World of Warships – 03 – Taking on the Big Boys!

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– 03 – Taking on the Big Boys!

Myself and a friend play our Tier 7 ships… and meet the Tier 9 bruisers in a very unfair fight… and somehow, I manage to punch above my weight!

Viewers on twitch have been enjoying the streams, so I decided to bring the hilarity to youtube!

World of Warships is a fun free to play warship game by , Check them out!

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the video! x

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Intro Music:
Desmeon – Hellcat [NCS Release]


  1. 2nd comment

  2. First

  3. I’m confused on how you get a higher tier ship, I’m using a tier three

  4. A couple close calls there lol
    Have A Blessed Day ?

  5. the radioactive gamer

    62nd view

  6. good vid

  7. I love your voice

  8. Actually home when a video uploads. Just chilling here at home taking antibiotics for strep :l

  9. he was soooo close to destroy you but you finished him this was amazing fire

  10. Hey really good video I’m a really big fan amazing gta rp as well you make my life live positive

  11. Kitten ur so sweet

  12. Hey firekitten! ??

  13. What about the big girls

  14. Are you a boy?

  15. Firekitten I love the German BBs and the British BBs

  16. were u live how is the army and police force over there also love all vides ??

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