World of Warships – 0.7.1 Release

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0.7.1 release is out in NA and coming to other regions within a day, discuss the additions coming with the patch. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. hey eu lives in the future/6hours ahead compared to NA. we should get it first or at the same time

  2. I done the update but the only thing that happened is a new port no collection no missions or anything. in fact all my challenges have been cleared. Is the update later on in the day/week whats going on.

  3. Notser getting desperate for ads ?

    • Commander Edward You do realise that if you make a 10 minute video it just increases the money that, if you actually get ads, you make. It has nothing to do with you getting any extra ads. Please do some research

    • DingoBling, I don’t care if you’re a fanboy of his but it is quite obvious that this video was purely made for advertisements, rather than actually informing about something.

    • These guys were retards to begin with to waste hours making money for someone else.. (wargaming) Even a Jingles video is only worth $700 @ 100K views at most.

    • Commander Edward Everything is a business, no surprise there. The only things that aren’t lucrative yet are breathing and existing.

    • He is not going over things and nothing else, he is putting his 2 cents in too. He gives some points on what options. True things are somewhat quiet. As others have pointed out this is the first thing they have seen. Some do not look at WG stuff untill a youtuber puts it in their face or a friend puts it infront of them, even though they might want to know about it all, they dont want to bother with reading unless they are bored or if someone says something cool about it.

  4. marseilles is pronounced “mar-say” not “mar-sail”

  5. Midway did’t need that nerf

    • Well, at least it was fun seeing Haku players crying about an OP ship for a change.

    • what nerf

    • nvm i saw it mid really doesnt need it

    • vs a 4-2-2 doesnt. vs a 2-3-3…it does.
      they should probably change the haku other loadouts to 3-2-3 or 3-3-1 instead of the 4-2-2

    • The Vought F4U-4 (tier IX; cruise speed: 178 knots; HP: 1,910; loadout – 54; average damage per second: 70) fighters are replaced with the Vought F4U-1 (tier VIII; cruise speed: 169 knots; HP: 1,700; loadout: 61; average damage per second: 63) ones
      The Grumman F8F (tier X; cruise speed: 181 knots; HP: 2,060; loadout: 48; average damage per second: 80) fighters are replaced with the Vought F4U-4 (tier IX; cruise speed: 178 knots; HP: 1,910; loadout: 54; average damage per second: 70) ones

  6. Sensha-dō Chi-Ha Tan

    good VDO, plz do more like this for every major update…

  7. is the Missouri still in the tech tree for purchase, or did it get removed today?

  8. They’ve been doing that random mission for ship access in a loot crate thing in World of Warplanes. That sure sucks for Warships.

    • Robert Heath Wow. That URL: Early Adopter.

      The guy who name the URL should use that tag line for any upcoming DD line instead. 😉

  9. Actually Notser the US choice of bleu, blanc, et rouge came after Le France and the British Empire had been using it for years.

    • Eustace Stritchers

      The Tricolore was not the standard flag of France before 1792 at the earliest. Before then, the French nation’s flag was either blue with three fleur de lis or white with many fleur de lis. United States was sporting Red, White, and Blue from the late 1770s onward in one form or another. Trivia, I know, but fun all the same.

  10. just spam co op mission to get the camo fast its easy i got it in 20 matchs it goes by wins

  11. According to the article the French bbs missions are to have 10k base XP for T5, 12k for T, 14k for T7 and 16k for T8. The real “mission” is to have luck 🙂

    • but from what i heard, all the containers you earn and if you get like 10 more containers you should have a 90% chance of getting the new special french captain.

    • No the real mission is to make people go out and buy containers from the premium shop.

    • in that case i could make a sacrifice to the spirit of Charlemagne and/or Joan de arc for better luck, but i do not feel like bothering them.

  12. they have ALL the info on ALL the french missions INCLUDING the unlock missions…u really dont see it? at least on EU we see it

  13. I like this new twist on how to open a new ship line.  Lets see how it all works out before we start complaining.

  14. Stephen Squillacote

    GREAT video going over the patch. Thank you!

  15. I call bullshit and false advertizing, The vid talked about them coming. I actually free XPed the french to tier 3 now it’s wasted XP

    • First off, your XP was wasted regardless of the content. Grinding to tier 3 takes…. what, like 20 matches? If that?
      Second, even by your definition it wasn’t wasted because he clearly says that the tech tree buy in will start in 7.2. You’re just going to sit with a T3 French Cruiser for longer.

      Don’t blame WG for your misunderstanding.

    • and don’t waste free XP… Besides, the french CAs are a lot of fun.

  16. Richard Winstanley

    Anyone else disappointed that WG didnt use Mers-el-Kebir as the French port?…. 😛

  17. garbage patch like most of the recent patches… Not a single update that improves game balance and addresses crap game mechanics…

    • so u dont know how to use strafes effectively and blame the strafes? this is how the game works so learn to improve your play. everyone got the same tools as u. strafe RNG is low as good player will often win, which is the right thing. BBs are not a major issue and CVs can balance them by destroying lone BBs. they arent supposed to be very accurate but every hit can do major dmg.
      u dont have manual secondaries and the skill is also usually not worth it. AA rng is legit as planes dont really have HP like that and its based on change of shoot downs.

    • You misunderstood me. I mean I was the “expert” one trashing noobs with strafe… AA rng is not legit. Wtf are you talking about? It totaly breaks dogfights and its 10 times worse than normal logical HP system….

    • if u fight in good AA there is a high chance to get an advantage over time there. this is why i fight in friendly AA if i can. dogfights make u have a higher chance of winning when u got more and better planes, especially with AA support. its not an auto win but its more likely. i usually avoid direct dogfights if i can unless i got a clear advantage so RNG is helping me.
      u dominating noobs is totally normal when u play much better. this is how it should be. u win the air fight more because of skill not RNG.

    • you’re wrong, it introduced lots of new content in the form of bugs…

    • oh yes, totally forgot about that… Great new addition by WG.

  18. I went to the store and I couldn’t find the French Collection boxes, can anyone else see them in the NA shop.

  19. You forgot to mention Graf Zeppelin test ships coming out the 9th. which will be intrusting to see how they work on the french BB’s. I’m thinking this is the last test phase for GZ, so whatever one we get will most likely be the final version.

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