World of Warships – 1:42 Scale General Kondratenko

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In our first episode of 1:42 Scale, we covered the battleship Borodino. This around, we’re covering the teensy-weensy version of the Russian destroyer General Kondratenko: a torpedo cruiser. that “Play” button to become exponentially educated!

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  1. i wish i can get a 1.42 model of the heavy cruiser Myoko.
    IJN ships are simply gorgeous

  2. I refuse to play any Wargaming game without my country, the UK being
    included. So add it please.

  3. Really……. russia dont even have a navy in the WW2 please stop with this
    pos ships….

  4. this ship is berry cool captain my is qe_rt one captain

  5. Wish I could hear what’s being said over the music

  6. Not this double audio bullshit again….

  7. Shitty ships by any standards. Do some REAL innovative ships.

  8. Why would they make a model after this? Iowa would be better

  9. Pop it in at T2 as a prem DD give it good torp and gun reload and it would
    make for an excellent little low tier ship.

  10. Those units mean nothing to most of us. Please use metrics or at least have
    them featured side by side.

  11. Jerome Joseph Mordz

    WoW Documentaries are more informative than History Channel

  12. did someone noticed that the ships had a technological revolution after
    1895 ???

  13. this would make a good tier 2 premium

  14. so when will we see this in the game?

  15. I love these keep them up I love learning about the ships and there history

  16. As I recall these were the last Rusian DD’s laid down before the Novik in
    1913. Which made every Russian dd that came before obsolete at a stroke.

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