World of Warships – 0.6.3 Stealth Fire Adjustment

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Stealth Fire has existed since the beginning of the game, it is when a ship is able to fire at a enemy and never be seen after detectability is extended. Destroyers and some cruisers made use of this technique, but it will be removed in 0.6.3. I talk about the removal and just a little game for a example. Hope the topic is interesting and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Replay


  1. what about the blys…..stealthfire is the reason i bought this…

  2. Akizuki with no Stealth fire = Worst tier 8 DD

  3. I think dd’s should be excluded from this nerf. Cruisers and Battleships make sense but Destroyers take too much of a penalty to make using the guns outside of cover or a smoke screen worth it.

  4. So the cry baby bb players get their wish again. Retards.

  5. Dead is the DD with this. everyone will play BB now. No more sharing smoke. People may stop playing altogether? this is bad mojo.

  6. so do I get compensated for commander retraining now?  going to need to change skills—AGAIN..

  7. Look at all those DDs dead. That’s how the game will play for a while until all DDs basically refuse to be spotted when engaging. Inb4 smoke obscuring all vision and no DDs capping. Cue complaints from BBs again. We saw how ranked played, smoke smoke smoke. Radar Hydro. The end.

    My solution here is simple. Lower the spotting time after firing guns, at least lower it based on ship scale. So either a flat 10 second decrease in spotting time or maybe 5-10 seconds for DDs, 10-15 for CL/As and keep it at 20 for BBs.

  8. STEALTH FIRE NEEDS TO STAY!! The stealth is the destroyer’s specialty. Take it away from cruisers. The Zao has HP and a heal compared to a destroyer that dose not have a heal. DD’s require a good understanding of the game to be well. They are changing the game too much! WG stop it!

  9. does not make any sense… now I want to reskill my Gearing commander

  10. An entire patch dedicated to those who have absolutely no idea about positioning or spotting mechanics. Invis-fire is not an issue if BB understands to support their team in the early game, and position themselves accordingly, which means not overly aggressive nor passive. It’s not a problem if DD understands they need to spot the invis-firing target. And it’s not a problem if radar cruisers understand to use radar correctly. And I see invis-fire as an adequate punishment for teams that fails in that regard.

    Now it’s all just random hit or miss, and faceroll number crunching. This game is slowly and gradually turning into a noob festa. Again, most people who complains either have no idea about how these mechanics work as a whole, or they are just plainly bad players.


  12. Alessandro Filippi

    Can’t wait to see stealthfire gone. It is total bullshit. I understand if the ship is behind an island, but in open sea? Makes no sense. You want to fire without retaliation? Use smoke. Otherwise be ready to dodge. Earn your damage.

  13. Actually, if the mechanic now only presents the surface detection range as your max gun range when firing your main guns, many battleships will get a slight buff. For example, I believe the North Carolina gets a surface detection of 26kms after firing the main guns. If the patch changes this to max gun range with FCS installed, that will be reduced to 23kms or something like that. Don’t quote me on the numbers, I’m just using an improvised example off the top of my head.


  15. most destroyers should be able to stealth fire. the zao and akizuki are the only ships that should have stealth fire removed

  16. I can see the US DD line getting more popular if this is patch going live. The true jack of all trades. If anyone​ is grinding​ to the Shima your better off finishing​ up the grind for the current DD and shelf the the line, at least that’s what I’m thinking that might be happening in the future.

  17. As a german DD player, i find this a welcome change as this just increases the required skill and situational awareness of the DD players. Its not impossible to do well in non stealfire DD’s, they just made it harder to carry games and made it so you have to think when you shoot. In the end, not a bad change.

  18. So what is WG’s fetish with screwing any type of scout class?

  19. I think this will increase the smoke meta even more. Rather than lay smoke for their teams and cap/spot, dds will wait for others to spot, lay smoke for themselves and fire out of that. If they do lay smoke for others and head in to cap/scout then run into another DD then both dds will die regardless of who wins the gunfight because the survivor will be spotted for another 20 sec most likely and get focus fired. Thus they can’t defend themselves and will just hide and run away from the enemy, launching speculative torps backwards and further pushing a passive campy meta.

  20. This is exactly what I experienced in the T8 Akizuki yesterday in the test server.
    Not sure what they are going to do with that alternate IJN DD line since it was introduced as the “gunboat” line.
    With this patch it’s gonna be the “Dont fire your gun boat line”.

    As it is now before the patch, the Akizuki is slow, has ok maneuverability, good detection, high rate of fire on its pew pew 100 mm guns and only 4 torpedo tubes. You can use the torp module that gives you another 4 torps in 5 seconds. But that only brings you up to the levels of other t8 dds that enjoy 4×2 or 3×3 torp layout.

    Then there’s the 100 mm guns. High ROF but some salvos don’t even do damage because of the low caliber.

    The only benefit is the STEALTH FIRE capability. It allows a good dd player to move the Aki to positions for good gun broadsides and the occasional torp ambush WITHOUT being seen. Take that away and this ship is crap.

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