World of Warships – 0.8.0 – Why Your AA Sucks

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Once CVs can dodge your flak AA, you better start praying your continuous DPS is good…well even that won’t save you.


  1. This rework is pretty questionable if you ask me. Ships like Wooster can just be dodgetanked but Hatsuharu turned into an AA monster.

    • japanese 100mm and 127mm dual purpose have all around 97% chance of hitting and they are pretty terriffying damage wise (basically on flak burst from kitakaze wipe your squadron)

    • +Ayanami AA monster as a DD… can’t be compared to an AA cruiser

    • Zao is an AA dreadnought now too

    • +RZU 147lol well t4 cvs had their day when they could manual drop even then their planes at times got killed and u only had 20 so mid game ur unlikely to have many left if any if u weren’t careful .

    • +pr0skis I had the lovely opportunity to play against the Audacious, a test plane they of course deem appropriate to test on the live server to throw gasoline on the fire. My AA Mino and an AA Worc on my team were perma camped by planes without him even having to withdraw them after initial strike. I killed 4 planes, Worc killed 3, the Audacious likely broke 200k damage to our team.

  2. because WG is incapable of balancing anything?

    • Actually they can do a decent job of balancing things that share similiar elements. You know, things that float on the surface, can move on 2 axis at like speeds, have guns and armor, and all that other stuff. You can tweek “like things” to get different types of “like things”. What they have never done is balance naval aviation warfare with surface ship warfare.Totally different “things” that do not even share the medium they move through, let alone anything else. I suppose you could put a square peg through a round hole with enough force, but you will not have a square peg or a round hole once you do. They’ll both be something else, or even more likely, wrecked.
      WG’s best choice was to remove the CV’s and build a stand alone game for naval aviation. Barring that, they could have displayed some intellectual humilty and recognized CV’s in WOWS will never be balanced and left us with what we were already used to. What is going on right now is pointless. They could have learned this from Coca Cola. The “New WOWS” tastes bad and nobody was asking for that anyway. Gives us back our “Classic WOWS” before everyone gets a taste for “PepsiThunder”.

    • They don’t WANT to BALANCE the game… WHY??


      Why Conqueror and Worcester was broken OP for ages before nerfs?? BECAUSE EVERYONE BLEW FXP TO THOSE SHIPS = MONEY!

      quod erat demonstradum

    • they are being balanced that’s the point ..but it takes time the reason they are now live is so they can be full tested against players ,so they can find how and what needs changing .

    • I agree, Bat.

      Ideally, CV’s would not have been playable and air-strikes would have been handled in a WT-esque manner with players calling in NPC airstrikes.

  3. What is this? 3 videos in a week? WHO are you and WHERE is the REAL iChase!?!?! =P

  4. random scientist: so let me tell you about the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment.
    AA crews: you know im somewhat of a scientist myself

    btw i saw a guy with 52 plane kills using Hatsuharu
    and the catapult fighter is absolutely useless because the fighters just chill around the ship doing nothing until the CV dropping you has like 3 or 4 planes left

    • +Akshay Anand I actually made a comment about that on one of jingles videos and he never replied to me, which I wasn’t surprised by…

    • +MadCourier 6 haha. Typical innit.

    • How??? Hatsuharu aa is not that good

    • +Sundy Lau now it is

    • +Sundy Lau Plane squads tend to expose themselves more in mid ranged AA…Hatsu has this advantage and adding that Japanese flak crit, it really hurts. Mutsuki’s the same…it has that mid range aa that also hurts..though this seems a good advantage, using DD in a match with 2 carriers is a guarantee you’re pretty much either gonna die or not do anything and hug your fellow bb’s or Ca’s…

  5. Can we just delete 0.8.0 please?

  6. Atlanta’s AA is a joke now….

    • +iChaseGaming I dunno why no one noticed out of all ccs…anyway. AA is not scaled, dmg wise, about flaks. You took MANY flaks in this video (cause it needs just ANY plane to get hit to explode onto other planes), and your squad survived because of HP POOL. Take 2 flaks in a tier VI Squad and you’re pretty much done.
      Flaks is the “minigame” that’s obstructinga correct AA function and scaling.

    • +oseansoldier Z-52 also spits out interesting amount of flak from her mid range aura, not hampered by presence of short range PewPewKanones

    • +iChaseGaming probably only on tier X, tier 4 and 6 are paper planes!!!!!

