World of Warships – 0.8.0 CV – Spewing Planes

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Infinite planes you say…okay


  1. Make that 2 views. Tbh as A DD player. Going solo now is sucicide without good AA coverage

  2. I actually like playing against CVs more than I did before. It feels like I have a chance against the planes in a low AA ship too. However, playing as the CV is a little boring I thought. Its not bad, but it could be better.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      I feel the same way. I also like the more intense AA fire visuals. It gets really intense on higher tiers!

    • +Shitty Pony OC Recolor yup, I enjoyed it. Now if WG could please fix matchmaking so I’m not always uptiered, it’d be a real blessing.

  3. This “rework” is just bull cr@p… And the stats make no sense now and they also nerfed the concealment of those cruisers which depended on it. Just WTF WG?!

  4. Stephan van den Adel

    As a DD main since closed beta; I can can tell you,
    after playing a couple of hours together with VERY good players; the following:
    DD RIP… The game has become completely static…
    All ships bundle up near an island for AA and it’s just a long range slugfest…
    Don’t dare to flank, you get permaspotted and attacked by planes till you’re dead…
    Extra fast when both enemy CVs are coming for you…
    Long range torp hits are a thing of the past…
    For the very first time, I can say, I did not enjoy playing…
    And it will stay for months like this, perhaps even forever…

    • Why long range Cv can’t spot torps anymore

    • You can’t get in a position to drop torpedoes now due to always being spotted my hope is when the amount of cvs in a match calms down and it only one per side most games things get better but will have to wait and see

    • Stephan van den Adel Had three games where us cv players were left to die at the hands of dd that were allowed through to kill us. Heck, a dd allowed a Mass through once when he could have killed it and we ended up having to run from the BB, only to get flanked by a shima that had worked his way down and around while we were busy supporting our team in taking down the enemies that had bundled up.

    • +deathlegionair sounds like Revenge from the DD lol

  5. I’ve had several 200k+ damage games in the Haku, and average about 140k per game. What I do is line up several strikes on ships in a line, so I can do them in rapid succession without losing many planes. Then take another squad and hit the ships that used their damage control again (I usually use torp planes then rockets, and almost never touch the AP bombers).
    I have noticed the AA is really funky. Some times I can strike a wooster and mino next to each other without losing any planes, and other times I fly over a lone shima and just lose my entire squad in less than a second when his entire flak barage appears right on top of my planes. I’ve also found that the Midway seems a lot weaker than the Hak.
    P.S. NEVER try to turn around while in the AA range of an enemy ship, this nearly always results in taking heavy damage. If you want to strike one ship multiple times (like he’s coming towards your cv and you need to kill him asap) do your strike, fly past out of his AA range, then turn around and go back in for another strike. You can also use the map border to pretty much instantly turn your squad around.

    • elmateo77 lol i hit a lot of ships in succession too

    • Yeah but the U.S CV’s feel underwhelming in other hand, especially the tier 4-8…

    • DD’s have a higher hit rate chance with their AA, it all depends on the luck of their rolls with it based on their hit chance, some have way better some have worse, a Rich is almost never gonna get rid of your planes cause it has crap AA that barely beats out a tier 4. Most DD’s have a 95% hit chance, making them tougher to deal with if they wolfpack. I have had games where I had to wait for planes to reload to get a full squad back up.

    • CloneD Anon The American ships rely on the rockets and bombs rather than the torps. You can kill dd’s with the HE bombs in one run if your lucky, and the rockets are your highest consistent damage if your using tiny tim on the Tier 8. Their torps are just too slow, i buffed the torp speed for my planes, and they now go 44 knots. Even after using a skill to buff the speed the torps cannot outrun a dd of tier 8 or higher.

    • I agree with you on teh Miday and Hakurau

  6. I hate this patch…it’s like playing ‘space invaders’ from back in the ’70s and ’80s. I thought at first it was a joke by the devs, but I guess it’s not. Ruined a perfectly good game.

  7. The AA system is really shit. The ship can’t do anything but the CV player can speed up and slow down to dodge.

  8. Well seeing this just reinforces my belief, not going to play for some time to come and first tiime attacked by a carrier stop die and get out of game quickly. Not interested in playing with a CV in game. Can see this happening a lot, hate this update and thankfully didn’t waste any more money purchasing stuff at christmas as it is looking like game play will suck really big time now.

  9. Worst patch in the history of WG
    Random is a complete JOKE with all the CVs
    Ranked is a random fest where the team with the fewer YOLO/AFK players wins
    About the balancing i’m not goign to say anything because i’m going to swear a lot

  10. It’s Shrodingers AA. Sometimes it’s alive, sometimes it’s dead. You know when you open the box.

  11. CV change will stop me playing the whole game. it was a very bad idea.

  12. i hate 8.0 and i don’t play something i don’t enjoy, so i’m done with wows.

    • I am with you. Spent years grinding my DDs up to Khaba and Groz, now no fun to play.Its like putting money in 401k and have the market crash.

    • You guys say that about literally every update

    • I just shot down 35 planes with my dd………hard work mind.

    • lol yah I’m sitting this one out (well the last 2 patches too.) I think it is mostly to do with my thoughts that the damage con system was based on an older more sedate rate at which fire and flooding hit. Now these can happen very rapidly, and the slightest mistake gets you killed or severely hurt.

  13. it was clear, that the noob protection mechanic of untouchable planes on return way will get exploited. well done WG, as always……..

