World of Warships – 1:42 Scale: Cruiser Krasny Kavkaz

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They are small, only 1:42 in scale, compared to their real-life counterparts, but they have great stories to tell.

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  1. Callsign Ruski Airsoft

    PLZZ what is the song at 1:20 ???

  2. aries paddayuman

    can you just please stop with the russian ships PLEASE MAKE A GERMAN ONE

  3. 9,000 tons?!? And all it had was 4-7 inch guns?

    What a waste of metal.

  4. Some say “Another russian ship ?”
    Yes ,it’s true ,but as usual there is a great story behind it :)

  5. New Tier V premium cruiser?

  6. I hope it won’t be another long range cruiser. We won’t need long range
    cruisers in the game. Only sniper gameplay isn’t that fun. And you gave the
    Warspite 16.3km range on the main guns. But the ship has actually 1 of the
    records of long range hits on enemy ships. It hit the italian Giulio Cesare
    on 23,800 meters. So if you want to keep historically accurate with long
    range cruisers, you also should do that with the warspite.

  7. again russian shit? oh wait ship

  8. i thought this ship will become a T4, with that singel turret :/ ?

  9. Could someone tell me the song @ 0:48 ?

  10. Another great video!

  11. That was a badass sailor!

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