World of Warships – 1 vs 23

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If this team didn’t try hard to lose, then I don’t know who did. I was legit playing alone vs 23 players until the very last second. One of the worst teams ever, just pay attention to the minimap.

Also YY gets a lot of mud on his name after the nerf but I think ppl give it far too little credit.

This is not a bad ship.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The struggle is real. Lot of moms should have swallowed!!

  2. Somebody will be like: now do this xxxx times during 30 days and you will get PR lel.

  3. 7:56 Looks like he is indeed super lucky…

  4. This should be the definition of “carry”.

  5. 7k from one rocket plane pass? Oof.

    ‘JuSt DoDgE’

  6. I’m giving you a double solo warrior for beating both teams to win.

  7. Game: What medals will you get?
    Flambass: Yes

  8. @Intelligent Vegetable
    Last game, flambass died playing the conqueror in the first 4 mins of the match

  9. Intelligent Vegetable

    angrymelon ah yes, not experienced in the print another ship while spamming HE at max range

  10. Can confirm: Feline booster OP.

  11. I love how you have a way to find the radar ships, LUL

  12. I’ve put a poll on the EU forums under current update to get Commander Coupons introduced into the game for the new 175k coal commanders please vote if you get a chance.

  13. Best thing about this video;
    “I would never call you a handicap, you’re my booster <3 "

  14. i just imagine how the kitty would have freaked out on that atago kill and bite you somewhere ^^………….

  15. Definitely one of the games of the year, at least for DDs.

  16. You thought your team was bad, spare a thought for how bad the other team was to lose that..

  17. Why can’t my torps find potatoes like this lol.

  18. Flambass, your team mates are lvl 9 or 10.
    They’re smart enough to realize you can carry the whole game.

  19. @angrymelon Conq is gay. Sitting at max range shooting HE all game. I hate them and Yosh players.

  20. Minimap looks like a team trying to put the cluster back in clusterfuck

  21. The amount of bullshi1t favourable RNG in this game…. only available to the biggest of WG shills

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