    • so is the Grozovoi before 0.8.0 it was a full aa spec with a rating of 97 now its ar a whopping 47 while the Harugumo has a better aa rating of 54

    • Karma is back for atlanta..!!!..//cv//

  7. There’s nothing more infuriating to me than RNG defense mechanics. I want to manually shoot down planes.

    • If you want to manually shoot down planes I’m afraid right now your only good option is War Thunder

    • I think manual control of high caliber AA Would be great! Small caliber could still do continuous auto damage but instead of predictable flak bursts making air attacks impossible for newbies but a complete non-issue for great players manual AA would let players feel like they’re actively fighting the CV while pitting skill against skill instead of one relying on the computer.

    • +MrEpic01 I proposed it on the forums as a rework on attack planes. 0 replies.

    • manual AA would require skill, something WG continues to remove from the game patch to patch

    • Yeah, at leat to control the flak would be a great idea.
      By the same way that you can swap from guns to torpedoes, to add an third waepon (AA) would be great imo

  8. I’m convinced now. WG has been taken over by meth-addicts or by people that are completely consumed by greed. WG needs to do something quick to fix this debacle or they will lose customers.

    • Just a random Horse.

      People keep saying they’ll lose customers, just like on wot. Guess what, people are still paying WG and don’t give a fuck, which is why WG will never ever care about their own players as long as they cash out every day.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      U mean vodka addicts :p

    • +Just a random Horse. The only reason the player population has not gone down much is Ranked doesn’t allow CVs.

  9. Killing this game, one update at the time… Well done WG!!!

  10. 0.8 is the worst build to ever hit WOWS. After playing since beta, I am very seriously considering leaving the game all together. It is unplayable.

  11. I played my Domski and towards the end of the game that the team was winning I was focused on by the CVs to stop me and no matter how I ducked and weaved, used my defensive fire and ran out of charges they torped and fired rockets until I sank and killed very few planes, this was a good AA ship once this update is broken!!!

    • Same happened to me in a KII (which has pretty good AA for a tier 8 bb) and to my Prinz Eugen (which also has a pretty good aa rating). I was focussed the whole time by an enemy cv in the KII game and shot down 1 (!) plane…

    • Yeah my AA spec DD’s used to be able to shoot down up to 10-15 planes a match no problem, now not even 1.

    • +armymatt83 japanese DD’s are now op with their Mid range flaks…focus on upgrading your mid and short range aa when you’re a DD. But still being a DD in random battles is a goner. You’re pretty much trying to avoid enemy CV planes and not get your real objective: cap, spot, stealth torp, etc.

    • I had the same problem in my donskoi aswell. clutch game I was playing ment I had to run away for our team to win on points but there was just no where to hide. wave after wave and I surely died. like many games now. it came down to 2 CVS fighting it out in the end.

  12. One of the main reasons why aa sucks for many ships is because aa auras don’t overlap anymore, so a ship like the Atlanta, which has massive long-range aa, is now worthless because that long-range aa is disabled the moment the planes enter your mid-range aa. I hope ichase or someone else makes a video on this to let people know, because it’s really dumb and should be changed. It also leads to other weird situations, like how Salem has stronger aa than Des Moines now: because it LACKS the short range 20mm mounts that DM has, the much stronger midrange aa is not deactivated at close range. Adding more aa mounts to a ship should not cripple its aa defense, that’s just stupid.

    • Wtf, I was about to play the game again. Wtf is happening to this game???

    • +ZARDOZ_II The Kii as well… used to have a mathematical AA of 106, ( only 100 shows on the tooltip), but now, fully specced, with a 19 pt Cmdr, I’m at 74, and my AA is ANEMIC to say the least…Best score of planes shot down in a single game with 2 carriers after the patch is 16…. used to easily get double that.

    • +CloneD Anon I’m fine if they don’t want long range aa to work at 0km. But what is not fine: let’s say you have a hypothetical ship with two aa auras: one aura is 5km and does 10,000 dps, the other is 4.9km and does 10 dps. This ship should be the best aa ship in the game, but based on the current mechanic it will be one of the absolute worst: all 10,000 dps on the long range guns only has an active window of 0.1km, and is switched completely off in favor of that little 10 dps gun most of the time. While this is a ridiculous, hypothetical oversimplification, this is exactly the kind of situation that former aa ships like Atlanta are in right now: massive long range aa power that is, in practice, never actually enabled.

