World Of Warships #1 Hurling Iron!

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Rob & Edd play World Of Warships! Full steam ahead!

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Intro music (theme music) By Edie Murphy.
All other music by Kevin Macleod –
We use lots of sound effects from FreeSFX


  1. use alt best button ever

  2. someone needs to be reminded of the existence of AP ammo, cruiser vs
    cruiser, use your AP :P

  3. Play world of tanks please!

  4. Do glad you’re playing this game now

  5. where do i get this game steam?

  6. lol, firing HE at a cruiser!

  7. yes please, keep doing this

  8. Play world of tanks

  9. I played the closed beta of this but I haven’t redownloaded the game since
    windows 10 came out

  10. what server are u playinng

  11. I like how you picked up this game it’s great fun. Try destroyer for the
    torpedos. They make it great

  12. I’m so happy you decided to do this!

  13. I can’t wait till you get up to about tier 4 or 5, it would be so much more

  14. I played the beta of this so much

  15. Brilliant choice for a war gaming, war game world of warships is by far the

  16. Something tells me Edd will be going up the IJN destroyer line. Protip
    guys: When aiming your guns at a ship, put the line of your target scope at
    the water line of the enemy ship so you don’t overshoot.

  17. Chaac Alcaraz-curtis

    I love this game!


  19. So German, Much flag.

  20. There’s a Razer thing going on at the moment where you can get 1 day of
    premium and a free port slot.

  21. james loves gameing

    4th view! love your videos and love this game!

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