World of Warships- 1 vs 1 Ranked Battles

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Had some good fun with this!

Outro Music- “Stranger Think” C418

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  1. Yey, I’m the first one here to apprecciate your content ! <3

  2. Congrats on 6.9k lord of the seamen.

  3. Really enjoyed 1v1 but it has thrown up some interesting things, it seems that the 4 to 6 inch guns are better than 15 to 16 inch guns as it is real struggle against Bismarks secondary and cruiser main guns
    ,torps perhaps need some to malfunction (duds) as main full 16 inch broad side in to a battle ship had to many over pens to sink it or cause a reasonable amount of damage yet in 1v1 taken out time and time again with torps may be duds to even it a bit. Concealment, I never realised how big a difference it makes until in a bb against a dd in 1v1, torps from nowhere then dd appears at point blank range spraying fire against me down I went. I did however have the most satisfying battle in a vanguard against the Bismark sinking the Bismark after a long running battle . I realise that a lot of the above is to make game work in game, but, 1v1 would be good if historically correct or as close to the real (also including paper ships etc ) world. As would make a interesting addition to the game .

  4. Anyone mount the ramming flag and just go for broke yet?

  5. I have had insane luck in the Prinz for ranked.

  6. Played a couple of matches yesterday. 1 CV 1 Cruiser the rest BB’s.

  7. I don’t know what WG is drinking… but they need to keep drinking more of it. Great fun and engaging shit right here.

  8. Thr German CV is op in this mode lmaoo

  9. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

    Terp countered sometimes not easily but doable pretty often in Eugen. I just rush it get it to turn and torp it out/turn it. You have 4×3.

  10. Soo mamy tirpitz and me in my bismarck 🙁 never win, only draw

    • I play a Tirpitz, if you’re in a Bismark angle away. kite, and fire HE. My only loss was to a Bismark doing this.

    • @Shooterlot Yup. Kiting a TIRP has worked for me in BIS repeatedly.

    • @pantsyr the problem is, if i kite they just stop and cap. What can i do if i have no cap and we both angle at each other

    • @Azariah Kyras I grab one cap and angle my bow away – if they advance I kite slowly, if they stay put I just let my slightly better IFHE secondaries (BIS is marginally better than Tirp in 2nd battery numbers) whittle them down. Usually they get bored of it and move to close for a torp launch, exposing broadside and thus eating an AP salvo or two. And you can also constantly reset them capping from both secondaries and main battery so .. hasn’t been an issue for me yet.

  11. i can tell from my own experience that tirpitz is extremely OP in 1v1 ranked

  12. Get well soon Dude, Enjoy the wedding, I hope it’s not like a wedding in the North of England you don’t sound well enough for a fight ?

  13. Jeez that cough is LOUD.

  14. I’ve taken my Bismarck into this, 17 wins 5 losses. Full IFHE secondaries eat cruisers and BBs. When it comes to BB fights, usually they just go bow in, so HE is the way to go, with fire flags and demo expert, but with expert loader in case they give broadside. The only thing I’m scared of is Tirpitz, because I can’t push them, I have to kite and let my secondaries do their job.

    One of the most fun game modes I’ve seen, I hope they consider moving it to tier V-VII, and making it a permanent game mode.

  15. I ranked out late last night in my Tirpitz B. 69 marches, 53% win rate. This 1 v 1 was fun. WG should make this a game mode somehow. Here you can´t blame a potato team for you losing.

  16. Hope you get to feeling better real soon, enjoyed the game play and tips too, Happy New Year

  17. Any DD with smoke and Radar or Hydro is really strong Vs another DD without, Ran my Lightning and it rips other DD’s.

  18. I have only played one match so far.
    I was in my Tirpitz and he was in the Chapayev.
    It did not end well for him.

  19. Nice vid Sea Lord. I played 5 games in my Amalfi, and I fought a Baltimore, a Benson, Kagero, Tirpitz and a Massachusetts. Had no chance against the BBs.


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