World of Warships – 1 bloody point

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I don’t want to spoil anything for you but 1 can be such a big number. It can put such a huge difference on any outcome.

This was a pretty crazy match that had a lot of ups and downs.

I do hope you enjoy and have fun watching it 😉

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  1. Filthy DD stream sniping u at start

  2. If shima would have got on cap at end that would have been a win

    • Yep, he just had to poke the edge of the cap to block it for a single tick. He probably didn’t realize under pressure, and the game was lost because of one point

  3. If that shimmy had blocked B cap for one tick…if flamby had killed the shimmy and the Haru had survived…if that Monty hadn’t been an 86k torpedo…if monkey was good 😉

  4. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    Superstar Syndrome – the moment you told your team you had the middle, they sat back on got lazy, waiting for you guys to carry them. So even after you had a cap, they hadn’t even entered one. They sat back, at range, and didn’t even try to meet an objective. THAT is why your team was DOWN on score from the start, and getting to within 1 point was a surprise. Seriously, watch the team until Monkey died, and the game had LOSE written all over it, because the team just pissed into the wind waiting to be carried. The Shima was a far bigger joke than the suicidal Monty, who while stupid, was at least having a go.


    • If that shima had gone into the cap where the monty was, they might have wone as well.

    • That’s too complex of a reasoning to come out of these people, with or without flambass’ div this team was set up to lose simply because that’s how teams are in this game. Today I had a match in which my team ended up being 6 vs 2, our team having around 100 points lead and a cv, and they proceeded to lose the game by ~20 points. Wins are decided not by who plays smarter but by who makes the least dumb moves, and the way wargaming just throws people into battle without really teaching them anything but the basic controls and rules can only make this worse

    • If I go mid alone or with one more teammate, I got it covered most of the time. But when the team think I’m yolo and all come middle, we’re fucked. Most people think going middle is just to yolo but never realise how much attention we brought the enemy and help flanks fight easier.

    • Agree. 3 of them held 70% of team occupied. And Flambasses team did not capitalize on it. They sat there like morons.

  5. Well, what did you expect of a BB with that much health at that stage of the game when the Yamato behind had less than half hp.

  6. Flambass: SMOKE UP! SMOKE UP! SMOKE UP!
    also Flambass: This smoke is useless.

  7. Flambo ability to situational awareness at end of matches gets more and more SPEFUUUL

  8. So you tie up half the enemy team by sitting in the middle while the rest of the team just does everything to lose it, that’s why I stopped playing this game a long while ago…

  9. That montana tho, took both the torpedoes and the ship

  10. If I have ever seen a replay that needs the voice of Jingles commentating on it; it’s gotta be this one.

  11. How did your team not cap the edge flags while you held down those ships in their back, welcome to the circus.

  12. Thanks to these videos, I win more games than ever … thanks to the amount of geniuses that are sent in the middle and die

  13. This still was a great game you should send it to Jingles.

  14. C’mon, this montana was sniffing his butt for 10 minutes at the team spawn then went middle and threw the game…

    • gotta give him credit though, he knew he would do something stupid as soon as he engaged in combat, so he made sure to stay back as long as he could

  15. It seems like a significant portion of his YouTube videos start with an empty chair.

  16. Skymax7 could have won it all he had to do was enter the cap for 3-4 seconds to stop the points and it would have been over

  17. “The fail is strong in this team… !”

  18. Spectacular_Insanity

    “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do….”

  19. WP enemy Monty. A player that actually looks at the minimap and plans accordingly.

  20. The Shima at the end could’ve gotten in the B cap and stopped their point gain and won the game…

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