World of Warships- 18inch SAP Is Here! Brisbane As Well! Update 12.7

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Intro
1:40 Lushun Dockyard
5:51 Concealed Manuevers 2
8:08 R. Lauria Rant
11:37 Here Brisbane
12:05 FOMO Rant
12:40 New Battlepass
13:01 Improved Graphics
14:18 Trade-Ins
14:58 Ranked
15:20 Clan Battles
16:03 ARP Collab
16:33 Closin


  1. first two days in a row. the update looks cool.

  2. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    As usual the art department is carrying this game.

  3. I look forward to the day when we get a DD with 16 guns

  4. Did no one notice that Musashi is supposedly returning? She’s listed as one of the ships that you can obtain in this event.

  5. Got to say they’re at least busy with adding content to the game. I always keep enough steel in case they’re going to announce the removal of something but depending on what this ship looks like I might have to pounce on it.

    • Virgil finna snitch

      They haven’t removed any steel ships since March 2021 with Somers, which honestly now is kinda a mid boat. There are quite a few steel ships that are both strong and popular enough that they are likely candidates for removal(Bourgogne esp).

    • @Virgil finna snitch Yup, I don’t have Bourgogne yet and while I doubt they’ll remove her I don’t want to miss her either.


    When Brisbane first came out I saw it all over the place. Haven’t seen one in a while. Was thinking of getting it but if no one plays it then I assume it sucks.

    • Charles L'Heureux

      Its quite a good ship, nice gimmicks. It’s basically a radar Mino that lacks AP pens but have HE. Overall it’s a fun DD hunting ship, good range. Paper armor? Yes, Do you get citadel by random spot? Yes. But you have heal for that haha. It’s not my style I must say, I’m more of a BB player. But In random I have my lot of fun with it

    • Well, its Minotaur w HE, russian radar, improved torp and gun range, +1toep per rack, but no smoke.. Here you are.. shoot and you increase your spotted range to 18km..having 16mm bow and light cruiser citadel armor.. Superheal can help but 1 citadel is usually not enough for enemies. Using Torps, islands for shooting, then is limited use. I made it work once in Convoy, but I was hell scared to face Pommern… you black ribbon Christmas gift for almost everything.

      If you used on light cruisers or even run Minotaur with radar, you could live and love it. But I think this it bigger than Mino, you know what I mean, xd.

  7. Finally, I can finally complete my ARP collection. Thank you WG. 🙂

  8. Got 160k steel ready to go, big SAP time

  9. I am fairly sure the Dockyard prices (per stage price) has gone up a bit this event [want to say it was 1,450 before and its 1,700 now?]. Add in the new steel ship increase price, and people wonder why I keep calling out WG and their horrid predatory practices. – Note on Lushun, it is Pan Asian ship and has those deep water torps that will hit cruisers but not DDs and Subs. High price for a not so great ship… meh.

  10. It seems the 18inch SAP monster will have its value, but if I consider other BBs in armory, Ohio, Meck or even GK(gfor those who didn’t catch it at tree) are good ships. I think even Shiki can work if you get RNG blessing.

    * What makes me curious, is whether CBs would see this 18inch anomaly banned as most of other big calibers.

    Finally Ohio with its T6 ASW in CBs facing T10 subs… I think it would get some Homing fishes, xd.

    Superships in CBs and 7 players per team is quite no no.

    I am finally dissapointed with upcoming Anniversary rewarding superships best.. I got no yet for economic reasons and they were just limited use.

    * Alarm: 2 out of 3 upcoming brawls will be superships only.
    It looks like WG either limits coal income.
    Or call it :>> Grind + exchange of resources<< This dirty approach was already done in past... Brisbane missions and spending resources was example. (although it was cheap, you got prem ship) Similar with Italian monster... They could offer it directly for doubs, but this is more Appealing. You get fast finished dockyard too, xd. Superships brawls: You u gonna here need at least 1 supership, farm brawls, spend ton of credits on maintenance and you receive just 10K coal -> multiply number of battles for finished brawl and by 26 and you get cost of T10 ship.
    (31wins/0,5WR*360K credits*26)=$$$.. considering you would run prem T10 instead.. You spend EXTRA 467M!!! credits on supership maintenance costs to get 260K coal

    (Not considered T10 plus 50 perc more credits on perma economic T10 prem ship)

    Supership brawls looks nice try to get extra credits from players for sight of coal.. If you dont run out of credits during brawl, lol. Not for me, Thank You, WG.

  11. Joke’s on you Sea Lord, I just need the ARP Maya to complete my collection.

  12. I literally just got Burgogne right before knowing Lauria was steel

    • Virgil finna snitch

      Still, it’ll probably be next year that Lauria will arrive at a standard price instead of this markup. Plenty of time to get more steel.(Assuming it follows the release pattern of Brisbane, which is coming for general purchase after six months in early access)

  13. I saw someone with the ARP Maya and I loved the camo scheme. Out of all the ship girl stuff Japan has released, ARP is probably the most tolerable, since its basically a story about existentialism and machines designed as weapons trying to find a purpose in life (also the ships are actually ships, the girls are just the mental models). Because of that though, it is the least popular of the big three. Sex sells. 😕

    • Well Haifuri probably the best in that regard no sexualisation, real warships and camo. The character is just the ship’s crew

  14. I am looking forward to buying the Brisbane, Im already far along in coal, it looks like a bit better Neptune, which I don’t have yet. The trade-in for ships, like in World of Tanks, is a sad Joke, a long list of great ships you can trade in for a very short list of ships I mostly already have, or don’t even want!! And yeah, like I’m going to trade in My rare and impossible-to-get Julio Cerare??? That never going to happen!!

  15. I rather have wg monetize of getting a ship now instead of later. At least everyone has an opportunity to get it, just different timing.

  16. Arp Yami with legendary module. 🤑😍🤑

  17. Midnight Rose: Gaming, Driving, and Living

    i missed the ARP events last time so Im extremely excited that its back again!

  18. As a wannabe-collector I’ll definitely be picking up those ARP ships. And maybe just to spite my friends buy the Yammy 😉

  19. your average tiga

    Excited for the ARP collab

  20. I will wait until the Ruggiero Lauria is in the armoury. I don’t have much steel and this price is as usual outrageous for me at least.

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