World of Warships: Hotfix! All details and explanation!

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World of Warships released all the information on the hot-fix that’s coming a lot faster than expected! Here’s a quick overview of everything coming in the hot-fix.

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  1. First to say THANK YOU and screw those people stat padding off this exploit you jerks need to think long term!

  2. That looks like a good start, now maybe folks will tone down the rhetoric a bit.

  3. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    Well cvs was fun while it lasted.

    • @Rick Morris I find the rework to be absolute dog shit ohhh and thats what was intended people whined and cried and this is what WG fucking gave you instead of people either admitting THEY FUCKING SUCK ASS AT CVS and or learning how to play them. This was going to be the end result AND now that same whiney old coldger community is going to turn CVs back into never being seen and then WG will rework or put the game on life support like they did with WOWP

    • @nimay13 and not doing any damage at all is? I think youre biased and dont want to admit it so lets just do away with alpha all together which means all dds which is what I love playing get nerfed and bbs no longer get those dick hardening blaps for the old fuckers.

    • +CynicallyObnoxious you not doing damage is your own fault. They do tons of damage.

    • @nimay13 not really no they dont I can kill you quicker in any other ship time in the game

    • +CynicallyObnoxious CVs are toxic to the game in general… it was that way before the rework and after the rework. This game engine does not lend itself to CV gameplay. Wargaming would have been better off focusing this game around WWI rather than WWII… More Dreadnoughtpredreadnoughts and armouredprotected cruisers would have been a better option for this game engine. CVs, STILL, are not playing the same game as ALL of the other classes. CVs. Anything that nerfs CVs into oblivion only helps ALL other classes to have a good match. CVs ruin a match for all other players through spotting, kill stealing, and hitting ships that don’t have a chance to hit back.

  4. War Thunder is looking for new players

  5. So lets see planes have 2 min reload per plane. So you effectivly have 2 and half as per plane per game.
    So they are going to make it so planes get shoot down without haveing any replenishment.
    They will need to increase reload time for the planes.
    Try playking the cv and Gerri g into a mino aa before screami g that it is easy.

    • Old arthritic fuck heads cry WG listenings I hope those shits who get nostalgia points from their grandpa or dad who was on one of those ships has to triple on what they spent on the game I think cat food and crackers on some of these pensioners would fix a lot of issues.

  6. I wish they would bring back the AFT AA range, so cruisers would be able to push up and create AA bubbles over caps.
    Unless they reduce the airdetecability of dd’s drastically, i dont see how it would be any fun playing them again

  7. I am over WOWs I am not spending any more money on this game as they change the ships specs and mechanics that much, how about a refund on my purchases!!

  8. Like iChase said, A.A. should be player controlled or there will always be balancing issues. I want my skill to determine my fate.

  9. I’m currently taking some time away from the game because of the CV bs going on now. It went from fun to extremely frustrating overnight and I’m sick of it. I hope they can fix it but I doubt it. In one game my Atlanta was constantly being attacked by CV’s and despite using the aa tools properly was only able to down 1 aircraft. I was able to routinely down 20, 30 or more aircraft before this so called CV update. It’s taken the fun out of the game for me. I will check back in a couple of days and see how everything works otherwise…

    • i agree this cv bull sh… fuck up game ok ! But dude Atalanta,Belfast,Giulio Cesare,Kutuzov Etc all premium cvs before patch and in this patch are OP and nobody care about that they are in game for 2 or 3 year ppl playing against them and it’s totally unfair, and now just because the Hakuryu is open to a large masses hot fix instantly … and no hotfix for British cvs all know they are broken but no hot fix for them …. No balance for all this OP premium ships bull sh… policies of wg need balance as well.. just because you pay money for some ship you shouldn’t have such big advantage if anyone ask me remove cvs out of game ( end of story ) this is ship game not aircraft game, it is so stupid what they did that i have no words for it, and balance all this broken premium op ships i would do it if i could.

    • ​+MrShomy80 WG has stated that no nerfs will be made to premium ships. Whatever stats that are changed on premium ships are only allowed if they come with a global mechanic change, such as the ‘nerfing’ of Kutuzov by making its’ smoke firing penalty massive. Haku is being changed RIGHT NOW due to the new release of NEW CVs. Almost all the WoWs design team is likely working on the new CVs, as they have stated that this is their highest priority as of now.

    • +noobtotale they tested new cvs for how many months ? and now without a testing they are balancing (nerf) cvs ? after 6 days ? what a hell is going on ! why did they release 8.0 in the first place ? they made total mess… and now this new cvs old couple of days will be unplayable of course because they are not tested ….from bad to worse. i wish that 8.0 never happened…

  10. Old game was better until the cvs gained nukes. My warspite never got out of spawn before some ap bombs took 3/4 of my health every battle. Messing with premium content bought with cash is a game ender.

  11. I play the game 1-2 days per week (far less than I used to.) I have loads of captains. I’m looking at spending a good portion of the time I’ve set aside for playing on Friday just to respec captains. Going through menu screens, reading about specs and making decisions about it is not my idea of fun. I’m debating whether I even want to be bothered doing it.

    • Just reset captain’s skills without choosing new skills… wait until WG has finished adjusting the mechanics before you administer their skill points.

  12. Still didn’t fix my wallet I just can’t get it to open when Warships comes up as a subject I dont know what it is! The silly thing works everywhere else.

  13. my gearing got screwed by saipan rockets. i was killed without doing damage. it so frustrating.

    btw its AA spec too with DFAA. saipan rockets send me to bottom with 3 waves of rocket planes.

    • Well that Saipan got either really lucky, or you were standing still/sailing in a straight line, because Saipan comes with Tiny Tims and these bad boys are HARD to use on DDs.

    • +Splashy Thing nope, i was evading with DFAA on. he’s dealing 4-5k per attack run.

    • +Yansuki Odd, because out of 20 games I played in Saipan, I did anywhere between 0 to 2k damage. I guess the Saipan player really knew how to use these.

  14. “Fantastic”. How can you make that judgement when you haven’t experienced the fix yet. I could accept promising, but not “fantastic”. I strongly suspect that there’s a much longer road to travel before the system settles into something the player base can live with. Having said that…I’d be happy to be made to eat my words if experience shows the hot fix is effective and makes an immediate difference that doesn’t open up new exploits and any additional fixes needed are indeed rolled out weekly.

  15. Personally they lost me. No hotfixes will change the fact that they are using the player base that has been around for years as a free source of beta testers for consoles. The rework had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with cv’s being to strong or having to much map presence/spotting. It was impossible to play with a controller. That’s the only reason it was pulled from the game versus just changing some mechanics with the old system. .8 just brought the game back to the early/mid 2015 and WoWS beta status. Don’t appreciate that from WG. So good luck going forward with this WG, but they lost me and my business going forward. They had better give Arksasas Beta’s to every who is sticking around though at least. They pretty much reverted back to that status as is lol.

  16. So another change where skill matters less ( avoiding flak )

  17. James Bigglesworth

    So this is the “We stuffed up, we better patch” patch?

  18. Another thing that they might want to take a look at is that different attack plane has a different style. E.g. Dive bomber requires altitude while a torpedo or rocket attack plane don’t…..just my 2 cents worth.

  19. Reduced flooding on torps? I already have few floods using CVs….. am I just playing them wrong? I mean seriously, even under the old system, I was getting flooded by CVs tons more than I was getting floods while playing a CV. Even WITH the flags.

  20. Hot fix for a hot mess..WoWS it’s been fun. WG you screwed up 2 really fun games. Peace

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