    • same at my DEMON…3plane kills CV focused me all game…

  13. I have been attack after attack on tier 10 German BB and not one single plane shot down. I am scoring less than ever because I am so focused on fighting back planes instead of targeting other ships.. I used to do at least over 100K damage now barely 50K.. I hate this rework because it destroyed ship AA its not worthless

    • Same here…. As a CA main I am finding it very difficult to attain good damage numbers because enemy ships position themselves so far back that my shells can’t reach them…if you try to push CVs will focus you and you will be dead….This game is becoming very passive day by day ?

    • +Shadowat00 I have noticed that too.. People will not push when there are 2 CV’s with their unlimited planes.. The game play is just terrible now.. I am still trying to figure out how to play even after 700 plus games

    • Totally agree, same thing with my montana

    • +Robert Mememe
      I agree Before the update i could do About 140k dmg each match with my CV now the game puts my Tier 8 CV in Tier 10 Matches and i can barely get 1 Attackrun, even when i am dodging the flack. now i only do About 50k dmg at Tier 10 they Need to fix that

  14. The fact that you can just drop full AA ships then hit some magical F key and all your planes are safe is the dumbest shit ever thought up. There should be some kind of repercussion to the recall of planes.

    • +Crazylegs118 So you want them to delete the ability to have planes return to your ship? Sounds reasonable /s And don’t say you mean CVs, that doesn’t make sense in context.

    • +Ralathar Renares You don`t make any sense . Delete maybe a bit strong but allowing unlimited waves of planes is way op.
      It needs a cool down for the F key. Or a limited amount times it can be pressed.

    • AA is to strong you Need to return to the ship after 1 Attack or you will lose all your planes, and they reload very slowly

    • But if you can’t drop full AA ships at all, there is nothing you can do to them. That’s not healthy either. It’s hard to find the midddle ground.

    • +Ralathar Renares Planes don’t vanish from existence when you tell them to go home. I think they should still be able to spot (with a reduced spotting range or something) but also still be able to be shot on the return trip. Because it is fucking stupid to burn a limited DAA consumable only to have the CV push a button and have their planes magic out of the sky, take zero damage, and have a replacement squad back to you with minutes remaining on your DAA cooldown. The game is arcadey yea, but vanishing magic should not be part of the game.

  15. I think this is the biggest problem with the new rework. Being able to dodge the flak makes the AA mods and skills which increase the flak totally pointless.

    • ​+Silberkralle Dude! Just play the flying shima game and u will not have to care about flak bubbles because u dont spend much time under aa anyway

      Well if u r not doing that dirty trick, having a huge squad of planes in air and trying to drop in enemies’ face will force u to eat some flak at some point, but if u dont turn around and go for the same ship again u really wont lose planes (or maybe just 1)
      So i think its not enough, or it is probably enough if the damaged planes require time to be ready again instead of instantly be ready to take off

      I played a lot of shokaku, t8 premiums and hakuryus the past few days

    • Being able to dodge BB shells makes BB guns useless then?

    • +Knox Lam Flying shima is OP, not the entire CV class.

    • +Kai-Xuan Yao No, because you don’t get a big black indicator on the ocean that tells you where the shells are landing.

    • +Silberkralle Being forced to use a T10 ship with full AA spec and captain skills to have even a chance of shooting down planes is not what I consider a good balancing.

  16. Thanks …. I think. I mean, wtf, how much more info is going to surface that highlights just how bad this CV Rework is. I was under the impression that 8.0 was pretty much a finished product but WG was aware there might be some balancing issues they could not possibly spot in PTS and that 8.1 and 8.2 would quickly follow to do the needed balancing. Umm, this seems like a lot more than some minor balance issue. This seems A LOT like design elements that were obviously flawed. A magic “F” key to teleport planes out of danger? Instant plane launches that used with the F key provides for fully mastestisized sky cancer mode? Now we find out those impressive flak bursts do little more than make you think you’re defending yourself. Our vaunted US CL AA is roughly on par with the 6 drunken Bosuns’ Mates on the St. Louis blasting away with 7.62mm cap guns? This is why I go out in a BB with weak AA and nail more planes than any full AA build CL I have?
    Seriously, WTF? What’s next? Are going to tell me there’s an audio bug that sounds like a Montana just fired a full broadside 10 feet off my port side? Or that there is a bug that causes your aiming reticle to freeze or lag sometimes, but ONLY after selecting an AA sector to beef-up uselessly? Are you going to tell me that after I get so disgusted and I can’t play a single minute more, there’s a bug that prevents me from exiting the game in one try?
    Seriously, WHAT … THE …. FORNICATION … IS …. THIS ???
    Makes me want to hang from the ceiling of my cave and spew guano. WG can stop by and scoop up what they need for their next “patch”. (more like a feces stain, imho)

