World of Warships – 1 Musashi VS 3 Musashi

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Musashi is a tier 9 premium IJN BB, that is essentially Yamato with few small differences.

VERY powerful guns and insane amount of HP. Usually when you pick this ship you want to feel more powerful than the rest but in this case I just ended up fighting the same ship as I picked and there were 3 of them xD

Just my luck.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Did Flambass always regularly wink with his right eye or is this a relatively new thing?

  2. Flambass be like: “I used the stones to destroy the stones”

    • He be like: Okay we got 1 more volley and we ded. Okay 1 more. Okay maybe 1 more and we ded. Okay 1 more maybe. Okay 1 more but thats it. Okay we survived. 😀 XD

    • Nah, more like “There are 3 of them so i have great numerical advantage”

  3. 3 musashis… yeah but it’s 3 PL – clan musashis so they are basically worth 3 mutsus.

  4. so, how quickly did flambass realize that he forgot to take off the range mod?

  5. You gotta do something about green screen.

  6. Richard Setya Budi

    wait, you use range instead of reload? as i remember sushi has same range with tomato

  7. Mayday mayday, we are sinking!

    Sis is se djerman coastguard. What are you sinking about?

  8. 2 musashis, 1 cup.

  9. Francisco Barquín

    Well, 3PL Musashis count as 3 Hashidates.
    Maybe as 3 Coast Fortress.

  10. Daniel Söderlund

    Too bad I can’t see the game summary at the end of the video as there are video promos and another stuff in the way of it 🙁

  11. I call those “choo choo” divisions, as they act like a train of fail.

  12. 11:00 *In reality, dispersion COULD be WORSE! It is all down to shot timers going off at the EXACT right moment for 3 to 9 guns – otherwise inter-shell dispersion can literally be worse than German BBs in WOWS by far – at least early to mid WW2 ships, Iowa & Des Moines prolly never evwr had any such issues.*

    There are COUNTLESS physical variables to such GIGANTIC Shells, that weigh in excess of 3000 Pounds ( ~1400 KG or so) – aka more than a VW Bus or even a modern sedan! There is the recoil that moves the ship from, again, 3 to 9 shells of such MASSIVE proportions (this is true of Iowa 406mm 2700 pound AP shell too – but the USN actually had FAR better dispersion! Due to advanced technology and math from computers) moving from 0 to 780 Meters/sec in less than ONE HUNDREDTH OF A SECOND – causes not only massive recoil, but insane barrel exiting forces, and the shells ALSO have insane amounts of effect on the air around them, all of this leads to even the BEST real world dispersion maybe ONLY being better at 10 km or less!

    • Yep the US literally had to redesign all there WW1 built triple turret BB’s because the dispersion was so bad they had worse accuracy than pre-dreadnoughts at sub 5km range. Japan had the same problem with the Yamato’s since it was their first triple turret battleship.

    • @Ushio01 Redesign is an extreme word, most of what was done was adding delay coils and the like.

    • @ToastyBathTime Plus stripping down and rebuilding every single gun and breech.

    • @Ushio01 Fair point, replacing the guns; but that’s still a refit not a redesign.

  13. The reason triple turrets have so bad dispersion is that the shockwave of the middle gun firing pushes the shells of the outer two guns away. The US had this problem with all there WW1 triple turret battleships and redesigned the turrets and guns in the inter war period.

    Japan never built big triple turrets till the Yamato’s so never learned about the problem.

    • Yep, and then you have Germany, which opted for two gun turrets on the larger calibers (and the plans for the H-classes also only had two gun turrets), but they still have worse dispersion than some triple or quadruple gun turrets. WG in game “balans” logic.

    • This is true but the dispersion is wierdly modelled in WoWs – look at the shots fired at a ship 7km away then at one fired 20-30km away – if you had the same dispersion you get at 5km the shells would be landing 5-10km apart.

    • @Schnittertm1 Germany had Graf Spees and Sharnhorst/Gneisenau with triple 283mm(11 inches) main guns.

  14. 6:08 ah yes, the infamous yammie cheek strikes again

  15. 6:40 “What was that, 40k?” Well, that’s what you get when you use the Warhammer captains.

  16. Just completed Ranked in Musashi in just a few hours, worked fantastic.

  17. What’s this story about guy who modded his Kidd into an anti-carrier destroyer, including AA burp guns?

  18. How many times did he say, “Literally?”

  19. Rng giveth, and rng taketh away. xD

  20. First thought you where alone in a rank sprint 13

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