World of Warships || 140,000+ Torpedo RAMPAGE

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Let’s check out the T4 Japanese destroyer the which is capable of some devastating torpedo strikes.

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  1. gamingwith miguel

    When is the open beta coming out

  2. lol. Just noticed its the same background music like in the hangar of WoT.
    Only a small thing but it keeps you some kind of familiar. :)

  3. QB, as you said quite a few times, I also find it really hard to counter
    destroyers when Im playing my battleships. It just feels like destroyers
    can completely counter battleships and make them useless :/ I havent even
    manage to get 50k dmg in a battleship I think, and those are supposed to do
    the big damage, arent they?

  4. Torps are so OP…heaven help the rest of the world if they ever bring out
    the Kitakami/Oi class of light cruisers!

  5. Imao content of wow is intresting. I am glad that ur doing video’s about it
    even if Iam not playing that game its good 2 know how to play game. Myb
    I’ll change my mind and start playing wow

  6. Atsadawut Jungwat

    Intro fail

  7. i wonder if there will be a xvm mod for this… i hope not. that way you
    treat everyone with the equal respect

  8. Does quickybaby use a laptop, and if so what is it?

  9. So basically, in destroyers you have a built in aim help tool, but in
    battleships and cruiser you have no help in aiming your guns (except for
    that scope markings, which are more trial and error) .. yeah, awesome
    balanced game.
    I’ve never been this frustrated in the worst X5 XP weekends in world of
    tanks like i am in this game, constantly.

  10. Something awesome about QB is the effort taken to correctly pronounce the
    names of the vehicles.

  11. Dr. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

    More WoWS videos please. Playlist it!

  12. Self-replicating whatnot

    Destroyers don’t have tracks to absorb high-caliber shells.

  13. “People are going to learn to aim better and avoid torpedos”

    You sure you’ve played a lot of World of Tanks? :)

  14. Most inappropriate opening lol world of tanks with Quickybaby lol u needa
    make one for world of warships 

  15. i want tanks :(

  16. I cant wait to play this game it will be awesome!

  17. Any idea when more of us can be playing this game?! 

  18. Thanks, loved it, maybe you could explain how the whole torpedo process
    works in a future vid. 

  19. Please just record some gameplay and then commentate, instead of
    commentating over yourself commentating during a live stream. It’s horrible
    to listen to.

  20. Jochem van Pamelen

    why did you stop uploading quick tankreviews? i like them very much, and
    would be amazing if you started uploading them again.

  21. Seriously: is there any game youre bad at? :D

  22. The Mexicano Show

    you need to upload more

  23. I wonder is going to fight in this game, after TOGs are removed…

  24. You must admit, that low tier destroyers are completely op when it comes to
    torpedo capabilities. The reload time is far too short – just put the smoke
    screen and spam with torpedo salvos. On tier VI, the smoke cover lets you
    to reload only once, so you can shoot only twice. Here, during smoke screen
    being active, you can shoot 18 torpedos from 3 or 4 (depends on
    nationality) separate launchers. It’s seems nice, but it makes the gameplay
    on low tiers unbalanced.

  25. could u pls start to do more world of tanks if not i will just unsub

  26. The problem for me is that the game is ripe to be an aim-bot fest allowing
    cheating shits to proft. It’s too easy to program effective aim bots
    because a ships future positions is relatively predictable (as opposed to a
    tank which can wiggle and move back and forth quickly).

  27. I saw this on the livestream….was good ;)

  28. I wish I was Asian

    Destroyers like light tanks are so fun

  29. Best World of Warships Replays

    WIN 10000 GOLD on my chanel!!! More infos on my chanel

  30. Got quite lucky there that the majority of those guys ignored you even
    without the smoke screen. Nice game and well played, but better enemies
    would simply not get into the situation of you sneaking up on them
    unopposed like this.

  31. The Amazing Ronieman

    Qb i have a question witch screen recorder do you use?

  32. Geometry Dash Soel

    maybe u should use another intro for wow:)

  33. quicky you have to change your intro men.. you have to put a ship :)

  34. I’ve been playing the closed BETA for quite sometime and I have to disagree
    with you. Coming from NavyField I think WG nailed ship balance, everything
    has a job to do, but unfortunately people aren’t experienced enough to use
    their ships adequately. Ideally you want

    BBs to engage and kill other BB’s / CLs
    CLs to engage and kill other DD’s while providing anti air support for BB’s
    DD’s to flank and glass cannon blast CV’s or BB’s
    CV’s to provide air support bombing BB’s and shooting down scouts

    That’s the current logic going around in the forums, as for game play, well
    we’re still in closed BETA for a reason. I think things will change
    overtime and DD’s won’t “look” as easy or OP. As you have said, an
    experienced CL captain and easily engage and avoid torps while having the
    DPS to sink a DD easily.

  35. I find DDs a bit OP.

  36. Torps are the artillery of WoWS and as such will be annoying and make
    people hate the game.

  37. isnt there any dignity on this youtube? wg whores

  38. Joe Raw Cockerill

    Lol I was just in battle chat with a guy who had the T-X US cruiser and he
    got very upset when I told him that before the game gose live WG would be
    doing a hard wipe and he would have to start again 

  39. They should limit the amount of torps you can carry.

  40. You see, Quicky, is a real gamer. Other youtubers are just wannabe gamers
    playing for the money. They upload warship videos but they are shit. They
    have a 5 second reload on a tier 10 ship but only fires every minute while
    they eat enemy shells from an enemy right in front of them like a dumbass.
    Quicky aint like that, and I like it. 

  41. lol its like having two QBs doing commentary 

  42. And people still say torpedos are not OP… Game is broken before its even

  43. It’s semantics, but you’re really referring to speed of the torpedoes and
    not necessarily their velocity. Velocity requires you to mention both
    speed and direction. You’re just talking about their overall speed.

  44. QB you need to get WoT for Xbox for a couple of days because there’s a
    special event where everyone get an M24 Lunar and you get to fight on the
    moon. It’s awesome 

  45. Kanonenfutter!

  46. Torpedoes are so going to get nerfed when you only get 2-3 shots per tube
    in the final game.

  47. Wonderful stuff there QB. No surprise that Mr ‘Mobility and Gun
    Depression’ like’s his little ships with big punches. Can’t wait to get
    this game when it comes out. HOWEVER!! Please do more tank reviews too (my
    reason for subsciibing here originally. How about revisiting some tanks not
    done in the last 2 years (VK 3001, T 44, Tiger II etc) PLEASE!!!!

  48. Can you make more good guys videos plz?

  49. When you are good at games, this is what it looks like. No matter what
    game. Quicky will master every time. :)

  50. World of Tanks with Quickybaby! –> World of Warship Video

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