World of Warships – 1:42 Scale: Bogatyr

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We are uncovering the interesting history a protected nicknamed “Hercules”; the lead of the Bogatyr class of protected cruisers. Does her name reflect her deeds?

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  1. Why are we just staring at paper?

  2. why russian ships like really, am i the only one that finds russian ships a
    failure and pointless why not do a different country that acctualy had a
    good navy.

  3. I really hope that other navies like the Royal navy, Dutch, French and
    Italian navies also will get a series like this and the US ones… And that
    the Japanese will be expanded

  4. Looks like the Bogatyr pulled a Notser

  5. I love stories about ships I know nothing about ,except in-game resumé .

  6. Why does the Bogatyr look so blueish-purple in game when you see on those
    beautiful models how it actually looked like?

  7. Because i love military history,as long as they continue to make such
    videos,either are for Russian navy either American either Bangladesh navy,i
    really don’t care! I’m just happy! :)

  8. ok I am sorry but i laughed way to hard when he said “poop deck” 1:22

  9. Beautiful model. Thank you for photographing it so well and narrating the
    ship’s history.

  10. stunning models, thx for the vids!
    btw: he said “Poopdeck” pfffffhhhahahahhahahhaa ;)

  11. Bon une fois la flotte russe ca sera le tour de qui ? Parce que je pense
    qu’on va voir d’abord tout les bateaux russes en 1er.

  12. Next boring ship…

  13. These models are GORGEOUS. Thx for more documentaries on these warships and
    their crews Wargaming. Keep them coming =^^=

  14. One of my favorite ships in the game! THanks for doing a detailed history
    on her! Can we get more Armoured and Protected Crusiers added to the game?!
    I love my T3 Crusiers! I would love to see the US Tennessee Class (1903) in
    game, even if just a premium!

  15. since it has torps but why isnt the bogatyr in WOWs have torps? dun tell me
    balancing stuff.

  16. why in the game there are no torp

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