stealth fire on premiums ships? I thought they weren’t allowed to nerf any premiums. *cough* Grem *cough* Imperator Nikolai *cough*

    Yet if they don’t nerf premiums … Blyskawica, Sims, Lo Yang,.. would be insanely strong compared to the tech-tree versions.

  16. A silent minute before selling the akizuki. Rip IJN DD want to be a USSR DD. The bias is real.

  17. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Sadly, I have only one level 19 commander, and no tier 9 or 10 cruisers, highest i have is the arp Takao, hopefully that should be enough.

  18. Sir Orrin Productions

    3:50 A fully operational battle sta-Commander!

  19. Guys tell me. How does not taking range increasing mods help you with the removal of stealth fire? You shoot if there is ANYONE withing you gunrange in LINE of SIGHT you will be detected. This means that since you have someone in your range you will be detected if you shoot
    However if you have you shooting range not increased you may find yourself in 10.5km secondary ranges of big and angry battleships and that is if not secondary rapes then in the case of a Montana suicide by artillary plotting room 2.
    Really help me on this one as I just dont get the logic more range more time to do evasive manuvers = survival? Yes? No?

  20. Notsor, do you recommend replacing the firing range upgrade module on the Des Moines since it will drastically increase your detection range?

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