World of Warships: 1st Game glory!

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It’s my first foray into warships!

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    ~ Capt!

  2. welcome to wow its great to have you ! good luck ! ky

  3. it’s not Wot but it’s almost there !!! 😀 do some coming back to Wot videos new maps new tanks new guides ! we know you have the talent !!

  4. Welcome to WoWs Capt.

  5. MM up to and including Tier IV is protected to +1/-1, after that it goes to +2/-2, except that Tier 5 cannot get -2. Which means that Tier 5 in particular can be rather painful, because you get pretty poor MM most of the time.

  6. Also, for some tips:

    1. In general, bots are named like this – :Name:, whereas players don’t have the colons before/after the name
    2. I recommned using prem consumables (you can switch them to pay credits for them). It’s worth it – usually they have more charges, shorter CD, etc.
    3. As for ammunition selection in BBs, it’s generally best to use HE when shooting at DDs (if you are in a position where you can afford to reload), AP for cruisers once they show a bit of broadside, same for BBs. Depending on how large caliber your main guns have, you can overmatch enemy armor, allowing you to pen AP rounds even when they show you their bow.

    In general, German BBs are a good place to start, but you usually want to get in close with them, because they have sub-par accuracy on the main battery. At higher tiers (Tier 7 and above), they have excellent secondary batteries, tho, that you can push out to respectable ranges (in some case further than 10km). That’s where your captain skills come into play.

    • Premium consumables for premium ships otherwise don’t bother with premium consumables till you hit tier 7 at least imo to save you some credits unless your running a premium account.
      I would also transfer your captain to each ship that you upgrade too

    • – Also, you should enable alternative battle interface in “controls” – allows you to see the names/health of all ships.
      – When using repair – generally you can (and should) ignore 1 fire, as you can repair most of the damage. Save it for floods and multiple fires – they do a lot of damage.

  7. Hay Capt. That match was 3 on 3 … The rest were bots. You can tell because of the ” : ” at the beginning of the players name. You will see more players at I think at level 11. After that it is full contact with real players. That’s when the fun begins… lol. Have fun

  8. Also really glad you are covering this game as it’s my Most played, Keep up the good content. What server are you playing on ?

  9. Sorry for the spam but if you watch Flamu or Notser, they give alot of tips on how to play this game. My hints would be to disable collision avoidance and also set to Full adaptive controls

  10. welcome to wows Capt.

  11. Always enjoy your commentary.

  12. It’s like watching paint dry. game too slow– too many premium ships ,etc. this is why i don’t play it.

  13. Try these NA codes under Activate Code on the drop down menu under your name on the WoWs website –
    Otherwise get a friend to send you an invite code as well as a referral because you are a new player.
    Not sure if any of these are still working so be aware.

  14. the 1 thing cap is famous for… playing games 5 years after release..???

  15. Welcome to WoWs Capt Canada.
    Sad to see you abandon AW tho wrapped to see you join Warships.
    Soooo much to learn.
    You’ve definitely started on the right Techtree – German Battleships
    If you plan on playing Cruisers, German & American are one of the easier lines.

    Got to streamers;
    not so much Jingles, he’s just a tourist/spectator these days.

  16. Welcome to World of Warships Capt_Canada. I subscribed to your channel many years ago when I first started playing WoT’s. While I still play WoT’s, I find the WoWs game play much more evenly spread out as far as the match maker goes. It doesn’t matter how good you are, in this game persistence pays off. It is much easier to learn how to correct a bad habit and there is plenty of Community Contributor content to help you figure out which lines to run and what classes you might like best. I would recommend that you turn on the mini map info. While in game you can go to the upper right hand corner of the mini map and click on it. There you can turn on the circles for your detectability, Air Defense Bubble, Secondary Weapons Range and your main battery view range. I look forward to seeing you in game. My in game name is GreenWeeny if you would like to division up for some games.

  17. Welcome to a great game! Cheers.

  18. now thats a good game you should try!

  19. Check out Flambass on twitch and you tube, very good player. And remember….don’t go broadside to a battleship, cause “that’s a paddling’ (Jingles quote)

  20. Sorry you play in NA and me EU, i like your approach and ending with AW..

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