  14. This update has messed up DDs. Now a CV can spot you from miles away not be afraid to loose planes as they vomit infinite amounts so now a DD is forced to smoke up on cool down thus cannot spot for the team. Once the DD smokes up it gets radared. Its made the play of DDs tedious and just drained the fun out of them as they are now forced to stay with the fleet not letting them spot ships and torpedoes from kilometres ahead. Its ridiculous how quickly they can bring planes up so a CV player can just constantly be a pain to a single ship over and over and the AA just feel so lack luster. There is no penalty for loosing planes now I much much prefer the old rework even playing the old CVs as you knew certain ships were AA spec and you were able to counter the enemy CV and play it more like a team game. I don’t see how a CV is a team player apart from the fact it can spot everything so concealment just feels pointless.

    • Dd can vomet infinate torps let’s remove Cv and infinate torps and see impotent a dd really is

    • +SCI are we even playing the same game. Try play with a DD against cvs now I challenge you to try do well in a DD now. Or even better than last patch I know you won’t. Also a DD has a reload wouldnt say a CV suffers the same fate.

    • Richard Pesek Have had numerous of my cv games ended by DD’s cause our team mates left a section undefended allowing ships through. While a CV can focus on a DD, it isn’t that productive unless the DD is an actual threat to team. I usually try to bombard BB’s with my rockets and bombs rather than DD’s, though if I go for a DD and get lucky, I can kill one in a single salvo of bombs. Indies HE bombs are dumb. I only use torps on slow ships and ships that are clustered into channels together.

  15. I was in a full AA spec iowa sailing alongside a monty and our combine fire could not bring down tier x planes. If you find yourself getting focused by a carrier might as well lay your head on your desk and wait for the game to be over.

    • +Σπύρος Μαζαράκης Anyone with at least one lump of dirt for a brain could forsee this type of reaction and play styles. Could be they just put the first nail into the coffin of WoWS.

    • It’s a matter of the cvs tier, a tier 8 cv would have lost all their planes to ya and maybe get only one shot off before that at best, as for a tier 10, they would have a much better time with it as each CV’s planes are designed to handle the aa at their tier just fine by comparison to those of lower tiers that are still in their match range. Though I think I won’t be using chases strategy here, cause it sounds like a style that will just aggravate players more, and I actually like seeing other players having fun, though pissing off enemy dd’s that think hiding without their aa on is always fun, shows them that having AA off is highly unrecommended in this new patch.

    • Σπύρος Μαζαράκης

      +QuestionMan That you are talking about was before the update. Now, with the update the aircrafts move extremenly fast and you cannot predict anything.

    • I always take down 40+ planes in my Iowa AA spec sector reinforce love this update because my AA ships aren’t getting delleted by cv’s

    • know how you feel but still i would rather roll my face over the complete keyboard then you have a bigger chance to do something then just surrender. you may only do that if youre french or sail french ships!

  16. A full AA spec DesMoines w/ bft, aft, man AA & AA mod 1&2, aux arm 1, included prem def AA with 2 Hakuryus & all I shot down was 18 planes. And the CV attacks kept coming one after another and not a damm thing I can do about it even with reinforcing sectors + other ships around me. horse shit

    • Rng said no to you, i did 30 planes with “stok” aa the first match with dm

    • I had a similar experience. The DM is not the aa-big kid anymore. The natural AA rating is not very high and the aura is not very big. Wooster, Mino, Groz, Kidd, Akiz line and the USN top DD’s just own the skies.

    • It really depends on the skill of the enemy CV. If they know what they are doing your not shooting down any planes. even with full AA spec. If they are patato, yes, then you get easy plane kills even with stock ship.

    • They basically made AA even more RNG… because that’s how you rig games. FK WG. Even less skill involved in winning

  17. The problem I have with getting rid of the bot AA system and adding some sort of manual system, is surface ships would have to literally concentrate on fighting in the air and fighting on sea. While CVs largely just have to worry about the AA (until later in the game). Here’s what I would do:

    1. make the AA more consistent (in behavior, aligning with your AA rating less RNG).
    2. Put a cool down on launching the next squadron after the current one is recalled. This should alleviate the spotting issues DD’s are dealing with.
    3. Buff CV damage. Many CV players definitely appear to be struggling to do damage. I think if you throw a cool down on their planes, damage would need to be buffed.

    • Tim Their is a plane reload time, the gameplay style chase was using is a style that exploits the mechanics of the game so he almost never has to deal with the very slow, one at a time reload of new planes. If he were to have played a normal cv playstyle, he would have had to deal with it a bit more often. But cause he spams and calls back frequently, he runs out of very few planes by comparison.

    • agreed the cv damage needs to be buffed and as for DD’s they need to stop sailing staight at the planes and then complaining about being spotted I keep seeing that happen alot and people need to learn to use the sectors instead of saying dont bother using it because using it you can be the AA ship that keeps your team safe

    • Goatranch Gaming yep. The sectors are important, when this update came put, I checked the full AA specs of all my ships to see which ones to spec up as Anti-AA and which ones are best made to do other tasks. Rich is by far the worst at tier 8 for AA with tier 8 dds with no AA building having double the AA firepower in comparison. Rich just has longer range with it’s AA, but does half the damage of the AA of DD’s. If a DD player plays smart, they can out play the planes and even rack up large amounts of destroyed planes.

  18. The MM now looks like: CV-70-90, DD~4, BB~7, Cruisers~5 since yesterday it takes me around 3-4 minutes to get any game… nice meme.

  19. DD gameplay is dead , perma spotted after 20 seconds whats the point of even trying

  20. RIP old CV system.

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