World of Warships – 0.7.2 Release

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is out in North America, everywhere else within a couple hours and I’m just excited to check out all the goodies with the patch. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Replay


  1. No counter to detonations? Give me a break! Run the flag and be immune to it, stop being such a whinger. What is fun, for me at least is having to make decisions.

    • +Mohenjo Daro detonations are based on RNG so there is no aiming skill. plus most of players don’t know where the shell storages are unless they go on gamemodels3D and look at the modules placement. so in that case you can talk of aiming skill

    • +twisted pivoter there is aiming skill: hitting the ship. Plenty of people lack that skill. The new mechanic means you need better aiming skills so you can hit the ship with more shells.

      Sure it has to do partly with RND for the shell dispersion, but I have plenty of games where I just sail straight and the enemy misses a lot of shots because they haven’t learned to lead. Yamatos usually give good lead, though… Lol

    • +Mohenjo Daro yeah sure but what i mean is that not à lot of players know where to shoot on the ship to get in the shell magazine

    • That is true, they are just RNG for all intensive purposes

    • I agree with the 75% rule for one reason – it helps reduce some of the utterly ludicrous examples of detonation in the game, that are so ridiculous all they do is serve to break any sense of immersion – such as a single 5 inch HE shell detonating an undamaged full health Yamato, which WG quoted in the patch notes as an example, and there is a vid floating around on youtube of said occurrence.

  2. No counterplay to detonation? There is a module you can upgrade plus a signal flag if you want to reduce the chance of detonation. I don’t understand why people always want the easy mode on.

    • detonation is actually ez mode. its purely random bs. but I don’t care if it’s there or not. I detonated once in a full health Fritz

    • Removing detonations is not easy mode. There’s nothing about having detonations in the game that makes it harder. The only thing it changes is it forces you to run a flag you wouldn’t run otherwise. If you wanna say that having 8 spots for flags instead of the current 7 because of Detonation flag taking one is easy mode, then the difference between easy and normal or hard is so small it shouldn’t exist.

    • exacly it decrease the chance of being detonated it does not remover the chance of being detonated,but just decreases it wich translates to it still being a possebility

    • isemiaousia… *face-palm*, stop mixing counterplay and counterpreparation.

      If you want to get your arse detonated 100 to 0 because RNG, good for you but speak for yourself please.

    • I really don’t see detonations occuring often enough that WG needs to remove them entirely. About the only time I fly the anti-det signal flag is when running my Konigsberg; I tend to collect Dets there because her armor is tissue and I often run in farther than is good for me. Outside of that I can recall only two Detonations, both in BBs and both due to a torpedo hitting under “B” turret and setting off the magazine. It happens.

  3. completed all of the French missions and opened all the crates. Not one ship. Thanks WG. Pointless. I’ll be taking my Kami out in Europe to farm damage for the new captains.

  4. I got lucky. I got the BRETAGNE. I keep hearin how its not good but ive enjoyed mine mostly to this point. 22 secondaries and main guns that seem to land shots mostly where i aim it is quite a convincing reason for me to not hate it lol

    • Same for me; took mine out not even half an hour ago and wrecked everything I shot at. Compared to the other two T5 BBs I still have in my port (Kónig and Cesare) it takes presedence over the Italian stone thrower 😛
      Kónig may have German dispersion, but it’s my favorite ship at the tier by a mile ^^

    • agreed. I’m really doing well with it

    • I like my Bretagne. Not quite as much fun as Cesare, but a good ship. I just don’t understand the folks who say she’s absolute garbage – are we sailing the same ship?

  5. Detonations can still happen from only one salvo considering that the detonation check happens after the damage is applied. So if the first salvo gets you under 75% then there is still a chance for detonation.

    • Especially if you consider chain firing your guns as opposed to a single volley.

    • And you can multi-citadel from 100-0 as Notser has proven many, many times.
      Detonations are not an real issue.

      You get detonated -> 10 flags.
      You do NOT get detonated in every battle.
      Some botes do not get detonated so often.
      How can you run out of detonation flags to the point it comes an issue?
      Either you a) play very, very wrong
      b) play too much (well, opinion)
      c) are too sensitive

      I blame community contributers/youtubers, who are good at the game yes, but make such an issue of an non-issue with crying like BBabbies when they get detonated and “denied of their RIGHTFUL shine-and-damagefarming”.

      (yeah, I’m a strong supporter of the detonation mechanics and the already killed off draws)


    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Multiple citadel hits (*Looks at the German and British Battleships)??? Citadels? What year and sorcery is this? Last time ships had citadels, Yamato was still afloat and the Undisputed Queen of the Seas…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer I’ve citadeled Germans plenty. It’s tricky and you have to do it with big guns at long range, but it can be done.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      ravissary79 I know… Plus you can citadel them point blank too if they take a sharp turn towards you, showing that underskirt/underwater unarmored hull, both apply also to British Battleships…

      Still – it’s stupid that German Turtlebacks are citadel proof at point blank. 46cm shells to a Kurfürst broadside at point blank… Were talking about 800+mm pen > against 700mm ish overall armour…

      Do you know why German Turtlebacks are citadel proof while IJN, USN and French Turtlebacks are not? It’s because German Turtlebacks are inclined at 68 degrees (everyone else is around 45 degrees) and our auto bounce angle is 60 degrees… German Turtlebacks just take advantage of the autobounce, which needs to stop, either by raising autobounce or increasing normalisation angles…

      The RN bbs are something else altogether, it’s historically accurate they had ultra low citadels and are truly untouchable at point blanks… Only the Japanese type 91 underwater shells (ijn’s true lolpen) would punch directly through the thin underwater citadel…

  6. I can’t quite agree with you on the events, to be honest.

    In principle, the idea is cool. In practice… eh.

