World of Warships – 1:42 Scale Cruiser Varyag

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Which ship should we do next?

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  1. Well… That decision does not seem to be a good one, but I guess they’d
    rather die than surrender.

  2. I have a feeling that Wargaming is trying to prioritize the release of a
    Russian Cruiser Line.

  3. The Captain didn’t even die at least? He basically sacrificed his crew for
    his promotion and awards.

  4. looks like titanic

  5. Cool.Anyway, perhaps RMS Olympic? She wasn’t a warship, but in 1914 she was
    a major playing in the sinking of the HMS Audacious, and in 1918 she was
    acting as a Troop Transport and she was the only merchant ship to ever sink
    a U-Boat. Later that year, she sustained a torpedo hit. It was a dud, but
    it pierced the hull. However, it hit the double hull installed in her 1913
    Post-Titanic refit, so no one knew it had happened until she was in dry
    dock in 1919.

  6. “fire the things!” “which things captain?” “the sharp pointy things that go

  7. Please write the measurements also in meters, additional to the feet/inch

  8. that ship looks nice with that white

  9. A very interesting story for s warship I would like to see something other
    than Russian vessels for once maybe a German cruiser or a Japanese war ship
    from the Russo-Japanese war

  10. Something American. thank you

  11. So it got it’s ass handed to it because it was out of position and engaged
    when it shouldn’t have… I think I’ve had that captain on my team.

  12. I’m more interested in the French battle ships like the Alsace-class and
    also want it in the game! this is my kinda of ship preference. ^_^

  13. Tone please.

  14. This should be the next prem ship you can achieve, like the Emden or

  15. Prinz Eugen, bad spelling though

  16. I wonder if they’re every going to go into a bit more of an older setting
    with 1 :42. Maybe they could cover Admiral Yi and his Turtle ships. Yi was
    perhaps the greatest naval commander to ever sail the seas, having never
    lost a single battle and not even a single ship under his command while
    taking out hundreds of Japanese vessels. His turtle ships were an awesome
    part of his victories.

  17. Always happy to learn about other cultures. Comparing them from the same
    time period is very interesting.

  18. USS Johnston (DD 557)

  19. Wow! that is a lot of effort to glorify pure stupidity.

  20. ooooh that music though
    what song?

  21. Something that isn’t Russian

  22. Next, hmm…, i don’t know, something GERMAN, AMERICAN, BRITISH, OR

  23. World of tanks is bad world of warships is good

  24. Hmm another Russian ship

  25. but there are so many ships to choose from?

    I wish I knew more about the collection of wonderful Scale models. Or
    Russian Naval history as a whole. It would be neat to see the very first
    warship fully designed and built under the Soviet Union. Or, of course,
    heavily decorated ships with informative stories. I’m sure there are some
    whoppers that came out of the northern convoy escorts.

    Thank you for all of your support of naval war history. Especially for
    helping to educate. It excites me even more to unlock and purchase my tier
    X Yamato.

  26. An interesting historical event for sure. However, an average ship that was
    out classed and failed in its mission. Only featured because it is a
    Russian ship.

    Wargaming. I appreciate as a Russian dev you want to puff up the
    significance of Russian ships but history proves otherwise.

    We want to hear about the American, Japanese and ROYAL NAVY ships. Not
    second rate tubs.

  27. can you make the game to be able to be handled by my computer? right now I
    got 12fsp with 120+ping on medium. when I try low it gets worse.

  28. Straz_ Gaming_legend

    this isn awesome thank you so much!

  29. ZeKeR “ZiK” BaNaaG

    that move was insane and outright manly tear inducing. how Varyag took that
    whacking and still floated was oddly glorious.

  30. I want this ship in the game. Because the way they described her is like a
    aurora with torpedoes.

  31. The emden

  32. Something British next please.

  33. would it be another st louis if they put her in tier 3

  34. SMS Emden

  35. Sounds like she was a terrible ship with an imbecile for a captain.

  36. Do some Victorian age British ships, like the HMS Terrible.

  37. me encantaria tener el juego pero mi pc es un basura,que afortunados son
    los que tienes buena pc

  38. “Which ship should we do next?” Something that isn’t Russian for once.
    Please and Tank you.

  39. What ship should you guys do next? You ask? None other than the USS
    Enterprise CV 6 the most legendary ship of WWII.

  40. World of Warships for Ps4 and XBox One!!!!!

  41. And could you please add the tirpiz for another 2-3 days soo many people
    want to buy this ship that missed it

  42. “Which ship should we do next?” Something german?

  43. The Bismark please

  44. fifth

  45. Third

  46. World of Warships for Ps4 ?

  47. Volger newgate danova


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