World Of Warships #2 Mayday! Mayday!

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Rob & Edd play more ! More Minecraft Aporkalypse tomorrow!

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Intro music (theme music) By Edie Murphy.
All other music by Kevin Macleod –
We use lots of sound effects from FreeSFX


  1. 2:34 know it’s only Tier 1, but still, citadeling a cruiser with HE…?

  2. Play world of tanks pleeease!

  3. Thomas v R (Carthagus)

    its really fun to see you guys play my favorite game, but it makes me want
    to help you guys too though 😉 Have fun!

  4. are u guys going to let the aporkalipes out to day or tomorrow?

  5. Thanks for showing me a new game that i can try hard at

  6. dunno?

  7. Where’s apork

  8. Second

  9. Have to…… FIRST comment

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