    Both in Overwatch and WoWS, the events are:
    a) too grindy (Overwatch has too much bullshit mixed in with the gold to make the loot boxes feel rewarding, and WoWS has some seriously grindy tasks that you need to complete – Duke of York campaign in particular was a nightmare)
    b) too frequent

    I mean, in Overwatch you basically end up playing the arcade for three weeks for the loot boxes and then you grow tired of the game after the event and ditch it until the next event. I never really just get to sit down and enjoy regular play, because I’m either tired of the game after an event, or there’s an event going on.

    WoWS has the same problem. And in addition, the events (again, especially something like the DoY campaign) degrade the overall gameplay (since people are doing dumb things to complete the mission tasks).

    This is really a case where “less is more”. I’d find the events in both games a lot more enjoyable if there were no more than maybe three a year, which would actually make the special events _special_, rather than there pretty much always being a so-called special event going on.

    I mean, is it too much to ask to have a couple of months where there are absolutely no special tasks requiring T5+ ships to pull off? Maybe give players some time to kick back, relax with the basic game and maybe play some of those neglected lines stuck at T3-4?

    • Thomas Fuglseth I would just like enough time to actually finish some of these events. Between ship and tier restrictions and having a life outside the game I usually miss out on the free ships, camo and the like.
      I’d like to see WG put more emphasis on quality than quantity.

  7. “Maybe the tier X is a wierd freak…” Lmao!

  8. Dont forget Arizona, she got detonated too

  9. I got the tier V Bretagne and it’s a slow underpowered piece of crap

    • I use full HE on Oktoblyat. I know it might sound dumb for BB to use HE but it is absolute monster with it. The shell calibre is too small to pen a slightly angled cruiser with AP but it is terrifying if they are full broadside

    • I’m in the same boat (no pun intended) that I just got the Bretagne mission yesterday. On paper, it looks slightly worse than all the other T5 BB’s but hey, at least it’s free and only takes 10k base XP to unlock. It doesn’t expire until April so there’s plenty of time to do it.

    • well it’s russion right. from what I heard (don’t have any russions ships) russion he is deadly, so i am not suprised

    • It’s slow yes, but a very powerful ship, As a BB main I can say it’s a great ship, I put it in the same bracket as my Texas, Don’t listen to the people crying!

    • ikr the bretagne sucks im tankful that i got the normandie

  10. Can’t wait for the minotaur ifhe guide

  11. Lazy_Dog_84 マリオ

    I dont get any from the french container -.- i played the complete mission and bought 5 container and nothing. i hate this luck shit

  12. 11:08 No, we really don’t need Soviet BBs.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      hq21 Yes we do. Why wouldn’t we need them? Elaborate.

    • Because the T5 Okt Rev that we have currently is about as good as Soviet BBs ever got. There’s like one more class of incomplete BBs that could legitimately be implemented and that’s about it. Anything else would be paper fantasies. Consider the Impy Nikki pulled from sale and the two high tier Soviet “cruisers” they want to put in the game. Not at all encouraging.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      hq21 I love to see people that don’t do any kind of research and blindly believe this game is all about historical accuracy. Let me tell you something, Soviet BBs WILL be implemented sometime. There are enough projects to make a feasible line. And the Kronstadt and Stalingrad classes are cruisers, in case you think otherwise. I and most of the community don’t give a damn with a ship was built in real life or not, since it brings diversity and fun. The game is called World of Warships for a very good reason, should I say.

  13. WoT premium shells are cancers and that’s the reason i stopped playing it.

  14. Bretange= mediocre as every other T5 minus Cesare
    Normandie= Fun and effective, but HORRIBLE aa
    Richelieu= Dunkerque on steroids…..Exept now it is capable of brawling.

  15. Not a fan of the splash changes. Always struck me as a positive feature that ships would be obscured for a couple seconds.

  16. Never spent any money just opened the chests from the missions. Got the Bretagne, Normandie and Richeliu

  17. Last super container I received was in February of 2017…
    I really think that they should do something regarding the super container RNG system. 
    Great Video as always 🙂

  18. Bismarck = Death Star
    Swordfish Torpedo bombers = X wings
    Hood = Alderaan 🙁

    Tirpitz=Death Star 2
    RAF Lancasters=Admiral Ackbars Rebel cruiser Fleet

  19. If they get rid of premium ammo I might start playing WOT

  20. BBs cry for been cit WG remove almost all BB cit, BB cry from CVs almost no more CVs in the game, BBs cry from HE spam WG give them an HE line BBs, and now they cry about water splash cos they can’t see right ?!!!!! WTF what about the BBs AP on DDs & the cruisers losing there Hydro and def AA to the other class. what happend to this game !!!

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