World of Warships – 2 Brothers Middle Monkey Monsters

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Monkey, me, middle…

Thanks for reading this great video description xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Good morning, good afternoon and a good evening Twitch!

  2. that damn gap should have signs at each end calling it flaming bottom sound

  3. Dat Pensacola is a rockstar.

  4. There is nothing more refreshing than hearing two grown adult men lose it anytime their favorite map comes up in stupid videogame. Love it.

  5. Another example why Pensacola is a great ship 🙂

    • I love it don’t get me wrong but when he asked: “What is Pensa’s detection?” I laughed so loud…. XD What is even detection XD Map border dude 😀

  6. I’ve always had a lot of success in Pensacola. Unless I potato or get surprised, obviously.

  7. But the real question… did you get your AK back from monkey in Tarky? 🤣

  8. Love how the HE scharny is giving instructions in the chat

  9. There is an ennemy ship from the clan [MILF_] …. a big gun magnet i guess ?

  10. Come on… i had to search the profil of that Scharnhorst… he has T1 German and Tier 3 German DD and bought a Scharnhorst with less than 20 Random Battles? Come on WG!

    • lol but he wasn’t playing too badly for someone with so little experience in the game 😀

    • @Th. K. Better as a Bot for sure but he was shooting HE on a Broadsite BB when a DD with 500hp was right in front if him. I dont wonder anymore its a meme playerbase lol

    • @Th. K. basically full hp until he was actually targeted..

    • For so little experience, he didn’t play that bad. Maybe it wasn’t intentional but I would also try to kill Acasta and exchange with Hood. But we are all smarter when watching 😀

  11. That Scharnhorst came 4th despite being largely clueless when it counted.
    Great experience award system, WG.
    Apparently he’s played 10 battles in TOTAL, LOL.

    • I’ve seen this so much, full health BB at the end of the game. Doesn’t fire his guns once until everyone is dead, he gets one or two lucky salvos and ends up in top 5 xp. I hate the way WG scores so much, it encourages so much bad play.

    • @neo vee Meanwhile spotting gets close no xp and tanking nothing at all…

  12. great match with a deserved reward at the end….you had fun, thats the important part right? 🙂

  13. The perfect title doesn’t exi…

  14. Can’t help to think that you 2 made the wrong choice going mid. Your presence on the flanks would have been more helpful. Or 1 of you two going mid would have been enough… OK, you 2 would not be able to say no…. LUL

  15. Christopher Langbakk

    Flambass 4 months ago: “I don’t need mods, i get all the information i need from the game”

    Fortunately it is unhygenic to not change opinion once in a while 🙂

  16. So you are leaving your team without eyes and call them potatoes, right….

  17. That Pensacola though! Compliment from Monkey and Flambass GG

  18. I know on Flambass’s chat and I don’t know if he is on there. But TheDictator would be pleased with that pensacola 😂

  19. Having thrown shade at the Scharny, would also like to applaud that Pensacola.
    There’s someone you’d want on your team every time if that’s typical of their play.
    p.s. frankly WG is more to blame for that Scharny player than the player themselves because WG allows people to buy any tier ship they want, even when they’ve not played the game at all (or for something like 10-20 battles in this case). We’d have to be idiots to think WG gives a shit about ANYTHING in the game other than their capacity to make money from it. I’m all in favour of them making money, but it’s a shame they choose that over even the most basic steps that might help game play quality.

  20. Calling it Pensa sounds all kinds of weird to those of us who served in the US military. We all think of it as Pcola especially those of us who served in the Marines.

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