World of Warships- 11.1 Broke The Game Client & How To Get Iwami & Mecklenburg

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Hey guys! Today we have a few DevBlogs concerning some economy changes and bug fixes for major issues with the game client, and also what Iwami and Mecklenburg are being released for. Enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. “Cyberpunk loads faster then World of Warships” Dame, that is a impressive feat. im sure the game will update today or tomorrow (23rd or 24th), so thats nice. Edit: Mecklenburg sounds like its gonna be Cruisers killer, 16 “Accurate” 305s, thats ALOT of German STEEL going down range. Then again its also German so, ya know how that goes.

  2. Last patch came with an increased chance of me getting kicked from the server as soon as I press battle, then taking forever to login again. Sometimes I was getting kicked while in battle. Then came yesterday’s hotfix and it completely ruined the game. I get stuck in the loading screen. I can hear my ship and even control it. It shows the timer, but I can see nothing more than the loading screen.
    That is why the devs should stop making updates for a while and just play their own fucking game to see in what a horrible state it is right now for themselves.

    • in my country , soccer federation destrict to ukrain because they made illegal broadcast (somebody write that at internet) since from last month …so this situation not new for me .

    • @egemen baykal Did somebody write that on the internet? Must be true then.

    • Same issue to me last night. In Ranked I got stuck in the load screen. Game started, I could hear my ship start but still stuck in the screen that shows both teams ships before the game starts. Had to use task manager to terminate the game. Restarted, same issue. Rebooted entire PC, restarted game and still same issue. I removed all mods, started clean game and than it worked. Reinstalled all mods again and it kept on working since….beats me

    • This is happening with me right now. Fuck

  3. the “fix” broke mods and prevents you from loading into the battle, you need to update modstation or run in safe mode or you will be stucked in the loading screen of the battle

  4. Whatever they “fixed” caused my very first failure to log in this morning. Game went to team line up screen and I could hear the battle in the back ground but had to restart the client 3 times before I finally got in. Of course in typical Wargaming fashion, I got in just in time to eat torpedoes courtesey of a DD that’d made it to the spawn area.

  5. Reading that the Mecklenburg would be a steel ship was one huge disappointment. Sorry Stalingrad, looks like you have to wait for another year/s.

  6. 3:32 I love how you said “shoot” and your ship actually shoots. It’s like, you’re really in the matrix? lol

  7. Yesterday I got stuck in the post battle screen in ranked, so I couldn’t play. After two restarts of client and turning off two mods (can’t remember which right now) I could finally play. Halve the team was already defeated… Weird thing was, when still stuck, I could actually hear my ship and canons when firing, so…ok…

  8. Honestly tX CVs for me always seem to recieve jack for credits, but the XP was good.
    I have no idea what WG wants

  9. We also are supposed to uninstall Mod Station. There 3 issues: slow loading; client crash (4xfor me); game freezes on battle loading screen. Then there is tick rate problem. To use an only expression the game is bug house.

  10. i am not having long loading screens, but for me it sometimes takes 30 seconds to load a ship’s model in the port. and not just once per session, but after every battle. it doesn’t happen on all ships, but i really notice it a lot on my favorite ships. anyone else having this issue?

  11. Maybe this would be a good time for you to get the tier 10 French Battleship for steel first then pick up the Mecklenburg because at this point they’re bound to remove that Bourgogne so I would get before it’s gone because I’m working towards getting it next

  12. “Yeah b/c we need to incentivize more CV play” – said no DD player ever.

  13. Mecklenburg is going to look very pretty in the ship preview screen.

  14. I did just have a bug yesterday where I couldn’t actually load into the game I was queued into. Wargaming support is super nice and hopefully what they suggested works. They even dropped my penalties. They need a feature where you can thank them personally.

  15. WOWs has announced that the new bug patch will be available for early access through new loot boxes available for purchase. For 25,000 dubs you can buy the 25 Mega loot boxes with increased chances of dropping the patch.

  16. Carriers dont need to be messed with, when it comes with exp, they need some tweaks, aircraft formations should scatter, if they lose 50% of their flight. Reward players for using tactics anf knowlege of the ship their attacking. It isn’t “unfair” to make carriers think about what their attack

  17. Already finding it hard enough to find reasons to still play this fracking game without having to wait 6 mins to log into it.
    Well done WG ,, you have outdone yourselves yet again. 😂✌️

  18. The best hame break is that the benham in my last game had its gun noise replaced by the yamato gun noise. My friend confirmed it with me and we were laughing as the benham was wailing on a vermont with the huge gun sound every few seconds.

  19. Im happy to see that Iwami will be for coal whicch i have plety of and even a discount coupon. But i dont understand how she is tier 9. Kii or Amagi has x10 410 mm guns and similar if not better armor at tier 8, she has nothing interesting to her consumable either

  20. CVs never die. So they have much more time to damage and also kill enemy ships. The last thing they need is more benefits, they are already total bs, playing a PVE class against PVP players that cannot hit back.

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