World of Warships – 2 amazing KotS VIII games

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1 was good between 10GO and HYDRO but 2nd match was insane.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 1st?

  2. too early, 360p XD

  3. 360p?
    why not
    life’s a risky endeavor

  4. Hi flambass ??‍♂️
    more battle with kreml if you can ?

  5. Well we should Take aside the Crashcompilation between the first and second game :D. But great battles indeed.
    We where very sad about the second one 🙁
    Greeting Railthunder from Hydro

  6. “Wasn’t there a series with a Dr. McCoy?”
    Indeed. It’s called Star Treck. Some people might even have heard about it by now… 😉

  7. Is this kind of tournaments?

  8. Flamby, question for you! You’ve been given ~£20 to spend on WoWs (for a gift), what premium ship do you buy? Or what tier6/7 premium would you recommend for a casual noob? I’m USN focused at the moment (somewhere between tier 6 & 8 on all trees), but thinking of going RN DD/CL next…

  9. That 2nd round had so much disappoint…FIRST the lack of Flambass Horniness during ritual suicide is unacceptable. THEN not sure who DR MCOY was?! Seriously?! It’s Bones from Star Trek. You should be ashamed of yourself Flambass ?

    Gg’s though. Well played to both teams ?

  10. So far in the KoTS with the new CV rework people do use the carrier itself in the game more than RTS version for other than capping purposes. Mostly as an AA platform especially for lone low hp ships that needed extra AA against enemy CV that almost certain will target, though sometimes as a distraction to get attract aggro.

    In RTS you almost never see players using the CV ship itself other than capping, saved for instances where mistakes were made with way points.

  11. Horacio Fernandez

    It would be awsome to have the lightbulbs for the green side too

  12. Hydro best?Greetings from noob_is_carrying of Hydro! Sadly I only got carried Kappa.

  13. Hi flmbass, I played with you today (you played jean bart) !!! Continue being a good player!!!

  14. why the two ships need to collide?

    • to go to spectator. try to fly with cam all over the map with your ship working. being spotted and killed by enemy team is not fair because you will spot them too.

  15. Flambass/RogueMonkey is the best combo!

  16. It’s Dead, Jim.

  17. Why the Henri IV meta atm? Since when did that ship suddenly become popular? I’d have thought a Hindenburg or Zao would have been a better ship?

    • Henri IV with IFHE actually melt stalingrad and has an excellent speed for repositionning + it overmatch mino armor

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Yep since Stalingrad was released most competitive teams tend to bring at least one Henri if they expect to face a Stalingrad – plus it has really good speed to push a flank or cover a retreat

  18. That flambass luck is carried over to teams he spectates too.

  19. MajesticDemonLord

    That second games – reminds me of the good old days of TTT…

  20. HY-DHROW

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