    • It makes me think that the testing on the test server just isn’t good enough (or WG ignore the feedback and push on). Maybe, what should happen is a two week period on the live server where everyone has free premium (if you have premium it would be extended by the test period). You don’t get anymore credits or dubloons than you already have but whatever progress you make you keep. Maybe, extend the free captain retraining and demounting of modules for the test period.

  17. Wargaming: Lets do something to make CV’s easier for everyone to use… so that the skill level isn’t so high that only a select few people can play them.
    Minions: Yes… great idea wargaming, lets make the overall game experience available to overyone….. kinda like how any idiot can play Arty in WOT’s.
    Wargaming: Okay, lets compltely change the way that peoples AA works, add different controls, sectors, and ways of playing the game in response to airplanes. Lets not tell anyone about these changes, and lets make it so that regardless of AA rating, weather or not you kill any birds is 100% RNG based. Then lets nerf premium AA monsters like Alabama who used to have an AA rating of 100, and move it down to 75. Then not off discounts, basically porking over everyone who plays surfaces ships…
    Minions: Okay, we’ve done all that… testing done, this shit is a mess, shall we release?
    Wargaming: is the surface ship community thourougly confused? Unaware and or a confused mess about how things work now?
    Minions: Yes! !! But CV’s seem to be easier to play… no one actually says so.. but we’ll go with it…..
    Wargaming : Thanks for everyones hard work and time… lets release and stop taking in information for a few weeks until the deth threats subside Then threaten to pull accounts and ban peple who don’t kiss our asses.

  18. This patch is obviously broken way in favor of CVs. WG isn´t going to do a thing abnout it until they see their revenue drop. They are ususlly tone deaf to our complaints (i.e. tier VIII matchmaking) and will continue to be untill we stop logging in to play, stop buying flags, containers, premium time ect. So if we want to be heard, lets hit them where it hurts…their bank account. Pass this along if you agree.

    • False, just go to wows-numbers and check the average damage. Yes, the Haku is better (+10k damage, and the WR is positive too), but the Midway is -20k avg damage. Lexintong is down 9k, shokaku is down 4k, Enterprise is down 13k. GZ stays the same.
      Now tell me it favours CVs. It favours ONE, the rest are worst than ever.

    • by the way, people just restart to play with the new gameplay, when the old one was played by experienced people … Everyone need to train and understand the way it works. so obviously the damages will drop first, than get back later on.
      I did not do much more than 30-50k the first 10 games, and i reach quite often 200k now …

    • BUT. WG said it was not perfect. they are aware of it, and they will balanced it. So wait and see and let us give them constructive feedback.
      Also, when i play my tier 8-9-10 other class, i dont feel so affected by Cvs…
      I remember having being one shoted by japanese tierX Cv with a Yamato … This was frustrating … it is impossible now

  19. You should also point out that you are playing a T10 carrier.
    Try that stunt in lower tier and your squdron gets wiped out easily.

    • USSEnterpriseA1701

      Absolutely this. T10 is the tier where planes actually become able to survive against same tier AA, everything below that suffers vs. same tier AA. Try this stunt in Shokaku vs Clevelands and see how far you get. I can assure you it ain’t gonna be in the CVs favor. Heck, Ryujo vs one Queen Elizabeth has issues getting through, sometimes RNG dictates that there is no way to dodge these “extremely dodgable” flak bursts, and for the most part, that is any tier other than 10. WOWS is not just a game full of T10s you know.

  20. LOL PLANES HAVE A HEAL ABILITY?! Undodgeable drops right on top of the ship and Infinite planes was not enough, do we really need healing planes too? Oh man… this makes zero sense. Losing a squadron after the attack does not really matters AT ALL since planes are infinite, also considering the F invulnerability exploit.

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