World of Warships – 1:42 Scale Cruiser Novik

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Russian cruisers have been baked into World of Warhships with the release of Update 0.5.4 and are still warm from the oven. Today’s video is all about Novik, the new tier II Russian cruiser!

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  1. Best Russian ship presented so far. It actually saw combat more than once
    before it sank.

  2. There’s so many of these videos about so many insignificant Russian

  3. Kogo obchodzi ruski złom? Dajcie coś o prawdziwych potężnych okrętach.

  4. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    Wow. Surrender another point to scout cruisers!

  5. anyone else find it kind of funny that Jingles talked about the Russian
    fleet vs the IJN in this week’s Mingles with Jingles? it’s almost as if
    they planned it! o.O

  6. Are those horn-like structures on the ship, horns?

  7. @6:22 if the enemy is leaving and you are sinking they aren’t retreating
    its them going home victorious.
    Other than that propaganda the videos are very good. There are snippets of
    history here though I am needing to filter some of the rah-rah.
    Yes Id like to see other navies but understand they are using a Russian
    museum. Perhaps they will hire international consultants to help with the
    other navies.

  8. well put their navy was garbage

  9. Why do Russians have this sick delusion that the Russian navy is the best
    in the world, and the russo-japanese war went perfectly well?

  10. AltearexGamingYT

    What did we learn from this video? 1. WarGaming will not make a video in
    this series on non-Russian ships. 2. WarGaming is convinced that all the
    Russian shop in this period were overpowered, even though most had terrible
    design flaws. (Sarcasm)

  11. wargaming if you add subs in to the game underwater it sold yours sauna and
    unable to see above water as it wold be stealth based game play harder than
    any other ship because your using a sauna to see where you going.

  12. We’re eventually going to see some ships in this series that *aren’t*
    Russian, right?

  13. Jesus, i love the art style of these videos. i would love to have some as

  14. I’d like to see a video like this on Kongo, the ship yard that built her in
    the uk have a large model of her in the shipyard museum.

  15. Can someone help me out, if you have ever watched baron play this game, do
    you know how he puts the name of the ship and its health above it cause by
    default it doesn’t do that if you know anything pls help thnx

  16. please make a video like that with the tirpitz/bismarck battleship!!

  17. I was captivated by this story of this ship.

  18. Can we have some non Russian ships please. This show is like the Russian
    History Channel

  19. I hope the ship in game can have that white camo, its much cooler than the
    soviet red and gray camo.

  20. Rein Stradmeijer

    how about some ships form the world war one area, which are not rusian.
    some ship like HMS Invinceble,(first baltecruiser). or HMS Dreadnought the
    first Batleship/drednought. the story about sms seydlitz is also pretty
    impressive(german batlecruier with an impresive career).
    just some idee’s but this vidio is pretty nice.

  21. Hollweck Balázs

    This was a realy cool video wargaming!

  22. I quite enjoy these videos. It’s cool to hear stories I don’t know already.
    Everyone knows the fight between the Hood and the Bismarck, or the struggle
    of Yorktown at Coral Sea and Midway. It’s nice to get a look at some lesser
    shown ships with histories not as well known in the west.

  23. They completely left out the part where she was later refloated by the
    Japanese and entered service in the Imperial Navy as the IJN Suzuya, where
    she served decently until 1913, when she was declared obsolete and

  24. DarkFlameDragonSlayer

    Another beautiful Russian ship. I love this series, and the naval legends
    series too. Learn quite a bit.

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