World of Warships- 1100+ Secondary Hits With Schlieffen

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a replay sent in by Addison from BONKS where he pulls off quite the round in the TX German Battlecruiser Schlieffen, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Working my way to the Schlieffen, thanks for the video!

  2. The only reason why I
    I’m ok with this thing being OP cause it spites the meta slaves saying “SeCoNdArY bUiLdS sUcK” for years.

    • Who says that ? GK is out for many years and u only play it with Sec built, u play all German BBs after T7-8 with sec built in the “End-Game”

    • For the longest time people like flamu flambass and the like (meta slaves) played GK with a tank build and actively made fun of people who built into their secondaries.

  3. Who thinks that Schlieffen will be nerfet

  4. WG making Schlieffen good by adding a Des Moines to each side of the ship.

  5. Just waiting for the credits, already unlocked that boat.

  6. Currently on Zieten…she s good, but I see Schlieffen is awesome!

  7. And at the same time i have just little over 400 sec hits with GK, nice work WG!

  8. Except in Asia…

    When those secondaries-based ship are either burned or sniped from long range.

  9. Князь Мышкин

    Soviet Bias !!!!!! 14km torps (lol)… armor… hydro… heals… repairs… 2 des moines on both sides what doesnt this ship have ? Imagine this ship being under the Soviet Hammer sickle command…. imagine how much the community would whine

  10. I still prefer the GK

  11. I love this ship and Im enjoying this while it lasts, I’m sure it will be nerfed

  12. Nerf hammer coming. WG does not allow German ships to be fun.

  13. That carnage was so amazing.

  14. Thats a whole lotta firepower. I have a good secondary build on my Kurfurst and had a 150 secondary hit game but 1100 is Insane. Did you stealth steam into a group of highly distracted reds or what.

  15. Fun fact: schlieffen secondaries do more damage then colbert

  16. That Moskva:
    *this is fine*

  17. Tinfoilhat theory time: WG “broke” the secondaries on purpose in the last patch so people use free xp and ideally juicy real money to get to the end of that secondary focussed german tech tree.

  18. Thanks, SLM. Your videos are always helpful and entertaining. Merry Christmas to you.

  19. Q: Do i get the GK for free when i research it but never have bought her when they switch her out ?

  20. I hope WG does NOT fix this invincible aa and secondary mod. I honestly haven’t seen any negative side-effects gameplay-wise, the only ones complaining are the CV players. But ever since this “bug” was introduced, it’s improved gameplay with more people actually pushing and giving brawling captains a reason to push.

    • pls don’t, I mean this ‘bug’ has been in the game since smoke firing penalty was released(cmiiw) and this will give some teamplay potential and obviously, fun

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