World of Warships – 1HP Dar(l)ing

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1HP is all I’m gonna say (WiP)
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Happens once in a millennium, at least you get to witness it 😉

  2. a country mile is actually longer than a mile. usually because of the winding nature of countryside roads and paths because that means a mile as the crow flies takes much more distance to travel on paths as the paths arent straight

    • Ask anyone who lives in the countryside how far away something is and they’ll tell you ‘about a mile’, expect it to take you at least an hour to get there 🙂

    • A country mile is both longer and shorter than a regular mile. As a fella that’s lived in the countryside pretty much my entire life, I can attest to this.

    • I was having a good laugh about your joke “a mile as the cow flies” until I realised my mistake… 🙂

  3. Wow are you ever good at losing all your health in the first few minutes. That’s twice now lol.

  4. Montana with 3k hp after the game start, Daring with 1 hp after couple mins..hmmm..i expect something unusual for next video ?

  5. There is an old saying: the 1hp guns are the most dangerouse.

    • yeah i remember when my grandpa told me this. At first i didn’t want to believe it but today i know better.

      He must have seen some crazy shit in WW2.

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer


  7. Kilometers are the best way to measure ranges. 1000 meters are always a kilometer, doesnt matter if on land or sea. The miles-system is just confusing

    • The reason Nautical Miles are used is because the distances involved are charted on maps of the planet marked in lines of latitude and longitude, one nautical mile = one minute of arc at 45 degrees latitude, so 60 Nautical Miles to 1 degree of latitude as opposed to 10000/90 Km per degree of longitude (and metricists have the nerve to whinge about Imperial having awkward fractions).

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      It’s okay for sailors tho. I heard something like a nautical mile is 1/360 of the equator and a full circle is 360 degrees. I think you get the idea.

  8. They plugged this holes in that Daring hull with teabags lol

  9. well thats the best AR someone could ever get 😛 soooo

  10. You have to send this too jingles. He’s gonna laugh his ass off

  11. Living life on the edge, as always 😉

  12. MajesticDemonLord

    Playing on 1hp?


  13. A “country mile” is not a real unit of measure. Imagine driving and lost in the rural US, where things are spread out. You ask a local for instructions, and he says, “a few miles this way, turn left at the cow, and only a few miles more…”. In the countryside, the roads are narrow, can be winding, and sometimes not the best maintained. It takes _forever_ to get anywhere. That “country mile” seems really long.

    • There is the other way to look at it. Walk a mile on a road and compare that to walking a mile cross country, the country mile will take longer due to more obstacles and tougher terrain . Assuming similar gradients and it not being a lawn or something.

    • Also the feeling that you’re not getting anywhere due to the minimal change in scenery (open field after a mile probably going to look the same as the last mile. city you’ll at least get to see different buildings).

    • A land or air mile is 5280 feet, a nautical mile is 6000 feet.

    • Jim Rinkenberger

      Another way to express it is when someone says a place is x miles away “as the crow flies”. That’s in a straight line, which country roads usually aren’t.

    • country mile, is a mile that seems to be longer…because it drags….. bit like watching a kettle boil…

  14. Under detailed report, the damage taken shows that you took the full amount of your hp in damage, which leads me to believe that you actually only had a fraction of a hitpoint left.
    Also, 4:35, hard-mode engaged.

  15. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Their is only one person that could ever pull that off.. And it would be Capt. Hans, definitely will be saving this video.. GG….?


  17. Wow. That Buffalo. It’s like he’s so focus on killing Flambass he doesn’t care if other shooting at him. XD

  18. Never left any comments before but i appreciate your content a lot. Keep the good work Flambass.

  19. “You touch me you get Pink”
    Sounds so Kinky.

  20. How does a British tier 10 not have some op print new ship consumables

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