World of Warships – 1:42 Scale Battleship Petropavlovsk

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Learn the history behind the battleship Petropavlovsk!

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  1. these 1:42 videos have always been the russians, can we get the german,
    jap, murican, and british ships for a change for this series?

  2. Why 1:42 scale? Why not 1:32 (imp), 1:35 (metric), 1:48 (1/4″)or 1:50
    (metric) scale? These are common scale modelling standards be it imperial
    or metric standards. What standards reference is 1:42? I am stumped as a
    technical scale modeler.

  3. Bit of an inaccuracy there ”the ship was fighting in world war 2 from day
    1” and stipulating she was defending ports against German air raids.
    Didn’t Russia fight with Germany during the outbreak of world war 2 until
    Germany made the mistake of attacking Russia?

  4. this dude’s fly is down

  5. Okay, THAT was a cool history!

  6. Is this the precursor class to the Imperator Nikolai, the Tier IV Premium
    Battleship for the Russians in game? I really like that ship in game, its

  7. So tier 4 Russian BB?

  8. I love these history vids! Keep them coming War-gaming.

  9. 1:25 the hosts zipper is down.

  10. I would love to visit that naval museum. I could spent a whole day just
    looking at all the gigantic scale models.

  11. While I enjoy the series, a greater variety of nations would be enjoyed. If
    my memory serves me correctly, there have only been Russian/USSR ships so
    far. Certainly there are other navies that fielded interesting ships.

  12. Started off well, mentioned the Royal Navy. Then went back to talking about
    Russian ships. Fuck off Wargaming with your Russian bullshit bias. Your
    navy did extremely poorly through the wars. Jesus fucking christ. You could
    not be more biased and deluded if you tried.


    where are the german BBS where are my fucking dildo german battleships they
    world of warships said they would launch them in a patch this month or this
    year cant wait any more

  14. I thought Russia was allied to British and America?

  15. Sunken and half-destroyed ship used as a training vessel. Well, that
    explains a lot.

  16. So the Imperator Nikolai I yall sold is actually the Petropavlovsk?

  17. metric system plz

  18. I enjoy the lessons in Naval history WG presents us with.

  19. Russian battleships vs British

  20. Detonation eh? Well at least you got some flags for it. gg wp

  21. I liked the history lesson, would be nice to get more ^^

  22. Metric!!! Whole world plays wows, not only USA!

  23. I dont know why but i think Russian Battleships and Warships have WAY more
    story to tell us
    Keep going! +1

  24. Straz_ Gaming_legend

    you guys are doing so great on this but on my seperate channel I am also
    doing the same but seem to be getting something wrong any pro tips on
    making these?

  25. Inches and feet say nothing to me and the rest of the world who isnt

  26. excellent history lesson wargaming-plz keep these historical vids coming

  27. Can’t wait to play that monster.

  28. I have this ship(imperator Nikolai 1)

  29. The only reason there is no British ships is because of the huge Russian

  30. inches great metric system plz

  31. yay…. more russian ships…… i assume im going to be chased away if i
    ask for the royal navy. kinda pisses me off that they actually acnowledge
    the royal navy’s existance.

  32. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    These ships are awesome. They’d be better if they were in game.

  33. what is the music used at 4:20?

  34. wow , hopefully not premium in the game, I have to play this heroic ship!

  35. This was amazing

  36. yay my fav pbb from navyfield, cept I can’t trick her out with pwnege 3/70
    duel aa.

  37. Probably TIER IV or V in the game.

  38. Russian battleship, now there’s an oxymoron.


  40. Iowa: *snort giggle*

  41. So when should we expect some Russian bb other than the lone premium one?

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