World of Warships – 1 Darling 6 strong men

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If I was to say that enemy team had a hard-on for me…..I would be lying
If I was to say that enemy team was doing nasty things to me….I would be lying
If I was to say that MY OWN team was nowhere to be found…..I would be lying
Because none those statements comes even close to the real situation….they are a slight understatement.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Dammit I hate to be up at 5:00AM but you keep uploading at this time geez…

  2. Daring Flambass to feature Izumo in next vid

  3. The fact that that mino held up against four ships by himself is commendable !

  4. Flambass needs a handicap for a hardcarry

  5. That’s exactly what I had the other day Flambass. Totally can relate to this.

  6. Next time spec for AA x)

  7. Match maker is getting worse and worse in this game. Most games are completely one sided in my experience; they need a new algorithm.

    • I agree-most games I see the same pattern over and over. I don’t mind losses when they are close, but the ROFL stomp games happen more often than any other type. It’s so bad I no longer waste money on ships, because there is no point if there is no hope of winning. I see standard battle as an auto loss because every time it comes up my team goes to the side and loses. The majority of players in WOWs now have no clue how to play the game and do the skirt the edge of the map and watch the enemy team cap them out over and over.

    • +Povl Besser The good ole days 🙂 hehe
      I think T8 has the worst MMing of all ships atm, if I drop in a T9 I’m often top tier, if I use a T8 it’s 9 outa 10 matches going to be a T10 Game, and Heavy T10 with a few of us T8’s thrown in to help feed the fishes 🙂

    • +小樑 Yeah there should be an option/report ‘i dont want to play with this player’ and u will not get him in mm for like 2 weeks.

    • +Povl Besser good old times 😀 <3

    • Just a moment ago i played a game in the Gearing. Only two DD’s per side. I told them that i would smoke for them. They al went the other way without any response. Bumping into each other like retards. Eventually i end up as sole survivor against 6 or 7. I’m! Patoto team off the day. I dunno about iff this because off the MM. But playing tier 10 and still encounter such bottemless stupidity is suprisingly cringy

  8. Wow… rough.

  9. 6 v 1 as a bottom in a gang bang … good luck with that

  10. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    This vid is supported by bra**ers

  11. what you mean your team not doing something flambass?
    they definitly did something, its called feed……..

  12. If you look at the profiles of the players on each team in the scoreboard with respect to win rate, then you will start to see a trend of good players vs potatoes. Your team was probably stacked with potatoes. YOU are there to make the game last longer so it is not so obvious.

  13. You fought well. Your team though… they were blessed with SUCK!!!

  14. you know what? they should give torps to Freddy ???‍♂️

  15. 15 minutes of AA fire, 4 planes shot down…

  16. And that has been pretty much all the games I have played the past few days. First shot that hit me in my DM last night took out a gun. Had several games where team just melts in the first 5 minutes and I’m left as like the last 4 or 5 ships on my team. Close to giving up on the game

  17. I love my Lightning. I love getting in a tier 10 game with the lightning. I would rather have the lightning than my gearing. lol

  18. Flambass: my team sucks.
    Everybody else: Flambass is playing, those poor bastards.

  19. Is that your heart rate at the top there?

  20. Welcome to Wows 2018 Flambass <3 😀

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